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Crimson | jerza by rebruising
Crimson | jerzaby - ̗̀ inactive ̖́-
Once in his lifetime, every man is entitled to fall in love madly with a redhead; and for Jellal Fernandez, that redhead was Erza Scarlet. » COMPLETED
  • titania
  • tail
  • jerza
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Love Of The Fae ( A Gargoyles: King Oberon Romance) by Faerydae
Love Of The Fae ( A Gargoyles: Kin...by Fae
The Land of Avalon is known for sending people where they need to be, and helping them realize their destiny. When Lord Oberon banishes all the Fae from Avalon, the Isla...
  • eolande
  • fair
  • garden
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The Story To Be Told by ExcuseMyFangirling
The Story To Be Toldby idk
Erza Scarlet is a single mom to Jellal Fernandes's child. After a small verbal fight that turned in a physical one-sided fight, Jellal walked out and left Erza with the...
  • fairytail
  • erza
  • scarlet
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A Sin of Her Own by butcanthisgirlwrite
A Sin of Her Ownby Lidija Elleson
Alpha Titania. The meaning behind her name, the great one; a true essence of her strength. A formidable opponent. A woman who is incapable of emotion other than rage an...
  • emotionalabuse
  • mates
  • titania
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Las sucesoras de Natsu Dragneel: Fairy Tail by onielmisterio
Las sucesoras de Natsu Dragneel: F...by Love And Lies
Fairy tail, gremio conformados por muchos de los magos más poderosos de todo el reino de Fiore, entre todos ellos existe un Dragón Slayer de fuego conocido como Natsu Dr...
  • descendencia
  • dragon
  • hijas
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Art and Romanticism by JadeGal
Art and Romanticismby Jade Gal
The new case is getting pretty long but this is a fluffy part that seems good on it's own. It's mostly about Mina and her friends.
  • steampunk
  • painting
  • art
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Incomprehensible  by Roguewendigo
Incomprehensible by Nephilim Moon
❝Insanity /ɪnˈsanəti/ n. A mental illness of such severity that a person cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. ❞ "Credendo Vides" // 'By believing...
  • jaredpadaleki
  • pain
  • tomhiddleston
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Time Troubles by Serina_Leigh
Time Troublesby Serina_Leigh
Time, Eternity, Darkness, and Light. We think of these things as concepts, complex but simple in their own way. Time is just a way for us to measure how long something...
  • supernatural
  • leigh
  • magic
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Ask Erza by miss-scarIet
Ask Erzaby e r z a
  • titania
  • erzascarlet
  • takethatbitches
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TEAM WNGS (RWBY fan fic) by khila27
TEAM WNGS (RWBY fan fic)by Khila27
Here we have a team of different personalities put together into a team. These different people are thrown together into one group to help get rid of the worlds worst pr...
  • glenda
  • diamond
  • yang
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So, So Much Worse by iamanawesometaco
So, So Much Worseby cat
You thought Meghan had it hard, being the daughter of King Oberon. You know what's worse? Being the illegitimate son of Queen Titania. [Iron Fey fanfiction; OC] [charact...
  • oberon
  • amateur
  • ironfey
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Tale of a Blue Fae by CottonJones
Tale of a Blue Faeby Olan Smith
This is a discourse between Titania and Oberon as she pleads for her husband to return her as his light is absent. Alinda, is a Sanskrit name that means balcony or supp...
  • fae
  • oberon
  • moon
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Imaginary by musictigerpower
Imaginaryby musictigerpower
Titania was named after the fairy queen from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." She spends her time with her head in the clouds, watching life rather t...
  • titania
  • fantasy
  • mates
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The nightfall by the-witch-lair
The nightfallby the-witch-lair
"An indescribable sensation...the feeling of falling without end.... only my despair as guide... I'll make sure they'll fall with me in that endless night...."...
  • backstory
  • ocs
  • titania
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★Randomness★ by --Erza-Scarlet--
★Randomness★by --Erza-Scarlet--
this book is where I will put random stuff like ft pics,videos,rants,ships,votings and such, well i hope you have a great day,minna!
  • random
  • titania
  • erzascarlet
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Sky full of Nightmares by bloodybleedingheart
Sky full of Nightmaresby Bleedingheart
I haven't posted anything before, and I wrote this a long time ago... Just hoping to get some feedback on it. I might finish it, but who knows. Its about two sisters jus...
  • runaways
  • railroad
  • journey
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The Cat's lover ( Robin fanfiction) by Angel7180
The Cat's lover ( Robin fanfiction)by Susano Angel
Titania, Wonder Woman's sister is joining the Young Justice League. She meets everyone and falls in love with one of the guys. Who does she fall in love with? Will she t...
  • justice
  • titania
  • robin
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Heroes Of The Swords by Kreuzth_Leonhart
Heroes Of The Swordsby Kreuzth_Leonhart
Different worlds collide into one game titled Sword Art Online. The game developer none other than Kayaba Akihiko gathers all of the master swordsman in the different un...
  • saber
  • asuna
  • kirito
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