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The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light, the former Shadow Monarch and King of the Dead... Ashborn. He merely wanted serenity during his entire life and when he eventua...
The Three Kagenou Siblings (Kagari x Eminence in Shadow) by JaeZInsane
The Three Kagenou Siblings ( Jay Jay
While Claire Kagenou works among the Crimson Order, The Shadow Monarch, Kagari Kagenou watches and over their idiot little brother Cid Kagenou and his exploits at becomi...
orv x sung jin woo  by lorahan
orv x sung jin woo by Lili 🤩😘😇
after saving the world from the monarchs and there subjects sung jin woo leaves for the world of orv. he becomes the younger brother of Yoo Joonghyuk. how will the stor...
𝙃𝙀𝙍𝙊 𝙃𝙐𝙉𝙏𝙄𝙉𝙂 by MissNoir11
Ten years before the manifestation of the first quirk, a glowing child from China, the world has undergone its first change. Gates opening into various dungeons led to t...
Shadow Monarch from Another World (Solo Leveling x BNHA) by amey78
Shadow Monarch from Another Amayarelis
Park Jisoo, cousin of the former Weakest Hunter to the S-Ranked Hunter Sung Jin-Woo and also, one of the Shadow Monarch and successor of the King of Death, Ashborn. Aft...
The Strongest Servant at Chaldea  by Nitchy007
The Strongest Servant at Chaldea by Nitchy007
I cant do a Good Description but i know you will love it
The Shadow Monarch of Fairy tail (FairytailxSololeveling) by Ricehat22
The Shadow Monarch of Fairy tail ( Jinpachi EGO
After Sung Jin Woo defeated the Dragon Monarch a second time. The Rulers ask him and his shadow to save another world from the black wizard Zeref and the Dragon of Apoca...
fate/zero: the rise of the shadow monarch by grandmega154
fate/zero: the rise of the the void monarch
after the timeline was reset and the killing of the other monarchs Jinwoo thought he can rest but no a portal come out of not where and sucks him into the fate verse whe...
Female Sung jin-woo by Animereekid
Female Sung jin-wooby Animereekid
What if Sung Jin Woo was a girl? What if Sung jin woo was a genius and looked like a model? What if she gained the power of the shadow monarch at the age of 14? The futu...
TBATE Reacts To Solo Levelling by DudeInTheShadows
TBATE Reacts To Solo Levellingby DudeInTheShadows
Was bored and wanted to make something different rather than TBATE reacts to the novel might as well try and do this
The shadow monarch (male shadow monarch reader x Highschool dxd) (Discontinued)  by Farrel101
The shadow monarch (male shadow Farrel Al Fathir
Y/n l/n Is a 16 years old boy who often got bullied by his classmates and he got depressed because of the bullying but he has a method to relax himself which is watching...
Universes Collide (BNHA x Solo Leveling) by MrDeathWeapon
Universes Collide (BNHA x Solo Count Inferno
!!!FINISHED!!! Credits to me and my partner/sister she decided not to reveal her name. Starting with the USJ arc, near the climax, Sung Jin-woo enters a gate and appear...
Love In Air | Jin-Woo x Hae-In by Serendipity_v99
Love In Air | Jin-Woo x Hae-Inby Serendipity_v99
"Will you promise me that you will stay with me until my last breath?" "No, I will stay with you even after death, in this life and another life, I will s...
Issei hyoudou or ex hyoudou was the first son of Miki and gorou hyoudou and the eldest of the three who are Izumi hyoudou and Rumi hyoudou. Issei was an average student...
[rewrite] The Beginning After The End: The Necromancer by rohanttt
[rewrite] The Beginning After Snow
Ash was a great Necromancer the best of his time of course until he died. But he was reincarnated into another world. After getting reincarnated he was given a glimpse o...
Demon King Of Remnant by The_Great_Sage69
Demon King Of Remnantby The_Great_Sage69
The story of a guy in Remnant created by the world itself for a purpose. Small Crossovers like adding a few characters. *NOTHING IS OWNED BY ME EXCEPT THE MAIN CHARACTE...
Solo Leveling Tour by 2491125k
Solo Leveling Tourby Kou
Lord Lucky, the Demon Lord Of Darkness had stopped the cycle of war between humans and demons. Granted the ability to cross over dimensions, he decided to check out Sol...
The destruction of the Monarchs by windywaterbottle05
The destruction of the Monarchsby vayu tanuj lakkapragada
In the Densus realm, during the weapons ritual, four teenagers get cardinal swords, weapons that have the blessing of the gods, because of that they are also burdened wi...
Military Girl by bella1818180
Military Girlby Roop16
A girl raised in a military family, only ever knowing to kill or be killed. The captain of one of the most elite squads in America. What happens when a mission goes wron...
K/DA: Light In The Shadow by isaakthewolf
K/DA: Light In The Shadowby Isaak Michaelson
As stated on my main story one of the other two stories just like the first but how you get your ability is different.