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Paris {Shawn mendes fanfic } by queen_of_muffins
Paris {Shawn mendes fanfic }by Queen of muffins
Paris , a locket ,a boy, a song and a flower . Is all melody Albert remembers from her childhood . Taken from her family and flown across the world she tries to get back...
  • witchcraft
  • romance
  • music
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Lost Secrets (BWWM) by writerbynature
Lost Secrets (BWWM)by Ashley
When a man arrives on her porch claiming to be her familiar, snarky fun loving Andrea can feel trouble brewing in her bones. Confirmation of that feeling comes in the fo...
  • interracial
  • fantasy
  • familiar
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Of Saints and Freedom | #Wattys2018 by untoldfables
Of Saints and Freedom | #Wattys2018by t.
[A Wattpad Featured Story] While navigating through her final year of college, Freedom Whitfield embarks on a journey of self-discovery and finds that she's comprised of...
  • twinflames
  • journey
  • wattys2018
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Voodoo Doll (COMPLETE) by donutandfries
Voodoo Doll (COMPLETE)by Madi M. Myers
Marinette is done with Adrien ignoring her and Chloe abusing her. What if she found a way to control him without the use of an Akuma or being Ladybug. I made the cover a...
  • adrien
  • miraculous
  • voodoo
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bound // yoonkook by yoongipapa
bound // yoonkookby ki!
❝how did you get those bruises?❞ ❝you should know; you caused them.❞
  • jeongguk
  • yoonkook
  • jungkook
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Ladies of Lavender by spite-
Ladies of Lavenderby ♛
PART OF THE EBONY SERIES || ONGOING || Lavenders. Lavenders is what they are called. Some can grow gardens in their hair, others can control the wind, others have freck...
  • lavender
  • saveblackcharacters
  • blacklivesmatter
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Book Of Spells / Book Of Shadows by SHIELD_GIRL
Book Of Spells / Book Of Shadowsby Stella Moxley
This is a bunch of spells from my own Book Of Shadows. The book is very old, it is from one of the first Wicca's in my family. That goes way back. I have not tried all o...
  • magick
  • pagan
  • brave
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Bayou Petàin 2: Victorine vs. Empatha by fyrebytch
Bayou Petàin 2: Victorine vs. jammie m. prejean
Our favorite saucy Hoodooienne Victorine is back with a vengeance, this time after predicting her husband Hadrien's latest affair with Empatha, the beautiful reincarnati...
  • neworleans
  • grownandsexy
  • erotica
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Voodoo (TordMatt) by ImInactive
Voodoo (TordMatt)by The Dank Meme Lord Oh Lordy G...
Tom has a plush of each. Edd which he loves, Matt because it's his moirail, and Tord which he uses for fun. (What a way to describe Tord's....) Tom asked Matt to get his...
  • idk
  • voodoo
  • death
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Dark Attraction by Misguided
Dark Attractionby Misguided
A crush is just a crush. It's fascination, intrigue, it's physical attraction that isn't supposed to be sated. So, when Anna Reeves finds herself thrown into the deep, v...
  • orleans
  • voodoo
  • attraction
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Good Night | Dreamcatcher by emmathesadnerd
Good Night | Dreamcatcherby emma
☾ ❝tick tock, tick tock everything will come true ❞ ☾ [cover made by @kurai_sen loosely based on various mvs started: 23/6/17]
  • supernatural
  • gahyeon
  • wattys2018
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Voodoo Child | #DESCENDANTS by jetstar1098
Voodoo Child | #DESCENDANTSby Matilda Grace
#DISNEYDESCENDANTS || COMPLETE Parents are a sensitive issue on the Isle of the Lost. From a cruel mother to a single father with a missing wife, it is no walk in the p...
  • evil
  • badboy
  • wattys2017
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Voodoo Doll ➟ Taehyung by Woozical
Voodoo Doll ➟ Taehyungby Sammy
❝It's just a doll they said. It can't do anything they said. They're all dead.❞ Kim Taehyung was just the normal High School Student - he had his friends, good marks i...
  • kim
  • pop
  • sonyeondan
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VIXX Lyrics by taebby_abysschan
VIXX Lyricsby taebby_abysschan
VIXX Lyrics for all Starlights out there!!! EAU DE VIXX Album has been added!! Please give lots of love to VIXX!!
  • voodoo
  • memory
  • vixx
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Voodoo doll (Ministar) by marigoldminter
Voodoo doll (Ministar)by Alexsquare69
A story in which Vik finds a Voodoo doll and uses it to control Simon. ~ bxb sidemen ~
  • simon
  • voodoo
  • magic
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My Favorite Doll by goldenscares666
My Favorite Dollby Golden
One year I got a special present for my birthday. An adorable plush toy that I loved dearly. Is he really moving and speaking to me, or do I have that wild of an imagina...
  • voodoo
  • doll
  • xreader
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Prayer Lake by JustCortney
Prayer Lakeby C.D.J.
Some spirits never rest, no matter how deep they've been buried. Six friends decide to take a trip across Louisiana for post-graduation fun. A rest stop turns into an u...
  • drama
  • youngadult
  • justwriteit
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Ashen Crystals by arnav_sinha
Ashen Crystalsby Arnav Sinha
Ashen Crystals is a story narrated from the perspective of Aiden Perry, a freshman student learning journalism. He has just moved to Louisiana and is greeted on the firs...
  • voodoo
  • fantasy
  • fiction
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Non-Humans by Demarcuskai
Non-Humansby Demarcus Thomas
The 1800 years old vampire queen Delilah ''Dahlia'' Cravenwood falls in love with an 18 years old teen named Zac O' Reilly while trying to live a normal life at high s...
  • romance
  • devils
  • demons
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• {Weed killer } • by Maroonboi303
• {Weed killer } •by Maxwell Hartman
Venixa is no ordinary girl, she was a beautiful broken girl with a secret life she never knew about. What will happen when she figures it all out? Will you stay along fo...
  • wattys2018
  • suicidalthoughts
  • mysterious
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