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Let me be your support // Izuku x Mei by Sargetpepper69
Let me be your support // Izuku x...by Sargetpepper69
It's been three weeks since Deku broke up with Uraraka, and finding out she's seeing someone almost immediately after breaking up. it's been affecting him more than he l...
The Quirkless Hacker by Dude_Epic
The Quirkless Hackerby Dude Epic
He sees everything, He knows everything, You can't hide your crimes from him, He will get you, and you can only pray that the rumors about him are wrong. His the vigilan...
Canon MHA reacts to AU's by EvanPrimus_FTW
Canon MHA reacts to AU'sby EvanPrimus FTW
To be precise, this will be some Alternate Universes I have come up with recently and in the long run. So expect anything here. Note: The Story isn't completed... yet. J...
Seeing Red by InfernoLV9
Seeing Redby InfernoLV9
(Cross posted from Fan Fiction.net) What If Izuku had a quirk? One that was unlocked through death, and All Might shattering his dreams was enough to push him over the e...
Catnap Deku by dogday2006
Catnap Dekuby gre0202006
Disclaimer: I don't own mha or catnap they belong to their respective creators
This is a story of Izuku Midoriya who develops a quirk at the age of 14 the power to transform into a machine he'll need to figure this out with the help of friends on...
The Forgotten Vigilante by koolwegamgirly14
The Forgotten Vigilanteby _stories_
After years after his mother's death, things have took a great turn. He was diagnosed with a dormant quirk that only takes a miracle to awaken. Later on, he encounters a...
The Ultimate Warrior by Leo243410
The Ultimate Warriorby Julio Morales
I'm new in this story writing and what got to this was seeing amazing fanfics like so many Ships from MHA I wanted to give a shot so please bare with me This is the stor...
The Son of Zeus/Kami: The Crowned Prince of Greece and Olympus by TheholyoneIbara2
The Son of Zeus/Kami: The Crowned...by TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku Midoriya also known as "Deku" is the son of Zeus or Kami ( Also known as Hisashi Midoriya), and Queen Hera( also known as Inko Shimura) of Greece, is the...
How I Met Your Father(Completed) by ARC655
How I Met Your Father(Completed)by ARCERET
"Mom! Who's this with you!?" "You're... Father... Wow, he looks so young." "You never told us about him." "I do believe it's time...&q...
A Little Intelligence Never Hurt anybody by SupremeKingColour
A Little Intelligence Never Hurt a...by SupremeKingColour
Izuku Yagi's quirk "Current" may seem weak at face value but when used with his intelligence he's unstoppable! Top Rankings: 3# IzukuxMei Jul. 24. 2022 1# Assm...
The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous Second Son) by PuntersRev
The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous S...by PuntersRev
'Conduits' A word that describes people of the unnatural. This word has been used over time and time again, a word that has been feared by many. However... ever since...
The Last Hero For Hope : Izuku Midoriya  by blackopsnumbr
The Last Hero For Hope : Izuku Mid...by Mrblackop /Jay
Izuku is a half-sayian, his father seemingly disappearing after his birth, and his mother left raising the boy by herself. In this DBZXMHA story izuku has Future Trunks...
Once A Hero, Always a Hero by EvanPrimus_FTW
Once A Hero, Always a Heroby EvanPrimus FTW
After a whole year of being looked down and bullied by his class to finally snap in a War Game between students and quite litteraly destroying all of his class both ment...
Acaso tu me Conoces??? by AronNora6
Acaso tu me Conoces???by Aron Nora
Izuku x Mei hatsume . Esta es no es una Sinopsis , entren a che-car :3- ..
Izuku Yagi: The Weapon Hero by T2f4ddg
Izuku Yagi: The Weapon Heroby Ken Shadow
Izuku Yagi the son of Inko Yagi(pro hero Green Telek) and step son of Toshinori Yagi(pro hero All Might) and the twin brother of Izumi Yagi. After being diagnosed as qui...
eri que haces by leo4987
eri que hacesby leo4987
continuacion de a que no puedes
全体の王 "Rey Sobre Todo" 全体の王 by Morsalo
全体の王 "Rey Sobre Todo" 全体の王by M L C
Izuku Midoriya, alguien tímido, heroico y muchas otras cosas. Ese es el que conocemos ¿Cierto? Pero respóndeme... ¿Cansado de ver que es violado? ¿De qué sea maltratado...