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Lost and Found by Neptune1413
Lost and Foundby Neptune
Natsu and Lucy find out that Lucy's pregnant, they decide it would be safer to raise their child away from the guild's craziness. They run away and find a home in the fo...
Bite me : a Nalu mating  by Emiri_Nikoru
Bite me : a Nalu mating by Shojo
His eyes grew wider and began to move against the chains as she grew to be mere inches away from him "I know you won't hurt me" she took his face in her hands...
Dominance is Key || Nalu by loverspet000
Dominance is Key || Naluby loverspet000
This was inspired by Calming the Chaos. When Natsu was not raised by Igneel, instead he was raised by Acnologia. Which makes him raised to be a cold hearted, powerful, w...
Ꭺᥣꫀ᥊เthᥡꪑเᥲ ;ℱᎪᏆᎡᎩ ᎢᎪᏆᏞ by CiztrixForever
Ꭺᥣꫀ᥊เthᥡꪑเᥲ ;ℱᎪᏆᎡᎩ ᎢᎪᏆᏞby Ciztrix_Remix
Isabelle is the last of the Phoenix Slayers. They were all killed off by Dark Guilds and has stuck along with her companion Kai. Serafina sought to make Isabelle the str...
An Alien In Fairy Tail: Book 1 by Overdrive248X
An Alien In Fairy Tail: Book 1by Mark248X
When Ben Tennyson, the wielder of the Omnitrix, gets sent to a different universe, he ends up in a weird world where there are wizards and magic. Ben finds the wizard gu...
Beholden | NaLu | by bleuebellebleue
Beholden | NaLu |by 𝑩𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒆 ❀༉‧₊˚
Lucy's breath hitched. "You saved mine, so I'll have to save yours. That's just how it works. So, naturally, I can't leave until that happens. I'm beholden to you...
Dragon guardian {Fairytail} by talking_mania
Dragon guardian {Fairytail}by Kai
Ashley Hart is a dragon guardian. She is able to summon every dragon there is and fight with them. To summon a dragon, the dragon must approach you first. Ashley first d...
A secret: A seventeen ships story🥰 by kpopkpop177
A secret: A seventeen ships story🥰by Kpopkpop
*Hope u like it and their will be side ships not just meanie* ~Mingyu and wonwoo wanted one thing and that was to get the courage to tell the group members they're toge...
TrueLove ( NaLu ) by RirichiyoShira
TrueLove ( NaLu )by MarryKozakura
Natsu Dragneel , air to the throne of Magnolia , but what happens when his parents want him to get married to a princess he dosent love nor like ?, Natsu's parents Ignee...
Descendants (Natsu X Reader) by rapmonsexybrain
Descendants (Natsu X Reader)by Ugh
Natsu Dragneel, the son of King Igneel and Queen Natsumi, invites the exiled children of defeated evil dragons and wizards to attend a prep school with the good dragons...
The Dragon Slayer Games✔ 《Laxus x Natsu》 by DaughterOfHades22
The Dragon Slayer Games✔ 《Laxus x...by I'm in hell.
♡ "what the hell is this crap Natsu?" Laxus glared at the pink haired boy and slammed the letter down in front of him. "Some kind of Joke?" "No...
Secret Idol by Zeno-neechan
Secret Idolby Zeno-neechan
What if Natsu Dragneel had a Secret- nope two Secrets- no let's say three. What if Natsu Dragneel had three Secrets hidden away from not only his Guild but also from the...
Fairytail Hero(Crossover) REWRITING by liilgekyume
Fairytail Hero(Crossover) REWRITINGby Yume
She has always strived to be a hero ever since she heard about them and she did. She became a underground hero at the age of 13. She had a rough past and trained her har...
His?! by NatsuDragneelLucy
His?!by Dragneel.
This story take place when dragons are still exist. And here, dragon rule the world. They're free to eat any human they want. But being kind the king is, he offered then...
Broken Pride || Sting X Reader X Natsu ||✔️ by Emilou830
Broken Pride || Sting X Reader X N...by Emilou
I've been reading a lot of stories of Sting X Reader X Natsu, or Sting X Reader, or Natsu X Reader, and have had a lot of inspiration. So that's where this story has com...
The Dragon's Mate by LoveMeliodasDragneel
The Dragon's Mateby Love Meliodas Dragneel
When Lisanna came back from Edolas everyone in the guild has been ignoring and hurting Lucy except for a couple of people like Gajeel, Wendy, Cana, the Thunder Legion, M...
Princess Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail x Reader) by Godalexzerie
Princess Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail...by Undertaker
(Y/N) has had her parents killed in front on her but soon after meets up with a dragon but not just any dragon is was Acnologia himself offering to take care of the litt...
My Beloved Assassin by UzumakiMarina4
My Beloved Assassinby Uzumaki Marina
This story is made for Katie Heartfilia,my best friend and beloved sister. Since I'm very bad at discrimination, let's just say read to find out.
A Dragneel Sister by Halle_x_Fairy
A Dragneel Sisterby Halle Belle
~A young girl,merely 8 years old wanders around a city hopelessly lost.She ends up at a guild,Fairy Tail and claims she is the daughter of Igneel.Natsu,is skeptical at f...
The Next Generation - Fairy Tail Fanfic - by jocelinefelicia
The Next Generation - Fairy Tail F...by jocelinefelicia
Natsu and Lucy got married and had kids. Gray and Juvia got married and had kids. Gajeel and Levy got married and had kids. Mira and Laxus got married and had kids. Erza...