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Hurricanes by PineappleTart20
Hurricanesby PineappleT
When one of the worst hurricanes hits a small town it causes 2 teenagers to take shelter together. Despite going to the same school for so many years, Lucas and Flora ha...
summer | john b by eastsiderxoxo
summer | john bby C :)
"no pogue on pogue macking, you made the rule" "oh! fuck it" outer banks story john b x oc season 1-
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They Call Me... Hurricane (Avengers) by mysterious_mischief
They Call Me... Hurricane ( River
"Hello little girl what are you doing out in the street... all alone." A greasy looking stranger mutters as I walk by. He makes the mistake of grabbing my arm...
Harry Styles Sad imagine by shestyles
Harry Styles Sad imagineby shestyles
I think the name explains it. Requests closed.
The hurricane (Phinbella) by Phinbella4eva
The hurricane (Phinbella)by Phinbella4eva
Phineas and Isabella haven't seen each other since highschool. What happens when she ends up stuck at his apartment with him during a hurricane? Disclaimer I don't own p...
Sorry, Wrong Sent by aporiam
Sorry, Wrong Sentby Margarette
Maldrid Boys Series #1 an epistolary story of Zacharias Maldrid "Ay sht. Sorry, wrong sent."
The quiet teammate by Wait_For_My_Shot
The quiet teammateby Jenna
AN- Hey, so I've been getting a lot of comments on this book and I get I was wrong. Let me remind you I was like twelve when I wrote this and I forgot Percy's age halfwa...
Halsey Imagines (girlxgirl) - completed  by gayforddlovato
Halsey Imagines (girlxgirl) - Kaylee♡
(COMPLETED!) Halsey x Female Reader Imagines ✨ {no personals & no smut} Highest ranking: ♡ #1 in halsey ♡ ♡ #1 in hopelessfountainkingdom ♡ ♡ #1 in halseyfanfiction ♡ ♡...
JJ Maybank GIF series  by LP_0726
JJ Maybank GIF series by LP_26
Short imagines about the best OBX character ✌🏼
HURRICANE〘 finnick odair 〙 by elenafishers_
HURRICANE〘 finnick odair 〙by ꧁༺ 𝓐 ༻꧂
in which she is forced to face the same battle he did, yet this time it feels even worse for the both of them. PRE HUNGER GAMES FINNICK ODAIR X FEMALE OC STARTED : DE...
Hurricane by cainren
Hurricaneby Cain
Casey and Izzie started off as enemies, and then became quick friends. They trust each other, share promises and dreams, and even their darkest and best kept secrets. Bu...
Utterly Oblivious ~ JJ Maybank by spaghetti1165
Utterly Oblivious ~ JJ Maybankby spaghetti1165
"God Sam, you are the most utterly oblivious person I have ever met." In which a girl realizes the boy she truly loved had been right in front of her the entir...
Trust [Lams AU] by nnevertrustaduck
Trust [Lams AU]by nnevertrustaduck
Alexander Hamilton has not had an easy life. After his parents died, he bounced from foster home to foster home in Nevis, each one giving up on him and claiming that he...
The Hopeful Mage of Devils (Kamen Rider Wizard (Male Reader) X High School DxD) by KamenRiderHazard
The Hopeful Mage of Devils ( KamenRiderHazard
Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, Gods, Dragons and other supernatural beings all exist. But now a new race had begun to rise. Creatures and monsters whose goals is to brin...
Stranded With Secrets Of Past Mistakes [Under Rewrite] by chellsey
Stranded With Secrets Of Past Chellsey
Arianna Hope is a child of a rich family, but doesn't act like it. She spends her free time volunteering, contributing to charities, keeping a perfect GPA, and working f...
Hurricane by write_sins-tragedies
Hurricaneby Lydia
They both have a calm. They both have a storm. Together they are a powerful hurricane. Urakaka is known to be calm. Calm like the sweet gentle waves on a beachside. Bak...
Loaded to a Wrong Number by aporiam
Loaded to a Wrong Numberby Margarette
Maldrid Boys Series #2 an epistolary story of Alexandro Zane Maldrid "Hala gago! Sa wrong number napunta yung load ko!"
Eye Of The Hurricane by oscurita179
Eye Of The Hurricaneby Autori Sconosciuti
everything is fine when you're standing in the eye of the hurricane. All Rights Reserved. No parts of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in whole or in part by...
Better Left Behind. (Michael Afton AU) by theyareinfinite35
Better Left Behind. (Michael theyareinfinite35
Michael thinks he's only going back to Hurricane for the holidays, what was supposed to be a fun trip with his close friend turns into something much more sinister. Cov...
hurricane || k.sw || p.jh [ COMPLETED ] by Praetoriaa
hurricane || k.sw || p.jh [ Praetoriaa
almost dying together created a special bond between them // SMALL CHAPTERS