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Sweet Bastard by sweetdreamer33
Sweet Bastardby Neilani Alejandrino
Lisa and her boss, Alessandro, agree to spite their exes by pretending to date, but things begin to backfire when fake feelings become real along the way. ...
How Sweet The Sound by thatchristiangirlx
How Sweet The Soundby Fimi Babalola
★ ★ ★ #1 Godly Relationship 18/02/2022 #1 Bible 06/04/2022 #1 bwbm 06/04/2022 #1 Amazing Grace 06/04/2022 #1 speech to text 18/04/2022 #1 Holy Spirit 02/05/2022 #1 Jesu...
Boss Lady by Dellarizaltrova
Boss Ladyby
"All hail the Boss Lady", she said as cheers rang out throughout the office. Sana Bianchi is a bitch, a businesswoman and billionaire. Brilliant combination r...
Colleagues by writingneverland
Colleaguesby Emily
Sadie absolutely despises her new coworker, Margot. She is arrogant, a total suck-up, and just plain rude. On top of that, their apartments are directly adjacent to each...
Change of Perspective (Jemily) by Calzona-Jemily
Change of Perspective (Jemily)by Calzona-Jemily
JJ and Emily have been married for 2 years now, The BAU, we're called in for a case involving children and each one is hard on JJ due to loss in her family when she was...
Couch Potato by rachealmujota
Couch Potatoby rachealmujota
A Contemporary Romance (#1 in the cafe romance series) "She was just a chapter in his life but he was her story, suddenly her heart realized what her brain always...
Cold But Handsome Ceo. by big_black_heart
Cold But Handsome Før Mïn Yøøñgï Øñly💜
You were just a regular University graduate who was looking for a job until your friend asked you to a bar where you met your future employer and your soulmate the Cold...
Welcome To FMOOAE by CraigBeckham5
Welcome To FMOOAEby Craig Beckham
Zach Garrett is a twenty-year-old college graduate. He's broke, bored, unemployed, but hopefully only three months away from starting at one of his chosen universities...
Provoking Fire by fenglanxi
Provoking Fireby fenglanxi
[STORY NOT MINE. FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY.] Rumor has it that Fu Yiming, president of Fu Group, is cold, ruthless, and extremely strict with his subordinates. B...
Dunder Mifflin, This is Alice by WordStringer
Dunder Mifflin, This is Aliceby WordStringer
A fanfiction incorporating the NBC sitcom The Office, and the known everyday life at Dunder Mifflin. This follows Alice, a new receptionist at Dunder Mifflin after Pam B...
The Earl's Exception (BWWM) by HathorRao
The Earl's Exception (BWWM)by ElachiRavora
So bad it had to be worth it. Funke Obatunde's has had enough of working under her girlfriend's rival, the Earl of Whitlam, Lucas Roland. She plans to start her own arc...
Love Issue by nenestya
Love Issueby nenestya
Gue nggak tau apakah hubungan cinta dengan teman kantor adalah salah satu employee issue? Sebagai anak baru, sudah seharusnya menerima penyuluhan tentang employee engage...
A Man's Success (MaaN) by pendownby
A Man's Success (MaaN)by pendownby
This story follows Anuj after he moves in with Anu, due to the loss of his business. This is their journey and how they stand by and support each other. The story will b...
Love Like This [COMING SOON] by kjobrien
Love Like This [COMING SOON]by kjobrien
[18+] [Closer to You spin off • If you plan on reading the Closer to You series, I recommend reading that first, as this story contains MAJOR spoilers... but CAN BE REA...
In my greetings for you | MewGulf by pararanch
In my greetings for you | MewGulfby pararanch
Working in the same film industry together in the same office as well as having an unrequited feelings with your childhood friend would never be easy, at least that's wh...
The Reluctant Reapers' Social Club by Yearndelivery
The Reluctant Reapers' Social Clubby Kat Tremain
An Angel of Death offers you a job. What do you say? Lost in an organization where bureaucracy is bread and butter, Serena Bowler meets the angel, Cohen, who is her supe...
[ONGOING] Love You to Shanghai and Back (A Lucas Fanfic) by jaelicious127_
[ONGOING] Love You to Shanghai user 0
***SYNOPSIS*** Zhao Yu Yan (27 y.o) worked as a journalist in a lifestyle magazine in Shanghai. She was unexpectedly offered to help a criminal magazine writer, Zhong L...
✔️Kuhu's Secret Crushes (Completed) by krizal
✔️Kuhu's Secret Crushes (Completed)by Krizal (Kruti Mehta)
How many crushes did you have since you were a kid? Some at school, some at workplace, some dated, some blind date ones.... Let's go through the life story of Kuhu and e...
Baby Steps ✔ (Under Construction) by littlemisssunshine-
Baby Steps ✔ (Under Construction)by ♡ tylar ♡
(Previously Lulu & Mason) In which a one night stands leaves two strangers with a third party. Zara Hewitt does not shy away from one night stands. Her twenties are mean...
Maid for Hire by demonicblackcat
Maid for Hireby Cat
What would you do if your new boss if your biggest enemy in school? Popular girl Andrea Robinson has a big secret: she's actually very poor and has to work hard to maint...