A Stranger in Familiar Land by thunderbolts_no
A Stranger in Familiar Landby thunderbolts_no
Ella spent 4 months in Charming, California working as a waitress before she met the Sons, but once they came into her life nothing was ever the same again. JAX/OC
  • jaxteller
  • crime
  • california
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The Life Picks You by xoxemilyxxox
The Life Picks Youby xoxemilyxxox
Small towns can be a lot more exciting than the big city, especially Charming, CA. Mikayla Murphy had lived there her whole life wanting nothing more than to leave and e...
  • winston
  • teller
  • opiewinston
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SAMCRO || Jackson Teller by DaenerysStormborn_x
SAMCRO || Jackson Tellerby Mother Of Dragons🐉
Sophie Winston moved back to Charming, four years later, after getting a job as a surgeon up in Chicago. She has no money, no place to stay and no job to pay off her bil...
  • juiceortiz
  • motorcycle
  • charming
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Fight It ➶ Once Upon A Time by oncebelieved_inmagic
Fight It ➶ Once Upon A Timeby oncebelieved_inmagic
TOP RATED #1 IN ONCE UPON A TIME & TOP 10 IN OUAT ➳ "So is that what your life is gonna become- ruining others' lives and running from your own?" Brooklyn fac...
  • family
  • love
  • peterpan
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Heartthrob ✓ by citygates
Heartthrob ✓by tay
Awkward and off-beat Fiona White doesn't expect for her new job as a personal assistant for Ashton Baldwin to wind her up in boy trouble...or just trouble, period. [...
  • heartthrob
  • player
  • love
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A Charming State of Mind by mrsamgreer
A Charming State of Mindby Amber Greer
Harley Dawn Teller has returned home after being away for five years...what will life bring her now that she's back in the folds of SAMCRO?
  • juice
  • gemma
  • winstoon
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Princess Charming by makexbelieve
Princess Charmingby Heather James
Every culture has its own version of Cinderella, whether it features glass slippers and fairy godmothers, or enchanted trees and magic fish, the love story endures and g...
  • princess
  • fcras2016
  • teenromance
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The Surfer by omgiitsmex3
The Surferby Sarina
As 17 year old Jamie moves from a small populated town in Ohio to the big beautiful state of Florida shes in for a big change. What happends when Jamie meets Eric, a sur...
  • football
  • drama
  • hot
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ONCE Imagines/Preferences (Requests Closed) by Onceuponxwars
ONCE Imagines/Preferences ( Onceuponxwars
This book contains Imagines for Once Upon A Time. Requests are closed. 22/07/18 - #6 in reginamills 13/08/18 - #5 in henrymills 26/10/18 - #3 in hook 01/12/18 - #2 in o...
  • emmaswan
  • henrymills
  • reginamills
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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder by suher1
Doomed to be Cannon Fodderby suher1
}{offline purpose}{ Written by: Whistling Night Rain (潇潇夜雨) Translated by: etvolare, Eudaimonia, Grace, Grenn, mycyan, Ruyi, timebun, tranzgeek, ying Edited by: Deyna Sh...
  • broken
  • beautiful
  • charming
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Prince Charming || Royal Bieber #1 by tragedyheart
Prince Charming || Royal Bieber #1by tragedyheart
"Meet Crystal Rose Stepford, her dad is the most important person in the state where she lives. Every year the King and his family come to the city and this year th...
  • charming
  • bieber
  • fan
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Bargaining with the Rogue by MarieHiggins
Bargaining with the Rogueby Marie Higgins
The ultimatum has been set... Frances Ramsbury has exactly one month to find a husband. If she does not, her father will betroth her to her stepmother's vile nephew. Fra...
  • seductive
  • charming
  • watties2018
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Custom Made by AlwaysFightingSatan
Custom Madeby Ellias
A girl living a life no one should, an orphan without much of a plan. Of course, when you are living on the streets who has one? A gun and a bike her only companies, but...
  • chibsbaby
  • badboy
  • drugs
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A Killer Kind of Love- Happy Lowman fanfic by GamerGirlBre
A Killer Kind of Love- Happy Bre Nicole
Nikkie Ann Teller is Jax Teller's twin sister. Coming home from her fun in L.A. she finds that the guys have patched over a certain killer. One she thought would always...
  • sonsofanarchy
  • nomad
  • jax
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The Perfect Boyfriend  by CrazyUnicorn147
The Perfect Boyfriend by CrazyUnicorn147
This is the story of a teenage girl named Brooklyn Kingsley, who has a LOT of trouble when it comes to finding the "perfect" guy because she is completely blin...
  • girls
  • hunky
  • besties
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Believe: A Billionaire Romance by krystlelight
Believe: A Billionaire Romanceby Krystle
#18 in triangle #11 in charming #53 in dominating "I love you!" I said in desperation. "Really?" He laughed a humorless laugh. "You sure prove...
  • dominating
  • cheat
  • beautiful
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Mismatched - A Mismatched novel by samkately
Mismatched - A Mismatched novelby Samantha Kately
The first rule of matchmaking - trust your instincts. When top chef Jake Sinclair steps into the fortune teller's waiting room for his monthly reading, he hadn't anticip...
  • funny
  • dating
  • lovers
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The SONS Daughter by hToaster
The SONS Daughterby Haley O
Jacklyn Teller has always followed her brothers footsteps, and that includes being apart of the all male MC. After being locked up for over a year, its her goal to get t...
  • gemma
  • opie
  • harry
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Alliance// SOA FANFIC by Sarah_Knight_
Alliance// SOA FANFICby S.E. Knight
I own nothing pertaining to SOA i only own my own characters. Can two of the biggest Motorcycle clubs come together after years of hate and resentment? Can Jax Teller a...
  • stronglanguage
  • samcro
  • sexualsituations
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Helplessly  [J.T] :AU: by missallamerican1997
Helplessly [J.T] :AU:by C H Y A N N E
My parents split when I was a little girl. My father gained custody of me but in the light of his passing I have been sent to my home town. Forced to face my mother and...
  • soafanfiction
  • jaxtellerfanfiction
  • oppie
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