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commentary one shots by qaylord
commentary one shotsby imallenn
i hate myself for writing these :( lmao. enjoy, you faggot lipped cunts
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  • inabber
  • willne
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Not Like The Other Girls (Wattpad Parody) by cerisebisou
Not Like The Other Girls ( ♡
The year is 2012 and Rachel Woodland is about to start junior year at her new high school: East Lake High. On her first day she meets Ms. Popular and Mr. Bad Boy: Eva Da...
  • geek
  • 1d
  • liam
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Complete List of Genders by WilliamNotLarsson
Complete List of Gendersby William Larsson
The Official Complete List of Genders
  • sarcasm
  • ironic
  • wattpride
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The "uwu" diarireses by ploob_oobl
The "uwu" diariresesby sammy
Its the fist day at a new school for Amathemis (Amy) and shes determined for a new life! But what happens when that new life become chaotic owo!!! I present, a thrilling...
  • fake
  • joke
  • dont
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January 1st, 2012 by BlackWolf133
January 1st, 2012by BlackWolf133
  • save
  • 2012
  • ironic
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The Invasion by TateTownsend
The Invasionby TateTownsend
"They got the phrase: 'Stand up for myself', wrong. It's: 'As long as I am myself, I will remain standing.'" After the alien invasion, Isla Summers unwillingl...
  • romance
  • adventure
  • action
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What a Story - A Stevidot Fanfiction by a person with crippling depression by ZachMcrebel1372
What a Story - A Stevidot Zach Mcrebel
Tragic. Dramatic. Wait for it.
  • tragic
  • fanfiction
  • i-have-good-plans-but-idk-about-the-upcoming-chapters
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Loneliness by Huldra_Phantasia
Lonelinessby Huldra_Phantasia
When the loneliness engulfed and jealousy comes, he can't help but accept it. The only way he knows is just waiting for a miracle.
  • sadness
  • useless
  • loner
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join thomas and his crew as they set out to find the highest of fashion, participate in suggesting new designs and trends, and even wear them yourself! all in the same b...
  • satire
  • funny
  • design
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The Irony by BlueBird_9201
The Ironyby Taraash
The small town of Zuriana has been experiencing mysterious killings. A teacher, a mailman, a priest and a local club dancer. The only thing common is they are all men. T...
  • ironic
  • love
  • thriller
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Seal Team 8 by briankissel12
Seal Team 8by briankissel12
A Navy Seal squad are on their last mission before being allowed to go visit their families for the first time, which is when they got caught in something more than they...
  • ironic
  • interesting
  • topsecret
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the day the world went by Angrykid404
the day the world wentby LightMoon Comedy
we dem boyz
  • anime
  • ironic
  • funny
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A Random of Trivia and Facts And Terms  by TheDarkAngel69
A Random of Trivia and Facts And Jeliana Mae Tomlinson
To make us knowledgeable ..
  • ironic
  • knowledge
  • trivia
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i am good at litratchur by CripplingDepression2
i am good at litratchurby Crippling Social Anxiety
ur mr gay
  • sonic
  • cars
  • fazeclan
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Nightfall by LiamMcNeaney
Nightfallby Liam McNeaney
Izzy Winters is your ordinary punk. She's just moved house and isn't going to take any crap from her new town, but she quickly finds her life taking a turn for the unnat...
  • dark
  • ironic
Fake Love (boyxboy) by doneshiia
Fake Love (boyxboy)by doneshia .
cover by: @Mystical_Cookie Danny Jones was adopted when he was two years old and has always been a shy person yet has an attitude with him. Danny is now 18 and is in his...
  • boyxboy
  • sad
  • fake
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The Island by wivesofwolves
The Islandby Jen
The clueless and handsome son of one of the most prominent businessmen in the City is forced into hiding for the duration of the summer. It is here that he meets an unli...
  • rock
  • dramatic
  • poor
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10 Not So Love Stories  by katkillaki
10 Not So Love Stories by Ki
Poetry is the language of love, I'm fluent in it. Just a writer sharing a piece of my delusional mind.
  • crazy
  • sad
  • love
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The Field That Lasted to Infinity  by ciara_k
The Field That Lasted to Infinity by Ciara Kayne
A list of poems to read when bored or if you feel like it. They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. In this case, Don't. I like irony. The cover is ironic. The...
  • ironic
  • poetry