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Down For You by _TayBae_33
Down For Youby boogiie.t✨
Isis, a beautiful brown skin girl, isn't like other girls in her neighborhood. Most girls would just wanna fight and have sex with any dude they spot but she had morals...
  • isis
  • lies
  • chicklit
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Addicted to You by _TayBae_33
Addicted to Youby boogiie.t✨
Sequel to Down For You
  • betrayal
  • random
  • wattys2018
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Reincarnated by _caitlinemma
Reincarnatedby caitlin
All Kiara Collins wanted to do was enjoy her last summer break before the terrifying concept of university took over her life; three months of complete and utter unadult...
  • anubis
  • osiris
  • reincarnation
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conan gray is better than queen  by modenjpg
conan gray is better than queen by modenjpg
this isn't a joke.
  • cheese
  • drunk
  • suicideattempt
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Wolf's Claim by minnie_mouse262
Wolf's Claimby Leis
"What are you doing here?" he questioned, his voice a husky of depth. "This is reserved land, tourists aren't allowed here." "W-who are you?&quo...
  • wolfs
  • wyoming
  • goddesses
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Red Moon Child by gabby7944
Red Moon Childby gabby7944
The Red Moon . It makes you stronger. Kills all unborn children . Takes away all pain . What is one child survived? She was stronger than the rest. She was the Red...
  • powerful
  • jey
  • redmoon
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Egyptian? Greek? Or Maybe Both? by Rasnak
Egyptian? Greek? Or Maybe Both?by Rasnak
We all know about Percy Jackson as the son of Poseidon, the saviour of Olympus and all his other titles....but he had kept one secret which only very few knew. Then disa...
  • carter
  • nephthys
  • nicodiangelo
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The Pharaoh's Soul  by Artemis_Twyla
The Pharaoh's Soul by Marie Gidney
'One day when the world has recreated itself a woman with hair uncommon and the skin of Ra shall be reunited with her one true love the Pharaoh. Her eyes shall be amber...
  • history
  • school
  • egypt
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DANGER ZONE: An Archer/Archer Vice FanFic by reaganshealey
DANGER ZONE: An Archer/Archer Reagan Shealey
Meet Mal Archer. Daughter to Malory Archer of ISIS, sister to Sterling "Duchess" Archer, also of ISIS. She's never been fond of the work her mother and brother...
  • archer
  • cheryltunt
  • isis
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Goddess ↪ Horus by SuzueS
Goddess ↪ Horusby Cataleya
"You put her down You liked her hopeless To walk around Feeling unnoticed You shoulda crowned her Cuz she's a goddess You never got this" Gods of Egypt H...
  • hathor
  • horusxoc
  • godsofegypt
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Lo que nunca pasó by Thetherapist123
Lo que nunca pasóby Thetherapist123
La vida no siempre es como uno quiere.
  • isis
  • suicídio
  • amor
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[NHAC đồng nhân] [Asisu] Mẫu hậu giá lâm! by jongie2813
[NHAC đồng nhân] [Asisu] Mẫu hậu Phi Tuyết
MẪU HẬU GIÁ LÂM! Tên truyện: Mẫu hậu giá lâm! Tác giả: Phi Tuyết Thể loại: Đồng nhân văn, cổ đại, huyền huyễn Nhân vật chính: Asisu, nữ thần Isis Lời tác giả:...
  • menfuisu
  • đồngnhânvăn
  • nuhoangaicap
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Can't love him anymore  by kenkaneki050307
Can't love him anymore by kenkaneki050307
I loved him, but he never loved me back. This is my story, about me loving a boy who'll never love me back, while love was right there, waiting for me.
  • boyfriend
  • gayrights
  • catholic
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TAKIE JEDNORAZOWEby ✡ ☾ Wikapjm ⁘ elo
  • isis
  • birthday
  • bestfriend
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The Dark Dragon by TheAnimeGirl15
The Dark Dragonby The Anime Girl
A long, long time ago, there were six dragons that ruled heaven: the Crimson Dragon, the White Dragon, the Blue Dragon, the Green Dragon, the Yellow Dragon and the Dark...
  • magic
  • darkdragon
  • friendship
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Herederos de Egipto by NathRossavel
Herederos de Egiptoby Nath Rossavel
Historia aparentemente larga, pero cada cap es de una hoja en la que se narran las aventuras que vivieron Horus, Anubis y Bastet durante el reinado de Seth como rey abso...
  • tot
  • bastet
  • neftis
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Gonner I'm a Zombie by PyroMillie13
Gonner I'm a Zombieby PyroMillie13
Based on Daddy I'm a Zombie and Mummy I'm a Zombie: Gonner and Dixie have fallen in love again. And accidentally turn her into a zombie. But by the time she's human agai...
  • isis
  • love
  • daddyimazombie
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L'Adoratrice d'Isis by Magicunivers10
L'Adoratrice d'Isisby Fille d'Égypte
A l'époque de l'Egypte ancienne , Néféret, une jeune fille de 16 ans travaille au temple d'Isis sur l'île de Philae. Malgré les avertissements de sa supérieure Maâtkar...
  • temple
  • ancienne
  • déesse
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Just Another Sanubis Love Story: Revised #Wattys2016 by Lindsey7618
Just Another Sanubis Love Story: Leanna
I rewrote my old story and this is the result. Thank you for reading! As she walked, it began to rain and she groaned. Lovely. She considered turning back to Brooklyn Ho...
  • anubis
  • isis
  • thekanechrocicles
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Gonner And Dixie: The Undead Romance Scandal by Diana_LovesWolves513
Gonner And Dixie: The Undead Diana
Based on the two movies: Daddy, I'm A Zombie and Mummy, I'm A Zombie At first the book starts off with how Gonner and Dixie found each other and how they started their r...
  • romance
  • dixiexgonner
  • dixie
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