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🌟Pamper's Star Boy🌟 by Jake_Cub
🌟Pamper's Star Boy🌟by Diaperking
Owen Patrick Averwood is a 14 year old boy who has no idea that he is the face of ' Pampers '. When Owen was 2 years old he won competition of most adorable baby and was...
Secrets and Sins by Confessor123
Secrets and Sinsby
Beatrice could see that she was in trouble, blood drenched the material of her white shirt and was slowly starting to form a puddle on the ground around her. Rushing clo...
Trust Is A Dangerous Game (discontinued)  by boba_lu
Trust Is A Dangerous Game ( ...
He had noticed how everyone changed. And it had all begun with his lost notebook. One day he was still fine, laughing with his friends and raising his hand during every...
New Connections by ParvezKanok
New Connectionsby Perez_K
Izuku lost his notebook. Yeah. Definitely lost it. First time doing a IzuKendo story.
Love Bite | Gonner x Fem!Reader by Gaywoo
Love Bite | Gonner x Fem!Readerby Gay. Woo!
You find out your boyfriend is cheating on you; Gonner finds out that Dixie never truly cared about him. Both of you become friends, and then something more. #1 in gonne...
Secrets and Sins Part 2: Finding Mary by Confessor123
Secrets and Sins Part 2: Finding
Picking up immediately after the events of the sinkhole in PART 1- Ava must navigate her new connection to the Halo while the OCS works to save an old friend from the cl...
Waiting For You | Michael & Semaj || COMPLETED!! by brandybeebomb
Waiting For You | Michael & loading …
*ATTENTION!!!* READ GANGSTA LOVIN', THEN IF YOU LOVE ME, THEN THIS ONE. THIS IS A TRILOGY, SO PLEASE READ IN ORDER!!!! When things get rough will you give up? Or will yo...
| ♡Sketched♡ | Michael Afton x Male Reader by inky_g4y
| ♡Sketched♡ | Michael Afton x alastair/carter
michael afton x male reader because i dont see these often One day in math class Y/N is drawing a boy by the name of Michael Afton. Michael snatches the book and makes f...
Boys In Love [Solangelo One-Shots] by IWrteFicNotTragedies
Boys In Love [Solangelo One-Shots]by Ashes
I decided to finally accumulate all of my Solangelo junk into one place on here (well, the ones that aren't already on here). So, this is just a collection of random one...
☀ The Sunlight After The Rain ☂ [Muzan x Tanjiro] by SPARKLINGWATA
☀ The Sunlight After The Rain ☂ [ HOnEy~
Do you ever notice how much brighter the sun shines after a heavy rain fall? How much prettier the blue sky is under the warm sunlight on a cloudless day? Tanjiro know t...
BONE CRUSH by passionpita
BONE CRUSHby lizzie
Daryl lost his daughter years before the world ended and found another in the aftermath. But eventually all roads lead back to Woodbury where he finds both family by blo...
The Avengers React To Spiderman Far From Home trailer and clips by The_book-was-better
The Avengers React To Spiderman Emily Lehman
The Avengers are dropped into a theater and watch Far From Home.
Who is Sebastian Smythe? (Glee and Flash FF) by AlyceSeafire
Who is Sebastian Smythe? (Glee Alyce
Barry Allen has been bullied for years. It has gotten too far, and he decided he needed a break. A series of unfortunate events lead him to Westerville Ohio. And a new n...
like a volcano | minsung (and a hell lot of other ships) ✓ by starsforsunoo
like a volcano | minsung (and a * . ° blue ⁷ ° . * 🇵🇸
Sick of his pitiful life, Han Jisung ran towards the rooftop but is stopped by new friends. They become his new chapter, his new story. But one day when their fellow com...
Platonic by Awsme7Grl
Platonicby Brandy
A first year university student and her high school best friend prove that two people of the opposite sex can indeed be just friends.
ALL TOO WELL || druig x reader by lightyaers
ALL TOO WELL || druig x readerby lightyaers
Betrayal and hurt still stung, even if it had been 5,000 years. You remembered him all too well.
Curing More than Cancer by Nerdyyyyy1
Curing More than Cancerby Nerdyyyyy1
"Dr. Kieran is ready to see you," Jess says politely. "Thank you," the blonde responds. She moves to follow the short assistant and goes through the...
Bonds - Tried and Tested. by budstarc
Bonds - Tried and Taniya
Summary - Virat will regret that Press Conference for days to come. For not being articulative enough and for hinting at things he shouldn't have. And he certainly shoul...
The Old Scars | Loki Hurt/Comfort by TheRoxov
The Old Scars | Loki Hurt/Comfortby Roxov
Trigger Warning: self harm, blood, rape, abuse Everyone in the Avengers Headquarter thinks of Loki as the mischievous trickster god with the way too inflated ego. But as...
Darkness Snow and Red by KP1000
Darkness Snow and Redby KP1000
"I...thought you were dead. I couldn't bear it, so I took you home where I discovered you were barely alive. What happened that night Daniel? Why were your parents...