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Hyperdontia: The Book by EMULYEMER
Hyperdontia: The Bookby Violet Fox
Flower had a dark secret. She hasn't told anyone, not even her family. She was diagnosed with hyperdontia causing extra teeth to appear. It was a nightmare. So there was...
Multiverse Protection Force Origins ((Y/N)xMonikaxRubyxMikuxGwenxAyano) by Brodster36
Multiverse Protection Force Origin...by Brodster36
You're a normal kid, but suddenly, your hit with a traumatising event and are now destined to save the entire multiverse with a few friends you may very well recognise.
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The Pervert with Glasses [Len X Reader Fanfic] by D-P-G-1
The Pervert with Glasses [Len X Re...by DPG1
He always read that naughty book of his, he always had naughty thoughts, he was just a huge pervert! Join Miku, Luka, Rin and Gumi as you five try surviving this pervert...
He Came From The Computer (Kaito Shion x Reader) by katpad01
He Came From The Computer (Kaito S...by Lots Of XReaders
You decided to download the vocaloid Kaito Shion on to your computer, but what happens when Kaito shows up in your room. I don't own any pictures (except if I draw a pic...
Vocaloids x reader one shots and preferences by Emmalikesvocaloid
Vocaloids x reader one shots and p...by Emma rose Spencer
Various vocaloids x male,female and non binary reader. Requests are closed!
(Vocaloid!Fukase X Reader) M A L I C E  I N  H O R R O R L A N D  by Night-shadex
(Vocaloid!Fukase X Reader) M A L I...by My Hanahaki
(Fukase X Reader Insert) Dark Wonderland AU A young duchess named (Reader) is tired of her Aunt forcing her to elope early to Duke Len. When she steps away from her comi...
She's Not the Princess Type (VFlower x Fem!Reader) by LilMsCc
She's Not the Princess Type (VFlow...by Voncos
Set in modern day life, but with quite a change in todays society's standards.Especially in London. London had reverted back to their 19th century ways, and gothic Lolit...
Yandere Female X Male reader  by risingsunslash
Yandere Female X Male reader by shadowAkira21
Let see yandere are the best (or not) Since you were young, you have been bullied from your primary school because you are a very quiet person and you keep to yourself a...
The Story Of Evil 『Len x Reader』 by sqp_xx
The Story Of Evil 『Len x Reader』by Nada
"even if the world hate you, I will always protect you my queen" said the servant as he kiss the back of his queen hand. The two separated twins embrace each...
Vocaloid Boyfriend Scenarios by Honeywhip
Vocaloid Boyfriend Scenariosby Honeywhip
❥ Boyfriend scenarios with all your favorite Vocaloid boys. Requests welcome!
People Change | Hatsune Miku X Reader by HaremXRomance
People Change | Hatsune Miku X Rea...by HaremXRomance
You are the childhood friend of Miku. You have a secret crush on her but she only sees a friend in you. Or will this change? Maybe your whole life will as you got conta...
The World's Greatest Detective [ L x Reader ] by Electropop777
The World's Greatest Detective [ L...by Excelsior
You are the world's greatest detective, even above L. Your abilities were only reserved if the world was to have another World War so, as a hobby, you are the top pop Id...
Izuku the Vocaliod rework by Tari-1228
Izuku the Vocaliod reworkby Tari
The new version of Izuku the Vocaliod Description: Izuku was known as the class cinnamon roll but he kept a few secrets like his quirk one for all and his second secret...
Obsession-  Yandere! Various x reader one-shots by Goldenkokoro
Obsession- Yandere! Various x rea...by Goldenkokoro
There's that one person who loves you and killed all for you, who is it?
Len x Reader Oneshots [Requests are on hold] by Disease-chan
Len x Reader Oneshots [Requests ar...by Waifu Material??
I got more ideas and I'm still taking requests
We're Just Friends (Miku X Malereader) by Redwoulfe
We're Just Friends (Miku X Malerea...by Red
We've been best friends forever, nothing can tear us apart...
Mega by Populous21
Megaby Populous21
Izuku Yagi was quirkless but her sister Izumi yagi was not as they headed home. Izuku wanted to be a hero but his sister and her friends are worried about losing him so...
I love you..... Goodbye by XDEATH_21
I love you..... Goodbyeby XDEATH
"I'm sorry... Please don't leave me" "I'm sorry too... I shouldn't have fallen for you" "NO!!!" "I love you... Goodbye" DISCLAIME...
Nightmare by Populous21
Nightmareby Populous21
Izuku Yagi was abused by his family and his sisters friends until he ran away and found a new family but know he must face his tormentors as he is Nightmare I don't own...