Hoe Tips✨ by ISlay_fanta
Hoe Tips✨by ISlay_fanta
This book is gonna be about tips, tricks, and how to be a boss bitch❤️‼️
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Nya Hmwe's Tips For Reading & Writing  by NyaHmwePann
Nya Hmwe's Tips For Reading & Nya Hmwe Pann ( ညေမႊးပန္း )
Nya Hmwe Pann 's Tips for reading and writing. How I get ideas for my stories. How i created them. Difficulties. Cover By - @exo12wolves88
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Seams by DankFabio
Seamsby Meagan
Everything's a whole lot fuzzier around the seams. - an anthology, rant book, expression of one's opinions, and a book full of history lessons. © DankFabio 2...
  • rantbook
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How To Wattpad by TahliePurvis
How To Wattpadby Tahlie
Cover and Witting tips and tricks that I have learned over the years Advice on how best to attract readers, connect with an audience and build yourself as a writer on th...
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From Korea, With Love by YahSesanginGirl
From Korea, With Loveby S. Dinwiddie
Language learning. Travel tips. Cultural tidbits. Personal experiences. I just moved to South Korea from America. This is a slice of my journey, where I'll put my mess...
  • life
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Aaron's Cooking Guide by AaronStringfellow
Aaron's Cooking Guideby Aaron Stringfellow
Welcome to Aaron's Cooking Guide. Aaron's Cooking Guide is here to give you a few tips & tricks about cooking and present you with new and creative recipes every week. I...
  • cooking
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Strong Girls Club Girls Guide  by stronggirlsclub
Strong Girls Club Girls Guide by Strong Girls Club
Hey, strong girls! It's all your friends from SGC with a girls guide just for you! Inside this book you'll discover, Cute outfit ideas Lookbooks DIY Beauty tips Self...
  • fitness
  • fashion
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11 Ways to Wattpad like a Pro! by LEPalphreyman
11 Ways to Wattpad like a Pro!by LAUREN PALPHREYMAN
11 Top tips and tricks to get the most out of Wattpad! From a Watty Award winning author with over 30 million reads online.
  • advice
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Yin Yang Commentaries [REVIEW BOOK] by karinberry
Yin Yang Commentaries [REVIEW BOOK]by Karin Berry
START DATE: 23/7/2018 Ever heard the saying, 'A good book is not written. It is rewritten'? No? Then you fit here perfectly! We are a pair of REVIEWERS, here to help au...
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itshotime noti's  by itshotime
itshotime noti's by ITS HOT Time
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Writing Tips by OP-TI-MIS-TIC
Writing Tipsby OP•TI•MIS•TIC
Just some useful writing tips and advice I've picked up along the way to help! Please enjoy!
  • learning
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You've Got the WRITE Stuff by Pengiwen
You've Got the WRITE Stuffby Hannah B
Tips, Tricks, Questions, and Answers about writing.
  • instructional
  • prompts
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Quizzes, games, short stories, and more from SGC! by stronggirlsclub
Quizzes, games, short stories, Strong Girls Club
Hey! It's your friends from SGC! Open up this book to get to know us better and discover posts on: More Songs More Storytimes More Tags Games Quizzes And much much mor...
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Draugr Writing Tips by NecroCommunity
Draugr Writing Tipsby NecroCommunity
In this book, our draugr will help you out with general writing tips. This will be a general book to help better your story. This is for everyone, though it's recommende...
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Bianca_the_angelo's Guide to Fanfiction: An Attempt to Educate Amateur Authors by Bianca_the_angelo
Bianca_the_angelo's Guide to DivineBlackDragon
A guide for beginning writers who want to write fanfiction. And maybe a few tips for the more experienced writers, too. This is a collection of all the tips, tricks, do'...
  • help
  • dosanddonts
  • critique
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Trope Talks and Tips by lizzfiz
Trope Talks and Tipsby LizFiz
So. You're on Wattpad. You're trying to write. But you notice one thing. It's cliché. That's where I come in. Fiction, fanfiction, teen drama, sci-fi, whatever. I read i...
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Wattpad Tips & Tricks | Advice, Prompts, and More!  by fadedmystique
Wattpad Tips & Tricks | Advice, amy
As an avid bookworm and (hopefully) decent writer, I've compiled a series of tips and pieces of advice that I've gotten over the years, regarding story writing, dealing...
  • guide
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Trivial Talk & Some Tea by linaxwrites
Trivial Talk & Some Teaby lina ✧
A lot of things in here probably won't make any sense. WHAT YOU MIGHT FIND IN THIS BOOK (NO PROMISES): • me raving about annoying comments • me talking about myself (i l...
  • talks
  • ramblings
  • review
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Riri's Advice 101 by Pinkstripedzebra
Riri's Advice 101by ˗ˏˋririˎˊ˗
In which Riri gives random tidbits of advice, even though this book was originally meant as a joke. [Advice] Cover made by me © 2018, all rights reserved to Pinkstripedz...
  • somehowpeoplereadthis
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  • thiswassupposedtobeajoke
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A Girls Guide 101 by imjustabasicgirl
A Girls Guide 101by weirdly_savage
This book is mainly for the purpose of teenage girls. So this book covers the aspects of life,boys ,period,lifehacks,friends,advice,makeup,beauty, fashion,school,love,da...
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