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Jaune of the Grand Republic by Jaunedice_Forever
Jaune of the Grand Republicby Jaunedice Forever
After a Being exposed for his Fake Transcripts and being disowned by his Father Jaune leaves Beacon to find another path in life but he never realized it will lead him t...
Jaune the Mandalorian by Jaunedice_Forever
Jaune the Mandalorianby Jaunedice Forever
After being rejected so many times Jaune has had enough of his dream being looked down upon, but one person believed that he is destined for great things, His Grandfathe...
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into an Arc by MK9Yamato
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into a...by END MY SUFFERING
After dying by the hands of Uldren Sov, Cayde-6 find himself in a new body and on a new planet. How would our famous hunter react to this?
Jaune Autobot by Darkdecade97
Jaune Autobotby Darkdecade97
Jaune Arc was known as the Faker of Beacon, the Weakest Student of Beacon, and the Disgrace Son of the Arcs. Betrayed, Forgotten, Abandonded, Disowned, all that for just...
The Arc Angel of Honor (Diablo x RWBY) by MK9Yamato
The Arc Angel of Honor (Diablo x R...by END MY SUFFERING
In this fanfic there are 6 Archangels one of them was the archangel of honor. His name was Jaune Arc. In the high heavens a unknown rift sucked in one angles from his po...
Jaune Arc: Fate System by Seraoyne
Jaune Arc: Fate Systemby Caius Eve
As a child, Jaune Arc always dreamt of being a huntsman. After hearing the bedtime stories his mother used to tell him and the history of their family name from his fat...
The Mad Bounty Hunter of Remnant  by User456as
The Mad Bounty Hunter of Remnant by User456as
When a young Ex-Gang lord was betrayed by his own blood is suddenly transported Remnant to start again... or not. Instead using his intelligence, wits and violent tenden...
Darth Jaune by Darkdecade97
Darth Jauneby Darkdecade97
Jaune was betrayed, bullied, disowned and beaten to death, because Cardin revealed his transcripts. He walked to the Emerald Forest, to end it all. As he laid there in...
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Jaune Arc) by Drunken_Crow
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Jaune...by Unknown_Narrator
Jaune Arc... A Simple Boy Who Never Dreamed Of Being A Huntsman But Instead... A Knight... As He Gained Special Power. How Will This Simple Boy With A Dream Will Impact...
The Golden Lily Cafe by captdynamite
The Golden Lily Cafeby captdynamite
Though Jaune had been expelled, he refused to let it get to him. With his family understanding of his reasons they work with him to help him achieve something small, but...
Jaune Arc: The Pilot by trini2dbone03
Jaune Arc: The Pilotby
Jaune Arc, abandoned by those he once called friends, goes on to find his way into the militia. He joins the 6-4 and joins the fight on Typhon, only to get sent to a for...
Arc May Cry by MK9Yamato
After Jaune's transcript was revealed by Cardin he was betrayed and disowned by one the once he called friends and family except for team CFVY and SSSN. During that nigh...
Online Friends  by xyrothor
Online Friends by xyrothor
Making friends isn't easy. You need to meet new people, remember to look your best, remember to keep your appearance for your underlings. Online Friends though? That's...
Kamen Rider Jaune (To be Rewritten) by Darkdecade97
Kamen Rider Jaune (To be Rewritten)by Darkdecade97
Jaune's transcripts were revealed by Cardin despite saving him from the Ursa. Everyone in Beacon bullied and beat him to death everyday. Betrayed, Abandoned, and disowne...
From Huntsman to Hero: The ArKnight by kevondre14
From Huntsman to Hero: The ArKnightby kevondre14
What happens when you mix betrayal and a new start? You get something crazy, amazing, beautiful even. This is the story of boy who was betrayed by those who he truly th...