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The True Dragon Of Supremacy by DarkEmperor3
The True Dragon Of Supremacyby DarkDragon3
What if Issei was not a pervert ? What if he was the "White Dragon Emperor of Supremacy" ? What if "Albion" was his partner in crime instead of "...
issei the supreme king by nejirexdeku580
issei the supreme kingby green chicken storm
issei a lonely boy because he had nothing special like his siblings the only happines he had was a deck of card of creatures he could see that others can't and it was th...
Bad Habits (18+) by KillHollow_666
Bad Habits (18+)by Vamp Hollow
A man can do a lot for a woman's happiness, hoping that one day, he can spend the rest of his life with her. But the reality can be harsh and a man doesn't get what he w...
Werewolf King In Kuoh by Flamesoidierking
Werewolf King In Kuohby Killer King
Issei went into a forest and found an ancient temple, containing an expensive, sacred artifact. But what happens if that's not the only thing he finds in there? What if...
Crimson Prison Of Black Domination {Discontinued} by Helix_Asmodeus
Crimson Prison Of Black Helix
Issei finds out the truth about his reincarnation as a devil. See what will issei become and what course of action he takes. This story is similar to 'path of supremacy...
Hero or a Devil? BNHA side by Dreadfuljoy
Hero or a Devil? BNHA sideby Dabi AU
This is a collab between me and laycruff their His side of the story dxd and my side of the story we do not own any of the characters in the story nor is the world they...
Fallen Feathers  by FuckTrippy
Fallen Feathers by Grimm
Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures/fanarts and the characters of the respective series. All credits goes to the original creators. Well, fuck around to find out what I...
the one hu never gave up and chaned destiny by nejirexdeku580
the one hu never gave up and green chicken storm
issei hyoudou the youngest child of the hyoudou family had a good life until 5 years where they learned about teh supernatural from two children rias gremory and sona si...
Just Lovely by LemonSageGod
Just Lovelyby Demon Koa
A series of vanilla smut one-shots for Issei x Harem & spoilers. This book belongs to Aerconix on Archive Of Our Own.
Issei: The Noblesse by ZdaTTy
Issei: The Noblesseby ZdaTTy
A long time ago, there was a being of total power. A being who put fear in the Biblical God himself. Because of some consequences this being disappeared from the entire...
my second chance at life  but isn't this to far back ophis by shadowking9589
my second chance at life but isn' Yoni Lopez
when issei is struck by Samuel's poison it is a lot more potent then normal and would end up dying but before his soul could move on ophis saved it and send him back in...
Story Ideas by EYPlayz02
Story Ideasby ErenYeagerPlayz02
MHA / DXD / Naruto / Black Clover
El Sekiryuutei Shota (CANCELADA) by sebastianxd11062003
El Sekiryuutei Shota (CANCELADA)by Sebastian 14
Issei Hyodo un chico de 13 años (aunque aparentemente es menor que eso) entra a la Academia Kouh debido a sus buenas calificaciones. Un dia el muere por culpa de su &quo...
The Red Dragon Emperor of the Six-Eyes by Ignisdrago1107
The Red Dragon Emperor of the Ignis
Issei Hyoudou, who seemed to be a normal boy, was born with two extraordinary gifts, the Six-Eyes, and the Welsh Dragon's Boosted Gear. Upon his birth, his parents were...
Highschool DxD: Shall Never Surrender by Spider-Deku2012
Highschool DxD: Shall Never Izuku Midoriya
After the battle against Riser Phoenix, Issei Hyoudou went missing for three years. While heartbroken, Rias still patiently awaited his return. One night however, when...
THE DESCENDANTS OF SATAN by sung_jin_drip_woo
THE DESCENDANTS OF SATANby the monarch of drip
Everyone called satan many names but the one name everybody feared was the name shadow monarch because he can resurrect his enemies as immortal shadow soldiers at his co...
The Awakened: The Dragon God of Domination & Supremacy [Highschool Dxd x FGO] by AshuraStories
The Awakened: The Dragon God of AshuraStories
«]•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•[» "Trihexia has finally been defeated, but at what cost? All of the different Factions has lost over nearly 9...
Light a fire in your heart by yaboicrazy69420
Light a fire in your heartby yaboicrazy69420
A newly formed Fire team hades is tasked with protecting some U.A high school student's on a trip to onyx, little did they know things will take a turn for the worse
The Introvert & The Pervert  by KillHollow_666
The Introvert & The Pervert by Vamp Hollow
Issei and Ayanokoji are twin brothers. Both of them grew up normally with both of their parents around their life. Like everyone else, they go through a lot of hardship...
The Blessed Child by GUNSLYR
The Blessed Childby GUNSLYR
Miki, and Gorou Hyoudou have already lost 2 children due to miscarriages, but on the third child they were desperate to make this child survive. They did everything, eve...