Kidnapped By My Dad by sellyanikaa
Kidnapped By My Dadby Selly Anika
Sarah was a happy teenager, getting good grades and planning for college. That is, until her and her best friend did something that dad didn't like..
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My Date, The Riddler Edward Nygma FF by TheRiddlerr
My Date, The Riddler Edward TheRiddlerr
New country.. New City.. New people.. New work.. Gotham, one of the most dangerously city's .. Me, as a women, on a new work, at the G.C.P.D At this point, I didn't...
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Masterstroke by JackGranger
Masterstrokeby JackGranger
"When there is no witness...and no suspicion...the crime is a masterstroke indeed!" Renowned Psychologist Dr.Ritika Taneja along with Delhi Poli...
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the devil you know by theanonymoustardis
the devil you knowby ellis chan
Look, we don't have much time, so let's make this quick. Hey there. Teresa Miyazaki. Tessa for short. Nice to meet you. Trinity College's resident potato. If I could sh...
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