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How to Write Fanfiction by Fanfic
How to Write Fanfictionby Fanfiction
How to Write Fanfiction is a writing resource that contains tips and tricks on crafting fanfiction stories - by the community, for the community. This guide will serve a...
  • planning
  • fandom
  • ooc
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Memento Vivere by Miss_Aly
Memento Vivereby Aly Nikki
Juxtaposition. That was what Harry Potter ended up becoming. After being missing in his first year, allowing Voldemort to rise in power, unseen and unheard but still the...
  • harrypotter
  • severussnape
  • angst
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The States! (Aph) by Kcrocks1987
The States! (Aph)by Kari Camp
When America gets a call during a meeting and looks a little worried,others just wonder why, and when Someone comes running in the meeting doors with 2 small children...
  • aphrussia
  • hetaliaocs
  • florida
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Mellifluous: The Law of Attraction by gyeomiegang
Mellifluous: The Law of Attractionby 𝐧𝐲𝐚𝐡
Baekhyun, a devoted EXO-L, has just met his biggest inspiration, Park Chanyeol except...he was drunk. Unable to recognize his idol, a new friendship has just bloomed. Bu...
  • chanbaektexts
  • fanboy
  • 백열
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Easier Than Trying - A Harry Potter (Drarry) Fanfic by TizzyToby
Easier Than Trying - A Harry Potte...by TizzyToby
"Well, I did think of Voldemort, but then... I thought of the Dementors.." Remus sighed gently, a small smile plastered on his face. "Well, Harry, that's...
  • abuse
  • emotional
  • potter
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Remix (BNHAxmale!Reader) by Writing__Trash
Remix (BNHAxmale!Reader)by ⏰2 Kermit Toaster🛁
Love and hate, Promises and lies, Ups and downs, Someone dies, May it be contained before he wake, Or shall this power cause earth to quake? BOOK ONE - COMPLETE (Book Tw...
  • notaromancesorryinadvance
  • book1of2
  • tomurashigaraki
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Deku's Little Cravings  by Soseji_Hanayo17
Deku's Little Cravings by ...
It's a story based fully on KatsuDeku where Deku is pregnant with Kacchan's baby . [[ it's my first time writing a fanfic ! and yes , I love mpreg and a diehard fan of...
  • katsudeku
  • mpreg
  • ooc
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The lost Sky by anneko16
The lost Skyby anneko16
Sawada Tsunayoshi, the Vongola Decimo.... is lost After the last war the vongola famiglia died, everyone reincarnated into a parallel world where demons exist. The famig...
  • crossover
  • khr
  • tsuna
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My King   :{:}:    Bakudeku by woolfspirit
My King :{:}: Bakudekuby Woolf Spirit
Izuku the Druid Prince of Fae Kingdom is said to be a natural beauty even by omegan standards and with a amazing healing Power. Katsuki the Half Dragon King of the Drago...
  • fantasy
  • omega
  • beta
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Dealing with the devil(s) ;; VariousXKageyama by -Tyrone_Lunie-
Dealing with the devil(s) ;; Vario...by Bi, wanna die
Before you read ;; ● Yaoi ● Genderbend Kags! ● VariousXKags (including rarepairs) ● a bit OOC? ● side ship is AsaNoya and KiyoYachi, slight Daisuga, TsukkiYama and IwaO...
  • oikage
  • asanoya
  • slightkenhina
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You And Me, Together by YCPinkChan06
You And Me, Togetherby YCPinkChan06
Just a story about our sweet cinnamon bun being a sweetie with an angry Pomeranian by her side. Together they go though the challenges of life. Oh and this is a Fem Izuk...
  • quirks
  • bokunoheroacademiafanfic
  • genderbend
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The Thorned Rose's Bio by -Angel_Ruby_Rose-
The Thorned Rose's Bioby Ruby Rose
An My OOC Ruby I created and decided to wtite a story for it of her backstory, Bio, Powers, and ect.
  • strq
  • ooc
  • rwby
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My Pleasure (Soukoku fanfic) [Viettrans] by Elise_2104
My Pleasure (Soukoku fanfic) [Viet...by ~Xy~
In this Soukoku fanfic. Chuuya is Dazai sex slave that receives punishment on a daily basis. It's almost impossible to escape from Dazai. But then again, he's the only p...
  • bsd
  • ooc
  • dazaiosamu
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Kill Me (BTS Fanfic) by Shu-ran
Kill Me (BTS Fanfic)by Shasha
Min Yoongi... a member of BTS, the famous idols that are known worldwide. He is a rapper. He is a pianist. He... he is depressed. He hides every pain and sorrow he feels...
  • minyoongi
  • crapwriting
  • depressedyoongi
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The Forgotten and Abandoned Child by galactic_nightmare
The Forgotten and Abandoned Childby Sean
-----COMPLETE----- We all know the wonderful seven-child family that we know as the Weasley family, but did you know there was an eighth that everyone forgot that would...
  • weasley
  • ooc
  • wattys2016
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The Primo's Wife- Scratch that, I'm doing this my way (KHR fanfic)(Giotto x OC) by RenMeng
The Primo's Wife- Scratch that, I'...by Author-San
I didn't mean for it to happen! Really, I swear! ... Well, maybe I did. I mean, with Uncle Kawahira... But anyway, a pool of bright light surrounded me and I found myse...
  • romance
  • vongola
  • family
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Random Sh*t With The Bad Sanses by Tsoko-Frappe
Random Sh*t With The Bad Sansesby 「 𝓑𝓲 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓱𝓲𝓰𝓱 」
Cover doesnt belong to me, it belongs to its rightful owner. None of the characters belong to me. Warning: This books contains major swearing, dirty jokes, etc. Nightmar...
  • badsanses
  • sillystufftheydo
  • undertaleaus
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Kazumi's Little Cravings by Soseji_Hanayo17
Kazumi's Little Cravingsby ...
A story on Deku , Kacchan and their son , Kazumi's daily life shinenigans . (A continuation for "Deku's Little Cravings" . Go read that and head back to this...
  • family
  • izukumidoriya
  • dekuslittlecravings
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The God's Chef ~Intoxicating Desire~ BETA by Irina-Yuliavetskaya
The God's Chef ~Intoxicating Desir...by Irina
A hot, rushed love story with the first member of the elite ten: Tsukasa Eishi. Started: 23 July Published: 3rd November Full summery in book.
  • foodwars
  • ocxtsukasa
  • eliteten
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Akabane Karma x Reader One-shots Book by KigumiMeiko
Akabane Karma x Reader One-shots B...by Meiko Kigumi
All about Karma x Reader one-shots(Please be patient for new chapters ^^) Not accepting any request since I frequently getting writer's block. Warning : OOC, absurd, cli...
  • yandere
  • oneshots
  • angst
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