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The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha Kingby It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
  • telling
  • sucks
  • bras
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 Random BNHA One-shots by Emtail
Random BNHA One-shotsby Em Tail
Ships; Bakushima/Kiribaku, Tododeku, Serokami/Kamisero, Momojirou, Tsuchaco/Tsuchako(is that right?), Erasermic Bakusquad and Dekusquad RANDOMNES! All warnings will be...
  • eatingdisorder
  • bakushima
  • bakusquad
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Why Is It Always Sammy? by Written_future
Why Is It Always Sammy?by Francesca Ahern
Just some sickfics of poor Sammy Winchester from none other then supernatural. Quick one shots and chapters of the family enduring some grief of their youngest soldier.
  • sickfic
  • appendectomy
  • dean
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Imprinted to be Yours by RunWithJacobBlack
Imprinted to be Yoursby Skye
All grown up, it's Renesmee's eighteenth birthday and Edward has asked Jacob to keep an eye on her as she goes out on her first date with her college friend, Alex. When...
  • america
  • nahuel
  • quileutes
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Leo X Raph (Leo gets sick) by jackxmarktrash
Leo X Raph (Leo gets sick)by People scare me
Leader in blue. Splinter junior. The tough guy. "He must get sick sometimes?" People would ask, and yes, yes he did. But when he did. It got bad.
  • donatello
  • hurt
  • tiredofbloodyet
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The  Cold by sscriptophobia
The Coldby sscriptophobia
It's cold outside.
  • winter
  • psychological
  • thriller
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Frozen~ (Supa Strikas) by jackxmarktrash
Frozen~ (Supa Strikas)by People scare me
Going on a day and night bus ride to Canada for football training sounds bad, right? Well, what happens when your exhausted, worn out, annoyed AND your bus just broke do...
  • twisting-tiger
  • klaus
  • some-ships
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Merry Christmas! by Rhumbleduo
Merry Christmas!by Rhumbleduo
Ant and Dec run into a bit of car trouble on Christmas Eve - thank goodness they have each other!
  • declandonnelly
  • anthonymcpartlin
  • dec
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Cold. (Creepypasta X Male!Reader) by ZalgoidWriter
Cold. (Creepypasta X Male!Reader)by Jackson
Y/N wakes up to a brand new world, but no one knows he's there.
  • slenderbrothers
  • laughingjack
  • puppeteer
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Anarchy - Oneshot by Queen-of-Firelight
Anarchy - Oneshotby Diamond
A simple game of hide and seek, but one may perish when caught.
  • pre-dawn
  • alpha-omega
  • hypothermia
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Broken Ice by AHS_Ashley
Broken Iceby AHS_Ashley
The BAU is working on a case in the cold winters of Alaska. While investigating, the ice beneath Reid's feet begins to break. Read to find out what happens next! (i am s...
  • whump
  • hypothermia
  • criminalminds
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Truth or Dare by Rececup97
Truth or Dareby Rianna
It was just another Friday night Cheerleading sleepover. They were only playing truth or dare. Nobody was supposed to get hurt, but when the others find out what Ashley...
  • death
  • guilt
  • anger
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mount everest; why don't we by NORTHSIDEMARAIS
mount everest; why don't weby lia lee
in which, climbing the tallest and probably coldest mountain ever during a ski trip, goes wrong for the 10 group people. people die, and try to go back down. will help e...
  • jonahmarais
  • mounteverest
  • skitrip
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Warming a Frozen Heart by Clover_London
Warming a Frozen Heartby Clover_London
London's winters can be quite harsh. Layton, Luke, and Flora come across a friend who is hypothermic.
  • hypothermia
  • professorlayton
  • fluff
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Kiss of Death by Flash_katie237
Kiss of Deathby Katie237
AU 3x07 ; After Caitlin used her ice kiss on Barry and Cisco knocked her out, it takes more than a little vibrating to get the speedster warmed up again. Hypothermia!Bar...
  • theflash
  • vibe
  • season3
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Oh. Sweet. Slytherin! by YouTalkAGoodGame
Oh. Sweet. Slytherin!by Dash
Tabbitha Lilyblossom, the barer of an amazing gift, that remained buried for 15 years. It took Dumbledore's truthful tone for her to fully comprehend her seemingly rare...
  • punch
  • regret
  • charms
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Who Said You Weren't? by Peeperz8090
Who Said You Weren't?by Peep
"The Dark Ages: the infamous days that were plagued with droughts, famine and corpses. The Dark Ages felt like they lasted one hundred years. Yet, something had b...
  • hypothermia
  • anarchy
  • death
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I Know it's Hurting You, But it's Killing Me by AvengedSevenfoldGirl
I Know it's Hurting You, But it's...by Randy Meeks
Imagine living with a family inwhich you are completely different. Imagine you come home one day to find a man telling you that you may have the wrong parents. Charlotte...
  • music
  • baby
  • arguments
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Lost at Sea by Eternityhoof
Lost at Seaby Eternityhoof
When two sisters get in a plane crash, they have to survive in the ocean. Will they find land in time?
  • survival
  • plane
  • shark
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