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Another Love by XXLilyFlower112XX
Another Loveby X X Lily Flower X X
PREVIOUSLY 'Pulchritudinous' "So, you're the legendary wandering wizard? I must say, I'm a little disappointed." "Well, that's nice. I wasn't really tryin...
The Lady of Rivendell by hamhamilgay
The Lady of Rivendellby hamhamilgay
Lord Elrond x OC It's the third age, and the battle for middle-earth is about to begin. The council has been called to decide the fate of all those who live within that...
{ON HIATUS} Heart Of Stone | Thranduil x OC by TamurilOfRivendell
{ON HIATUS} Heart Of Stone | Thran...by Rachel
Tamuril Elemmírë was in love with Haldir of Lothlorien, they were to be wed but the fateful battle at Helms Deep took away all hope she had for the future. As she strug...
The hobbit/LOTR x reader  by Agent-Lokitty
The hobbit/LOTR x reader by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
A series of The Hobbit and Lord of the rings fics * means self harm and other themes I do take requests :)
I'm an Elfling! (The Hobbit fanfiction) (Book II) by _Anxiety_sucks_
I'm an Elfling! (The Hobbit fanfic...by _That_Autistic_Writer_
Old summary: Sauron tries to summon another wizard from another dimension, to help him win but instead he summons a fangirl who gets turned into an Elfling! So... Once...
Ranger Of The South ||2|| by mss_fantasy5
Ranger Of The South ||2||by ˗ˏˋ Laura´ˎ˗
BOOK TWO OF THE RANGER OF THE SOUTH TRILOGY Keira is devastated after Thorin's death. Fortunately, she has her friends to help her deal with her loss. She decides she ca...
The King And The Dragon by AleinaLister
The King And The Dragonby Aleina Lister
Saphira Pendragon is Dragonkind. Dragonkind are a race of people who change into Dragons at will. At least they were until they became almost extinct because they were h...
A Twice Born by tweedbat
A Twice Bornby tweedbat
After losing too much for someone his age, Harry just wants to join his family. However as the master of death(even if he doesn' t know it yet) he can't pass on just yet...
I'm an Elfling! (The Hobbit fanfiction) (Book lll)  by _Anxiety_sucks_
I'm an Elfling! (The Hobbit fanfic...by _That_Autistic_Writer_
Sooooo.... Hi this is the last Book for the Hobbit series after this is the lord of the rings so yay!!! Old summary : read on with The Elfling Calen and her Mission to h...
I'm An Elfling! (Lord Of The Rings fanfiction) (Book lV)  by _Anxiety_sucks_
I'm An Elfling! (Lord Of The Rings...by _That_Autistic_Writer_
Here I am back again with my Elfling series here is book l all over again If you haven't read The first or second or third book then I would recommend it so you understa...
Legolas' Sister & Her Girlfriend  by _Anxiety_sucks_
Legolas' Sister & Her Girlfriend by _That_Autistic_Writer_
summary: This is how Lilith the Daughter of Thranduil met the love of her life Pandora an Elf guard in Rivendell so I was thinking last night about writing another Lesbi...
What is Love?~Twilight/The Hobbit/Maleficent (Being Rewritten)  by 77DarkQueen77
What is Love?~Twilight/The Hobbit...by 77DarkQueen77
Natasha's life as a human was horrible, born just before the end of WW1 and lived through WW2 and the Holocaust. After everything she ended her own life, only to be save...
FireFly by StrangerWithAPen
FireFlyby StrangerWithAPen
Fire-Elves, a defeated race during the Dark Ages. Only a few managed to escape before being hunted down once again. Their powers were of unlimited strength. A kin of E...
The one who saves them all. (Legolas x female oc) by fateoftheforge
The one who saves them all. (Legol...by Marella Redek
(discontinued)After the Ring has been destroyed, large packs of orcs still ravage the land. When Legolas and Gimli are out hunting one day, they stumble on a group large...
The Truth Behind the Star [Aragorn & Arwen Fanfic] by Ithildaeforever
The Truth Behind the Star [Aragorn...by Ithildae
[UNEDITED] Arwen Undomiel, the Evenstar of her people. Have you ever wondered how her name came to be? Arwen is a young princess, full of hope and joy. She loves takin...
The Hobbit: Unseen Shadows by LuciaRosen
The Hobbit: Unseen Shadowsby Nora Nobody
A woman who doesn't know her past, but has dark dreams of a time when she was but a girl. Can she redeem herself from her harrowing past? Could she make a better future...
LOTR/TH Imagines by pinkpygmypuff2
LOTR/TH Imaginesby Pygmypuff
Imagines about our favorite elves of Middle Earth. Taking requests. All characters belong to J.R.R Tolkien.
Safe In My Arms (LOTR) by creativespirit
Safe In My Arms (LOTR)by Brooklyn McGuire
(Rewritten) (In Progress) After destroying the One Ring and saving Middle Earth, Frodo finds himself struggling to live a normal life back in the Shire without his dear...
Lord of the rings/Harry Potter - Oneshots by Bachtome
Lord of the rings/Harry Potter - O...by Silver_Water_Lilly
I'll be publishing anything Harry Potter or LOTR related in this collection. Enjoy!
The Love of a King (A Hobbit Fanfiction) by _-WhereAreMyPANTS-_
The Love of a King (A Hobbit Fanfi...by Halla Fortenberry
(Re-make of The Love of the King) Aryl, was lost as the second child of Elrond. Gandalf found her, hid the Elven part of her with his magic, and raised her as his own; t...