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The Pervert with Glasses [Len X Reader Fanfic] by D-P-G-1
The Pervert with Glasses [Len X Re...by DPG1
He always read that naughty book of his, he always had naughty thoughts, he was just a huge pervert! Join Miku, Luka, Rin and Gumi as you five try surviving this pervert...
Realities (Yandere Fukase x Reader) by Nat_Chi
Realities (Yandere Fukase x Reader)by Nat Chi
Saving someone can bring them close to you, sometimes too close. When (Y/n)'s Vocaloid begins to talk back to her, they form a deep friendship. What she doesn't know is...
Your Highness★My Princess [Len Kagamine X Reader] by ChewingCottonWool
Your Highness★My Princess [Len Kag...by Eds
He gently brushes his blond hair behind his ear. It shines when hitting it hits the sun. It's not greasy but nor is it straight and perfect. It bounces when he moves and...
Rivals In Love (lenxreader) by lillywolf2
Rivals In Love (lenxreader)by Lilly Wolf
[Y/N] is a beautiful girl, all the boys want to go out with her and all the girls want to be her. Len transfers to her school and steals the spotlight. They hate each ot...
I'm Engaged To My Teacher 『Len X Reader』  by sqp_xx
I'm Engaged To My Teacher 『Len X R...by Nad
[DISCONTINUED] Teacher Len x Student reader She never thought that to fulfill her dream to be a mangaka she must marry a man she doesn't know. And she never thought th...
How to love a dragon (Len x Miku)  by maryamabubkar
How to love a dragon (Len x Miku) by maryamabubkar
In which the great war between dragons and humans. Brings a human girl and a dragon shifter together, in a forbidden love. He may have hated her at first, but it is und...
Izuku The Singing Hero by Dakgoot
Izuku The Singing Heroby Dakgoot
Izuku who was just walking around musutafu. To buy the ingredients for a candy apple that he was going to make for Eri or how Izuku calls her, snowball. But something ha...
Snake Has A What (Black Butler Fanfiction) (Snake Little Sister) by Animeandmangafangirl
Snake Has A What (Black Butler Fan...by Animeandmangafangirl
After receiving a letter from the Queen, Ciel will have to investigate...what? Another circus?! The story is repeating itself but with a plot twist. Within Dark Woods Ci...
The Feeling is Different ~ Yandere!Kagamine Len x Reader x Shion Kaito by o0fairylights0o
The Feeling is Different ~ Yandere...by Kolya
(L/n) (Y/n) is a Vocaloid, 6 years older than the 14 year old Len. (Y/n) absolutely adores Len. She spoils him whenever she has the chance and cares for him 24/7. She id...
Len x Reader Oneshots [Requests are on hold] by Disease-chan
Len x Reader Oneshots [Requests ar...by Waifu Material??
I got more ideas and I'm still taking requests
Izuku the Vocaliod rework by Tari-1228
Izuku the Vocaliod reworkby Tari
The new version of Izuku the Vocaliod Description: Izuku was known as the class cinnamon roll but he kept a few secrets like his quirk one for all and his second secret...
Vocaloid Headcanons~!! by StarC00kie
Vocaloid Headcanons~!!by 🌟Star💊Cookie🍪
Just some Vocaloid head cannons.
No Choice (A Kaito x Len Fanfic) by InkpenA113
No Choice (A Kaito x Len Fanfic)by ⭐️Ink Bapy⭐️
When Kaito Shion gets infected with an unknown virus, his head malfunctions and gives him a burning love for his close friend, Len Kagamine. And Kaito is determined to k...
Try to Smile! Rui x Reader x Tsukasa by Goldfish1309
Try to Smile! Rui x Reader x Tsuka...by Goldfish1309
"I͞ n͞e͞v͞e͞r͞ e͞x͞p͞e͞c͞t͞e͞d͞ y͞o͞u͞ t͞o͞ s͞m͞i͞l͞e͞,e͞v͞e͞n͞ w͞h͞e͞n͞ s͞e͞e͞i͞n͞g͞ o͞u͞r͞ s͞h͞o͞w͞." A Rui x Reader x Tsukasa Story! I literally found none...
Maid of Evil (Ciel x Reader) by sugarymochii
Maid of Evil (Ciel x Reader)by ダラ
You're an Earl, and I'm a maid. Destiny separated childhood friends. If it's for the sake of protecting you, I'll become evil for you. (Ciel x Reader)
Just A Small-Town-Suspended Digital World by HGC300
Just A Small-Town-Suspended Digita...by marvelforever
A Vocaloid 10 parody of the pilots of Friends and Animaniacs. I'm starting a new Wattpad franchise where I use the Vocaloid 10 characters and act them out as if they wer...
My boyfriend doesn't know I'm a boy [FukaLen] by mqytiff
My boyfriend doesn't know I'm a bo...by Mok z
It was not Len's intention to dress up as his sister, but as an attractive redhead shown his interest, Len decided to play along. Potential NSFW in future chapters. Cove...
Vocaloid English & Romaji Song Lyrics [DISCONTINUED] by jnobeza
Vocaloid English & Romaji Song Lyr...by Cassie ♡
*This lyrics book is now discontinued, therefore I will no longer be taking requests or posting anymore new chapters containing song lyrics.* Some Vocaloid songs with an...
Notice me Senpai! Len x V4 flower by Purple_Flame_456
Notice me Senpai! Len x V4 flowerby Sleepy one.
Len was the popular boy at school. He got tired of people liking him only for his good looks and money. he bumps into v4 flower and falls in love but this time he is doi...