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The Celestial Hero by AnnaSalgon
The Celestial Heroby Anna Salgon
Izuku always felt there was something missing from his life. That was the case until his sixth birthday where he found him self following an instinctive tug on his soul...
Fairy Tail: Sun Eater - Part 1 by CaptMermain
Fairy Tail: Sun Eater - Part 1by Captain Mermain
Ben Cooper was an elite soldier, but a tragedy change his life. That tragedy lead to his death, but it isn't the end for him. He get a new life in a new world, and he wo...
For The Sake Of Love by roswords
For The Sake Of Loveby wordslove
He is arrogant She is cutie He doesn't want anyone in his life She loves to make friends He has nobody to call his own. She is surrounded by people who love her. He has...
Memories(Nalu) by shmmmmm
Memories(Nalu)by shmmmmm
When the whole team is in danger, and defeat is prominent, Lucy uses an ancient spell to save them. But the cost of the spell, was none other than everyone's memories of...
Falling Towards The Chaos by godsfavoritevirgo
Falling Towards The Chaosby ymir
Lucy, tired of the abuse and lies, runs away from the one place she had always reluctantly called home. Alone and free, she finds out that navigating the magic world isn...
Psycho - Step Brother's  by kpop_Wave_
Psycho - Step Brother's by kpop_Wave_
" If Y/N is not ours She can't be yours too " ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A girl name Y/N lives with her ste...
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Warrior Within The Walls by ArtemisMorgen
Warrior Within The Wallsby Lianhua Yue
There she goes, a dignified fairy, trapped inside a paradise that is covered and sheltered by walls. Not even knowing why she have been in that place, Erza Scarlet joine...
Ice Cold [Book One] by Number95914
Ice Cold [Book One]by Number95914
Y/n is the second daughter of Anastacius she was in the Fariy tail realm. Anastacius found out about his secret daughter and brought her to his realm while she was on a...
Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x Reader Fanfic by kimmiecat11
Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x Reader...by ☯ ᴋ ɪ ᴍ ᴍ ɪ ᴇ ☯
❝He and I, we were black and white. So different, yet so similar. Where he was blunt, I was kind. Where I was obedient, he was a rebel. So, when he left me, it truly did...
Future Gohan's Fairy Tail (F.Gohan x Erza Scarlet) by TevinMoore92
Future Gohan's Fairy Tail (F.Gohan...by Tevin Lashawn Moore
After Gohan's relentless struggles against two artifical humanoid cyborgs, Gohan dies in the end leaving Trunks to be earth's protector. But faith somehow managed Gohan...
Natsu x Lucy (smut included) by swiss_writer
Natsu x Lucy (smut included)by Théa Fullbuster
Please ignore my pitiful vocabulary enjoy, anyway ^^ (thanks so very much for all the views, comments etc TwT<3)
Our Fairy Hero (FT X BNHA) Discontinued/Being rewritten  by Yukinaislazy
Our Fairy Hero (FT X BNHA) Discont...by :p
Proud Fairy Tail member, Yarashi Akagi, is in a battle against one of the dragons that got through the gate because of Future Rogue. She almost gets crushed but a portal...
Only You~ A LaLu fic by dhaddygabriel
Only You~ A LaLu ficby Apple 🦴
Lucy Heartfellia, a Celestial Mage, joined Fairy Tail at the young age of 8. Laxus Dreyar, a Lightning Dragon Slayer, had been there almost his whole life. The two grew...
Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x Reader} by TalkLaterBusyFangirl
Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x R...by Anime Enthusiast
A young girl was abandoned on July 7 X777 by her dragon Sanda; Queen of the Nature Element Dragons making young (Y/N) the anointed Princess. The five elements of nature...
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Fairy Tail: High School by TheKonfusingKK
Fairy Tail: High Schoolby 𝓀𝒶𝓎 ♡
your typical teenage romance.
Seeking Stars In Your Eyes by DaughterOfHades22
Seeking Stars In Your Eyesby not v active boos</3
☆GRATSU☆ Natsu Dragneel is in love with his best friend. Gray Fullbuster. ☆ When Gray has to move in with Natsu to help Natsu with some mental disorders, what will...
Demons (Fairy Tail X Seven Deadly Sins Crossover)(Discontinued) by Psycho_Emz
Demons (Fairy Tail X Seven Deadly...by Alexa Play This Is Hallloween...
What happens When Team Natsu and their exceeds gets thrown into another world? What secrets will be revealed? What memories will be remembered? Read the book to find ou...
"Sweetheart, I'm a dragon"  by subemela_radi
"Sweetheart, I'm a dragon" by subemela_radi
Yn is back at it again, although this time she isn't defeating a dark guild, now her quest is high school?! Yn ln comes from Earthland, now she finds herself in Musutafu...
Pet of an incubus 「Nalu fanfic」 by craz4pandas
Pet of an incubus 「Nalu fanfic」by 『♥︎ɴᴇᴊɪʀᴇ 』
Incubus... Succubus... Seductive creatures of darkness that prey on the young and weak for there own conveniences. For almost a century Natsu Dragneel had been roaming t...
She's My Momma *NaLu* by tes_lumieres
She's My Momma *NaLu*by tes_lumieres
It all started after the Dragon Cry arc, when they all met a dragon who goes crazy for power, when Natsu almost died on the job, when he said, they were a family. Discl...