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You swim? Grayson Hawthorne X OC by MillieKnowsNoOne
You swim? Grayson Hawthorne X OCby Millie
Grayson Hawthorne X OC Lieta Mae Cege, half sister to Avery and Libby Grambs. She is the daughter of Ricky Grambs and her mother, who handed her over the second she was...
Hacker Vigilante (Completed) - A TFP Fanfiction by CreatorAja
Hacker Vigilante (Completed) - A CreatorAja
What happens when a Hacker that is routinely hired by the US Government discovers that the alien robots who destroyed his home are on Earth and a Government secret, just...
Secrets of the Swords, Book 1 by lavenderstar
Secrets of the Swords, Book 1by Lauren
Acting normal is not the same as being normal. No one knows that truth better than Suthe Montikwe. Born with the unlucky genes of a distant druith ancestor, she's had...
Forced Vows by Two-Bibliophiles
Forced Vowsby EnakaiGuy
"I'm wondering...where you go if you don't have work" I said coldly. "Why would you care?" he asked, his voice strained. "Because I have the mis...
Little Witch Academia Diana x Male Reader by Deotakukids
Little Witch Academia Diana x Deotakukids
Your name is (Y/N) and you are an inventor. Your not really good at it, but determination seems to run in the family as your cousin, Akko, wants to be a witch. You go to...
Rich Man and Poor Dad by inverseeinstein
Rich Man and Poor Dadby inverseeinstein
© Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. It advocates the importance of financial literacy, financial independence and building...
The Youngest Crawley (Peter Parker) by TS19009
The Youngest Crawley (Peter Parker)by 𝕋𝕊𝟙𝟡𝟘𝟘𝟡
(Downton Abbey!OC x Peter Parker) (Season 3 to present (Season 6 and movies)) Charlotte Crawley is the youngest daughter to Robery and Cora Crawley. Peter Parker is a y...
My Geekchicshipping one shots (still on going) by 1bunnylover
My Geekchicshipping one shots ( 1bunnylover
(If you're not reading this on Wattpad, you're reading an illegal copyright version of it) Although this is marked as complete I will still post and have plenty of ideas...
deku inventor by ferkh0
deku inventorby Kitsune Ferkho-fanfics
izuku es un chico inteligente que vive en un mundo donde el 80% de la población tiene un quirk y el 20% no lo tiene este chico no busca ser un héroe quiere ser un gran i...
Worm SI: Eden, Zion, Abadon and Regalia by Demon010
Worm SI: Eden, Zion, Abadon and Demon dark mezzo sangue
I am the fourth entity of Worm, created by Abadon "Abigail" using Moon Cell as the raw material. Before that I was a simple 20-year-old comic book lover. I com...
Gamer of the Bow (OC x RWBY) [Rewrite!] by netapel
Gamer of the Bow (OC x RWBY) [ Neta Peleg
River Sapling has been run over by a truck. Luckily for him he gets another chance at life, in the totally peaceful and not at all dangerous world of Remnant. Where hord...
Illusions Are Reality (male oc x MHA) by Lunar_Lunatics
Illusions Are Reality (male oc x Tsuki Oritsu
reality. what is it really? is it possible to understand? or should we just cover it up with Illusions.
Forensic Science: Everything You Need to Know by PrincessAurora016
Forensic Science: Everything You mysticgirl
The title explains it all.
The Otaku Inventor (One Punch Man fanfic) by kittywolfy101
The Otaku Inventor (One Punch Aymes
Isayo. Seen by many as a weird white-haired girl that always wears a white lab coat. Some see her as their weird friend. And few see her as a worthy adversary. What will...
The Last Sky City by SteampowerStarship
The Last Sky Cityby sarah roberts
The very beginning.... The year is 1882. With a myriad of new inventions such as the dirigible lightning cage, the holoscreen and the hover-propulsor-thrust engine, the...
The Unknown by Jane_Scarlett
The Unknownby Jane_Scarlett
A young cop turned government agent is tasked with bringing in a deadly assassin. He thinks he can handle it, but what happens when the assassin turns out to be a child...
Tokuni Nai (Male Reader X My Hero Academia) by BruhZone
Tokuni Nai (Male Reader X My BruhZone
A quirkless kid loses his parents. (Real original, I know) He ends up following in his parents footsteps becoming an inventor, he swears to help people with his creation...
The Mad Genius Transported to Another World by TheValkyrie13
The Mad Genius Transported to thaqif talip
Staun Hoffnung is one of the most brilliant scientific inventor in his own world who had made marvels after marvels that could be ripped straight from Science Fiction fr...
A promise to be better- Winter X male reader  by robbiewazup
A promise to be better- Winter X All Hail Megatron
Y/n Ironwood, son of the genius weapons inventor Anthony Ironwood, made a promise to himself, a promise to be better than he was, to ensure no one else would ever die be...
The Inventor. Senku Ishigami X Reader by ladyofthenoobs
The Inventor. Senku Ishigami X BellaBrightEyes
Shinsou (y/n) was, for lack of a better word, a weirdo. she was obsessed with robotics, tiny foods and all of her experiments. She had a hard time making many friends wi...