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Nerds in Disguise by EXO_Squishylover
Nerds in Disguiseby squishysoo_12
Lee Ji Eun and Do Kyungsoo. A painful experienced from their past made them hide their true Self. What will happen if the two broken souls meet ? Will they be able...
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Gravity ( ONE SHOT ) by EXO_Squishylover
Gravity ( ONE SHOT )by squishysoo_12
You said I was your future And I am now your past You said you only love me, that your heart Would stay forever by my side So I gave you my everything And now you are le...
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HIGHEST RANK (#6 POPFICTION #1 GANDA #1 POGI) "Walang maloloko kung hindi ka magpapaloko."
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faking you │ B.I. by TaesSugarKookie
faking you │ B.I.by TaesSugarKookie
Min Soojin is a rising star in Seoul. She is the newest actress that everyone's talking about. So, when her manager asks her to start dating Kim Hanbin (obviously only f...
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🌟MISUN🌟 |TWICE 10th Member|  by l0velxy
🌟MISUN🌟 |TWICE 10th Member| by OnlyforJoy
"You Make Me Feel Special" Let me introduce you to, Misun, The 10th member of Korea's Girl Group, TWICE. 26.09.19
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Kiss Of Death by jahan111
Kiss Of Deathby jahan111
He owns me. I'm his slave. 21+ Lust. Love. Romance. Sad. Angst. Tragedy. - - - - - - - - #8 in angstwithhappyending #10 in tragedy #2 iusinger
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❤Yøu ąre My Ąltęr ëgø❤ by MYAndSSLY
❤Yøu ąre My Ąltęr ëgø❤by Dee Di's Yan Yan
Taeny ♡ ♥ ပထမဆံုး​ေရးတာမို႔ အမွားပါရင္​ ဝန္​တာမိ ♕ ✌ Thz you all my Buddy. I'm Sone & Locksmith Always Forever I ❤ Ot9
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In a Relationship with a Stupid by LITTLEGULLIVER
In a Relationship with a Stupidby LITTLEGULLIVER
Anong gagawin mo sa isang arrogante, walang paki alam, bwisit, sellfish, tamad, mayabang, at nakakainis na boyfriend? Tumagal ka kaya? Ito ay istorya ng isang couple na...
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Destined to be Yours || IU X Jungkook, BTS by jungcooksme
Destined to be Yours || IU X Jungk...by need some tae?
[ COMPLETED] ✔️ Jungkook has loved IU ever since young. Many boys were after IU, to her, Jungkook was just one of them. But it all changed until they met. Started: 25 Fe...
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IU Facts by starcandyarmy
IU Factsby ~💜Jini Jeon
All about IU Bonus KookU facts!🙆💜 Facts and Profiles... IU or also known as Lee Ji Eun, one of South Korea's influencial and talented artists.
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The Queen Of All by _RinRinx_
The Queen Of Allby Karinx
What will happen if you lost your memory and thought that youre in the right hand? ------------- Highest Rank #230 in Action
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I'm sorry but I love you [GDIU fanfic] by bkrgirl
I'm sorry but I love you [GDIU fan...by Maria Juana
Two KPOP royalties that kill all digital charts and one of the most succesful artists in korea. We don't know what are really happening in their lives. We don't know the...
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♚️Once In A Life Time♛️ by MYAndSSLY
♚️Once In A Life Time♛️by Dee Di's Yan Yan
May Yan ရဲ ႔ 2nd Fic ​ေလးပါ ♔️ Taeny ♕️ ပါပဲ I love Taeny 💓 i'm always forever locksmith 💘 & Sone. အ​ေရးသားည့ံရင္​​ေရာ လိုအပ္​ခ်က္​႐ွိရင္​​ေရာ သည္​းခံ​ေပးၾက​ေနာ္​ ✌...
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Through music we fall in love❤ by Syer02sya
Through music we fall in love❤by SilverSya
A story about 2 different strangers who loves to sing and even have the talent to compose lots of beautiful songs, through music they let their emotions flows, through s...
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Because Of You (COMPLETED)  by DKisbest
Because Of You (COMPLETED) by DKisbest
A girl name min ha is a medical student. A bright student who want to support her family soon and want to achieve more experience in her field. But One day an accident...
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The Clash of the Gangsters [On-going] by katekathanash
The Clash of the Gangsters [On-goi...by Dharine Kate Alvarez
Magkakaroon kaya ng CLASH ang dalawang group ng gangsters? O mabubuo dito ang LOVE? Paano kung mabunyag ang lahat ng SIKRETO? Magiging masaya pa kaya sila? What team are...
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Man In Love (Infinite Fan Fiction) by inspiritcathy
Man In Love (Infinite Fan Fiction)by kyuthie
A story of the seven guys of INFINITE falling in love.. <3 The story starts when Infinite came back from Japan and started attending Woollim Academy again which will...
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Watching Over You (Alternative Universe)  by SphinxAstral
Watching Over You (Alternative Uni...by VisionaryAstrology
Both live in an Alternative Universes. Not completely parallel but an alternative to the creation of a normal human-being grew up to. It's a saga between Life and Death...
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Fallen Angel by freya555
Fallen Angelby Alien RiRi
It's a crazy (emphasis on crazy) story with a bright and happy side eclipsed by the dark and ugly side. It also includes many of my favourite Kpop and Kdrama stars as ma...
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One sided love by nncckk1
One sided loveby nncckk1
Lee Jieun, the daughter of a wealthy family, had a secret she couldn't share with others. Superpowers? No. But something else that set her life into a completely differe...
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