Gray Skies

Gray Skies

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Nicole Sturgill By conleyswifey Completed

North Carolina 1851
Deep in the mountains of North Carolina lives a branch of the Cherokee nation that no white man had been able to remove. They could come and go like the wind. They were rumored to be ghosts and called the 'Ghost Tribe' by those that knew of them.  They were feared by all who lived in those mountainous lands except for one. 

Deniah Williams is the one person who does not fear them. And her reason? Gray Skies.  He saved her life as children and has been her friend since that day. She knows there is something unique about her friend and his people and yet she asks no questions.  She has trust in him and for her that's enough. 

But when Deniah's father learns of her friendship with a monstrous savage of the ghost tribe he is determined to protect her. And he knows just how to do so. He must find her a suitable husband and move his daughter to the northeast and away from the danger he is sure she faces. But things do not go as planned. 

When Gray Skies learns of the danger that Deniah faces he knows he must save her. Going against the wishes of his tribe, Gray Skies leaves to rescue the woman who has his heart. 

A fiery passion ignites between them and a love stronger than any love before ties their souls together. But hatred and revenge threaten to tear them apart. Join Gray Skies and Deniah as they fight for their love, for each other and for peace among their people.