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Forever Mine (NBA YOUNGBOY) by WrittenByShon
Forever Mine (NBA YOUNGBOY)by ShonWroteIt
𝐈𝐧 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡 A Mentally Unstable Kentrell Kidnaps The Love Of His Life Read To Find Out More
Swallow by Pixee_Styx
Swallowby Sam Schill
Swallow is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. When Mildred wished for death...
Completed//Part 1:Voodoo Queen- Suicide Squad by Keira_xox
Completed//Part 1:Voodoo Queen- Su...by Keira_xox
Brooklyn Turner was only 14 years old when she discovered her powers. But at 15, she lost control and accidently killed someone. She went into hiding until she got kidna...
Spirits Call ~ Villain Izuku by SongOfTheRains
Spirits Call ~ Villain Izukuby Song Of The Rains
When you're bullied every day for your entire childhood you might as well give up, right? Izuku did, until he learns of the many quirks he possesses and he discovers ho...
The Cards Will Tell by QueenCheshireWolf
The Cards Will Tellby QueenCheshireWolf
No one believed Izuku when he said he had a quirk. Of course no one would believe the delusional quirkless boy who always mumbles to someone who nobody had ever seen, an...
☹︎Voodoo Doll☹︎ BNHA males x Villain Male Reader by oxy-theangel
☹︎Voodoo Doll☹︎ BNHA males x Villa...by oxy-theangel
Hero's were supposed to help people right? Then how come they left you for dead as a helpless kid? Why were the 'Bad guys' the ones that saved you and took care of you...
Hoist the Colours by CJDaia
Hoist the Coloursby Daia
Everyone knows who her mother is even if you never been to the deepest, darkest part of the bayou. Here in Auradon if you dress a different way or talk different or even...
How Deep The Roots Go ( Book One) by MichelleHayesAuthor
How Deep The Roots Go ( Book One)by Michelle Hayes
Born into a mystical bloodline, Temperance Augustine inherited the Second Sight. But with every gift, there is a levy to pay, and the young woman's premonitions are mere...
Pirates Of The Caribbean /// Keys Of Hell by NoahDreams21
Pirates Of The Caribbean /// Keys...by Noah
Ruby Evans is a girl who can create fire with her own body. However, she hides her power even with the person she trusts the most for the fear of being stabbed with a si...
Invoke by MichelleHayesAuthor
Invokeby Michelle Hayes
COMPLETED @COPYRIGHT 2013-2021 BOOK COVER COPYRIGHT Invoke is a suspenseful paranormal romance that is imbued with magic and supernatural abound. Alongside the tension...
FOREVER NOT by AmalIlyasu
FOREVER NOTby Amal Ilyasu
She couldn't believe the girl she was looking at and what she was seeing. Firdausi was never like that__wearing immoral dress, tattoos and piercings. "Firdausi, wha...
The Vines Of Blood And Ash ( Book Two of the How Deep the Roots Go series) by MichelleHayesAuthor
The Vines Of Blood And Ash ( Book...by Michelle Hayes
Book two of the How Deep the Roots Go series. The Vines of Blood and Ash follows Temperance & Roman through a time of turbulence, heartbreak, and love. Destined to find...
Lost Secrets (BWWM) by writerbynature
Lost Secrets (BWWM)by Ashley
When a man arrives on her porch claiming to be her familiar, snarky fun loving Andrea can feel trouble brewing in her bones. Confirmation of that feeling comes in the fo...
Voodoo by BlakRoyale
Voodooby BlakRoyale
My recount of the enchantress N'zanzi and just how strong my desire to have her was.
Souichi x Reader Collection by CiCiDarkArts
Souichi x Reader Collectionby CiCi Arts
A collection of xReader fics involving Souichi Tsuji
To The End || Michael Langdon [AHS]  by 80sLov3r
To The End || Michael Langdon [AHS...by Blank
"The end of the world is among us, but we will survive." ~~~ The Hart family suffered through a lot in the past century. From being burned alive, to murderin...
To All The Children Raised By Wolves In which Hope Dubois is the one thing Alec Lightwood never thought he would tolerate or even fall for. Fate has its funny ways to br...
Completed//Part 2: Voodoo Impulse- Birds of Prey by Keira_xox
Completed//Part 2: Voodoo Impulse...by Keira_xox
After the break-up of Harley Quinn and Joker, Harley is left with no-one to turn to expect her fellow suicide squad team mate, Brooklyn Turner. The Voodoo Queen. When sh...
Voodoo Princess (Carlos De Vil, sequel to I Love Him) (2 of 3) by todorokis-babymama
Voodoo Princess (Carlos De Vil, se...by Reinaa
Sierra and Carlos are back with the sequel to "I Love Him" my previous Carlos DeVil love story. During this they face many challenges none of which come from t...
Curbside $uicide by wetbluh
Curbside $uicideby wetbluh
a fanfiction about scrim. read to see if it fills your dirty Smutty fantasy