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Through the Glass [HYYH pt.1] by -haikutae
Through the Glass [HYYH pt.1]by 泰泰
Kim Taehyung has been classified certifiably insane. He isn't, he knows he isn't, he just likes to make everyone happy. Why would anyone ever think he was crazy? But the...
Love never dies by Ice_Kitsune4801
Love never diesby Ice_Kitsune4801
Naruto had managed to keep the promise made to Sakura: the great Uchiha Sasuke has been brought back to the village. Naruto was then accused of being a traitor by Sasuke...
You Never Know {Book 1} by diamondlovesbooks123
You Never Know {Book 1}by diamondlovesbooks123
Goddess Dior Jackson is a 17 year old Stripper/ School student. Her mother is an aspiring person but is Ill and her conniving stepdad is making it worse. Bills , Moms Tr...
Trust Is A Dangerous Game by x_lalaluisa_x
Trust Is A Dangerous Gameby (¬_¬)
He had noticed how everyone changed. And it had all begun with his lost notebook. One day he was still fine, laughing with his friends and raising his hand during every...
CROSSWORD  by mxhxr_dilemma
CROSSWORD by 𝑚𝑜ℎ𝑜𝑟𝑥𝑜_
‼️ SLOW UPDATE ‼️ She's innocent. She didn't do it that night. You are going to help her. Will she ever be free? Also, what really happened that night? I dare you to fin...
One night... by urabook
One readnrule
Two deaths. On the same night. And Lena Denn is accused of both. Will she able to prove her innocence? One her side she has only her best friend, John. New things come i...
He Who Fears He Shall Suffer (edited rewrite) by UND3T3RR3D
He Who Fears He Shall Suffer ( UND3T3RR3D
"She gave in to her strong longing to rest. And the eerily smiling darkness, empty-eyed yet convincing, welcomed her like an old friend with open arms, enveloping h...
Can't Forget by Khushworld1234
Can't Forgetby Khush
Leave a person if you can't forgive and forget their doing but if you can't live without them than forgive and learn to forget.. is this really important forgetting?? w...
Accused (One Direction Fanfiction) by KalinWolflinson
Accused (One Direction Fanfiction)by ♛кᴀʟɪɴ♛
Accused: After a big argument between two boys Niall is hospitalized. Louis is blamed. Originally by @endlessdaydreaming
it's a shivika fanfiction Peep in to know more
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Accused- Leon and Carlos by Anti-Krush
Accused- Leon and Carlosby MoonRise129
Leon Kennedy is now patrolling the city of Ninjago in hopes of catching the newest villain, Tempest. But when he discovers a murder at the hands of one of the heroes, hi...
My Secret Angel👼  by Angel10002
My Secret Angel👼 by angel
It's a manan fanfiction I was missing manan so I thought to relive them through this book😇
Two souls meant for each other but one is devoured by anger.
Pious But Evil by Vacuous25
Pious But Evilby Yukai
"Just allow me to die than feed me like an animal" -The fragile terrorist "what you have forgotten here is she is a suicide bomber,she hugs bomb,she is al...
Her Man by andrama28
Her Manby Andrea
"I like him, but I don't just want to become another notch on his belt."
Abducted by CherylAnnSorias
Abductedby CherylAnnSorias
#Suspense #Drama #Twist #Intrigue #Emotional #Passionate #Interesting#Sad#Fast paced#Death#Thriller#Mystery #Secrets#Betrayal#Turns#Action#Murder#Family#Adventure #Trage...
male uchiha demon reader x rwby by fan_fiction_best
male uchiha demon reader x rwbyby jerry johnson
this is about a harem , drama , bond , almost everything about this will be good read the story to find out
I'm Not The One He Wants by TheTrouvaille_
I'm Not The One He Wantsby Trouvaille
"I would never love you, understand? So, don't think for one second that I would have any sort of feelings for you. Snap the hell out of this wishful thinking. Got...