2MIN  // LOVE  OCTAGON  [ft. exo ] by taemed_in
2MIN // LOVE OCTAGON [ft. exo ]by SHINee5
2min | Chanbaek | Hunhan | Kaisoo | Taemin has three brothers Luhan, Baekhyun and Kai. His parents, Jonghyun and Key, understands him well. He also has a friend lik...
  • shinee
  • gay
  • exo
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Age is just a number || 2min by taemed_in
Age is just a number || 2minby SHINee5
Taemin is a fanboy of 9 years older Minho. That didn't matter until Taemin got a chance to meet him in person. Warning: Age gap
  • key
  • kibum
  • shinee
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SHINee Smuts (BoyxBoy) by JjongsWifu
SHINee Smuts (BoyxBoy)by JjongsWifu
title says it all....
  • kimkibum
  • ontae
  • shineesmuts
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SHINee 2MIN One-Shots ^^ by TaeminieAppa
SHINee 2MIN One-Shots ^^by Maknae
My own kind of SHINee 2MIN One-Shots. Read and Comment~
  • shinee
  • fluff
  • otp
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BRAT | 2min by taemed_in
BRAT | 2minby SHINee5
What will happen when the most popular enemies meet as roommates?
  • kyungsoo
  • kibum
  • love
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Placebo (2Min) (SHINee) by TintasDeSangre
Placebo (2Min) (SHINee)by Tao_Zhi♥
Dejame salir - grito Taemin llorando - auxilio por favor... Dejame de gritar - gruño Minho - nadie te oira y seras mio
  • violación
  • yaoi
  • jongkey
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Reconstrúyeme y ámame. by RoxtaTDROS
Reconstrúyeme y ámame.by RoxtaTDROS
¿Qué es el amor a primera vista?, ¿En verdad existe? Esas son preguntas nada fáciles de responder, sin embargo, Min Ho creía que existía, creía en el amor a primera vist...
  • boyxboy
  • romance
  • minho
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Ojos Negros (Kangteuk) (Super Junior) by TintasDeSangre
Ojos Negros (Kangteuk) (Super Juni...by Tao_Zhi♥
Siempre ame sus ojos negros - dijo Teukie a una de sus hijas - siempre, pero su egoismo ocasionó todo esto
  • superjunior
  • yewook
  • chenmin
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μαφία (JiKook/MinKook) by CachetitosMin
μαφία (JiKook/MinKook)by ☆Gordis☆
"Mafia" "Podría reconocerte aun con los ojos vendados, porque tú eres yo y yo soy tú". -Temática mafiosa. -Vocabulario vulgar. -Sin limites por pa...
  • acción
  • drogadicción
  • mafia
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"Happier" || Jikook by JiminieEhPabo
"Happier" || Jikookby YoonMinKook
Happier, a story about two person who loves each other, who are happy to have one another, who were perfect to be together, but sometimes there are somethings that are n...
  • 2min
  • bts
  • btsship
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2min // Texting by taemed_in
2min // Textingby SHINee5
Lee Taemin the popular kid at school seducing his senior Choi minho via phone because of Key's dare.
  • boyxboy
  • hunhan
  • kaisoo
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A Sparkly Encounter (A JongKey Fanfic) by jann-itionary
A Sparkly Encounter (A JongKey Fan...by Jannjay
JongHyun is a college student struggling to live on his own and keep up with his studies. When he meets Key in a chance encounter he thinks that there's no one more anno...
  • boyxboy
  • drama
  • college
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perfect | yoonmin by ggukminz
perfect | yoonminby ex whyoonmin
Jimin era filho único dos donos de uma famosa construtora da Coréia, e achava que tinha de ser perfeito para ter o amor de seus pais. Yoongi era apenas um tatuador do s...
  • junghoseok
  • taekook
  • kimtaehyung
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shinee groupchat by jinkisthighs
shinee groupchatby taeil
shinee's groupchat (i.e: shinee gc. a mess. forgive me) -rly spaced out updates-
  • minho
  • shinee
  • jongho
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2MIN INSTAGRAM (Daddy Kink) by ByJung
2MIN INSTAGRAM (Daddy Kink)by Shining
Como sería la relación del 2min en instagram. Advertencias: Fotos un poco explicitas.
  • daddy
  • onew
  • 2min
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2min 10th anniversary  by Radheator
2min 10th anniversary by Radheator
flash fiction and drabble for 2min 10th anniversary. Sometimes I write in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • kibum
  • taemin
  • shinee
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Bad Enough For You 2Min(eng version) by kpop__ships
Bad Enough For You 2Min(eng versio...by Multifan
Cute Bad Boy vs. Mr Perfect. What happens when love...stumbles between them? Will the bad boy turn good? Or Will Mr Perfect turn...Mr Wrong Reupload of original story of...
  • boyxboy
  • fluff
  • 2min
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The Perfect Mistake by pab0panda
The Perfect Mistakeby ☆《 Melody 》☆
[BoyxBoy] [Jongkey / 2Min] A millionaire's son is not supposed to marry a gang leader. A gang leader's son is not supposed to marry a minister's son. That's the way th...
  • woobin
  • kpop
  • minho
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What If?! (Jimin × Mina) [ON HOLD] by IamTMPO
What If?! (Jimin × Mina) [ON HOLD]by TMPO
What if BTS Jimin and TWICE Mina are just like how ordinary people live? No media, No interviews, No limitations, No fans around them. What if they met on a different...
  • bts×twice
  • bighit
  • jimin
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nudes | yoonmin (hiatus) by winqsus
nudes | yoonmin (hiatus)by amber
"i'm like an onion. i have a lot of layers." "bro that's from shrek" xxx in which jimin meets yoongi through nudes. lowercase intended
  • army
  • parkjimin
  • bangtansonyeondan
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