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Where The Trail Ends by MiladyCelina
Where The Trail Endsby Jasmine Marie
Eudora was looking forward to starting a new life in California, it was the land of promise. After her parents died she joined the wagon train west with her best friend...
The Indian Stories by RayvenDuke
The Indian Storiesby Southern Girl
A collection of stories about Indians.
Indian Serial Rants ☑ by legendary-chocolate
Indian Serial Rants ☑by snickers
Are you from India? No? Have you ever heard what is Hindi Serials like? No? You should definitely read this then! *** If you are a true devotee of Hindi...
Gray Skies by conleyswifey
Gray Skiesby Nicole Sturgill
North Carolina 1851 Deep in the mountains of North Carolina lives a branch of the Cherokee nation that no white man had been able to remove. They could come and go like...
Indian People Be Like by MeanYoongi_17
Indian People Be Likeby 【M A H I】
Highest rank #382 in Humor #798 in Humor
HATE TURNS INTO LOVE || Jungkook X Reader by kpopauthor_multi
HATE TURNS INTO LOVE || Jungkook Exonct_forlife
How jungkook started loving an Indian girl which he hated the most?? Its a story written by an Indian bts army!!!! Hope you enjoy!!!!!
Blind Light (peter pan 2003) by arianna5590
Blind Light (peter pan 2003)by Blyss Arianna Marte
The first girl to visit Neverland wasn't Wendy in fact it was another girl who became Peter's blinding light.
My 'Oh-So-Freakish' Life! by whimsicalscribbler
My 'Oh-So-Freakish' Life!by Jeel
What happens when your not-so-familiar past is thrown right at your face or more precisely- You are thrown into it?!! Meet Meera, surviving her 'freakish' life where sh...
Soulmates by SofieRose772
Soulmatesby Hannah Rose
Winona is a carefree 18 year old girl who lives with her Choctaw tribe. Her father wants her to marry but she doesn't. She wants to remain independent. But when she m...
Warriors (GirlxGirl) by TheMoonlightPoet
Warriors (GirlxGirl)by Luna
Nina, a strikingly beautiful warrior princess of her Native American tribe never believed in the stories she would hear about shifters. Shifters, as she has been told, a...
My Kidnapper Wears a Feather in His Hair by SarahBeara
My Kidnapper Wears a Feather in Marie
When her famous father gets word of her beauty, he decides its time for Ella Weldingston to take her proper place as heir to one of the largest entrepreneurs in the west...
My Darling Tale by littleredvelvet17
My Darling Taleby Lexi
I am Wendy Darling. You may think you know my story but you don't. True, I was visited by a boy-a flying boy-that goes by the name of Peter Pan and I did visit Neverland...
Pocahontas by JohnSmith0442
Pocahontasby John Smith
In 1607, over 100 men set out to discover the new world. Among them was the famous explorer John Smith. He was looking for adventure, and he certainly found it. But what...
The International Book Of Chutiyapa  by Niyonaika
The International Book Of Shattered Visage
The author, after a lot of k̶a̶m̶c̶h̶o̶r̶i̶ efforts and hardwork, is now bringing to y'll, 'The international Book Of Chutiyapa'. Kyunki International Chutiyapa abhi ba...
Double Devils by hothotchocolate
Double Devilsby Anonymous
Samskruthi, newly jobless, strikes a friendship with Rudhra, the devil next door. Because when you combine a devil and a devil, you get a comedic duo. A tale of an odd...
Busted Gulch Volume 12 by storytellers-saloon
Busted Gulch Volume 12by storytellers-saloon
A stranger has come to Busted Gulch hoping to exploit the town. Will he succeed or will his past stand in his way. Come read Busted Gulch vol 12 a Western story told by...
Silk (On Dreame )  by riyaratan
Silk (On Dreame ) by Riya
#2 In Romance She loved him. He didn't know how to love her. She gave him everything. He didn't know how to give her wh...
                                     Home On The Plains by QuanahP
#18 QuanahP
Years after a young white maidens capture and assimilation into a band of Comanches, she falls in love with the fierce and seemingly dark souled war Chief. Can she lift...
Some Like It Sweet! (*Wattpad Featured Story*) #Wattys2015 by bohemianutopia
Some Like It Sweet! (*Wattpad bohemianutopia
Dev Malhotra is a popular chef. Meera Sachdev is a ruthless food critic. Both are A-listers in the restaurant circuits. A clash between them will surely turn into a clas...
Native | The Hunger Games by Lnacrafting212
Native | The Hunger Gamesby Lnacrafting212
Donoma's tribe has been doing everything possible to stay independent, but their plan fails. One day a woman who was supposedly the president of Panem got the tribe to...