Rejected By Everyone-[Editing] by wolfgirl183818
Rejected By Everyone-[Editing]by 🔱Wolfgirl🔱
"A worthless bitch is my mate!" Cody growled, he stomped on my stomach, and sent a deep glare at me, he came down to my ear, "What happened earlier, wasn'...
  • rare
  • heartbroken
  • twins
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His ex-wife by KarmaBitchSlap
His ex-wifeby KarmaBitchSlap
"GET OUT! YOU LYING, WORTHLESS GOLD DIGGER! GET OUT !" My husband yelled at me, fire burning in his eyes. "w-why? Please tell me what I did!" I sobbe...
  • jealous
  • accused
  • romance
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Fallen Protector [Percy Jackson Fanfiction] by Mychocolate_love
Fallen Protector [Percy Jackson Little A.
Once known as the greatest half blood to ever lived, now mark as a traitor for a sin he did not commit. Perseus Achilles Jackson was once known for his kindness and unyi...
  • betrayed
  • olympians
  • primordials
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Love never dies by Ice_Kitsune4801
Love never diesby Ice_Kitsune4801
Naruto had managed to keep the promise made to Sakura: the great Uchiha Sasuke has been brought back to the village. Naruto was then accused of being a traitor by Sasuke...
  • uchiha
  • akatsuki
  • itanaru
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death threats // zach herron by EGisdabest04
death threats // zach herronby Dorbyn Babez🥀
When Zach Herron starts to get death threats because of a little mistake, that might not even be his mistake, he commits suicide months after the "scandal". Th...
  • death
  • zach
  • depression
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Earth Blood by ThisAquarius
Earth Bloodby ThisAquarius
"Why are you always so tired?" "Well, waking up with bruises and wounds isn't what I'd exactly call refreshing." _ Fate's Games Begin. _ Isa's mom de...
  • challenging
  • violence
  • depression
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A Silver Tale: Life Of Silver by graeaestorms
A Silver Tale: Life Of Silverby Graeae Storms
River has had a horrible past but the strange thing is that she doesn't remember any of it... After waking up in a cold cell on Royal property, she questions how she got...
  • past
  • featured
  • rejected
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But I Couldn't GOING THROUGH EDITING |BNHA/MHA|Villain/Mute AU| (Book 2) by KuroKoala
But I Couldn't GOING THROUGH KuroKoala
Sequel to My Realization. You should read it before you read this one! Warning: Contains suicidal thoughts, depression, gore, and profanity. If you aren't comfortable wi...
  • villain
  • villaindeku
  • villainizuku
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The Shy Beta by TumblingIntoDarkness
The Shy Betaby Wait.. What?
"Well, you see, I am a werewolf," he said hesitantly. She rolled her eyes. "Is that supposed to be news to me?" "And, well, you're my mate,&quo...
  • oblivious
  • traitor
  • accused
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Thomas Brodie Sangster x female reader imagines  by FangirlWriter75
Thomas Brodie Sangster x female FangirlWriter75
Alright this is My first book so this is crap This is book is full of Thomas and all of his characters he played like: Samuel: Phantom Halo Newt: Maze Runner Simon: Nann...
  • imagines
  • whiteywinn
  • deathofasuperhero
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HOPE by Elynnsim
HOPEby Jungkookie
When Olivia woke up, she found herself in a Jail cell. Prison? No way...It was my brother... ''No please...Let me out of here! I didn't kill them...It wasn't me!'' The...
  • action
  • physical
  • familysecrets
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Purple Swag 2 ||A$AP Rocky by bigkidzay
Purple Swag 2 ||A$AP Rockyby the after party.
2015©| The sequel to Purple Swag. A single mother? I can't do this alone? I'm so tired of this bullshit. Show me you love me more than her. Tell her to leave us alone a...
  • york
  • asaprocky
  • marriage
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love games by Alisapat31
love gamesby Alisapat31
in some peoples eyes love is a game however some people are more blind then others when it comes to love... read and find out more... to be continued... new parts every...
  • romance
  • jelousey
  • cringe
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Scarlet Love ✔ by blush_girl96
Scarlet Love ✔by Taani Singh
|#9 in Romance| Chapters are taken down for a while. Go through the link provided under my profile bio to get access to the complete story. Thanks :) **** "Soon, yo...
  • blushgirl
  • hate
  • devil
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The Case Files by Kid_Katt
The Case Filesby Kiddo + Katty
#5 IN MYSTERY/THRILLER (19th January 2018) Arnav Singh Raizada is accused of murder and jailed. But why? Khushi Kumari Gupta, a lawyer by profession, is devastated to he...
  • arshi
  • ipk
  • lawyer
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Bittersweet Tragedy by styles4smile
Bittersweet Tragedyby Nikewl
Kyla Anadella a 17 year old straight A student of Woodcreek Institute, she was sleeping normally on the night of October 24 when she was brought to White Wings Psychiatr...
  • twists
  • mystery
  • crazy
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Hum dil de chuke sanam by Florallove1
Hum dil de chuke sanamby gracie
This is the continuation after om accused gouri of infedility .. he questioned her character and insulted her love and devotion towards him ... What if gouri doesnt give...
  • ruvya
  • shivika
  • accused
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Accused (One Direction Fanfiction) by KalinWolflinson
Accused (One Direction Fanfiction)by ♛кᴀʟɪɴ♛
Accused: After a big argument between two boys Niall is hospitalized. Louis is blamed. Originally by @endlessdaydreaming
  • horan
  • styles
  • accusedonedirection
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Accused by Min-Denz
Accusedby Denz😍
Accused for what.. murder? assult? what was I accused of?
  • regret
  • murder
  • accused
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Falsely Accused • BOOK 1 • by TheOhHolyOne
Falsely Accused • BOOK 1 •by The Oh Holy One
Darkness. In a world where one single soul can be torn down faster than the speed of light. In a world where the wall of coexistence between species will soon demolish...
  • lycan
  • prisoner
  • rogue
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