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The Lonely Warrior Queen by LavenderHamsa
The Lonely Warrior Queenby Lavender Hamsa
It all started when Princess Catheline married the dangerously attractive and recently crowned King of Anthreal, Xander. After their marriage, he never touched her and...
World of Wolves(1) by SisCatHorse
World of Wolves(1)by Star
Humans are dead. They killed themselves by a nuclear bomb. That very same bomb evolved all the animals on earth. They all are ruled my animal instincts, act like animals...
Psychologically Wow by k101011
Psychologically Wowby Khan
Take a look inside for hundreds of psychological facts and tricks!
The Silver Crow  by CCardwellOswald
The Silver Crow by C.Cardwell.Oswald
Things change, but not always in the way we hope them to.
Should You Be Scared of Alien Hand Syndrome? by MrSeth01
Should You Be Scared of Alien SETH OMOTOSHO
The condition of Alien Hand Syndrome, also known as Dr. Strange Love Syndrome, is a neurological disorder where the individual experiences their limb acting on its own a...
Diary of a Suicide by mister_han
Diary of a Suicideby Mister Han
I wrote this as I am suffering amidst the war between my mind and the realities of this life. I am unable to face people at my office so I took a leave and then my thoug...
The Legend of Kiladur by Brayden4895
The Legend of Kiladurby Brayden Showalter
Follow Kiladur through his life, from young orphan to a knight, to a king, and a father. His story begins with the battle to defeat the Warlords that cause chaos and rui...
Thoughts of a human (TW) by backT0bIack
Thoughts of a human (TW)by Lex
My vent. Dive into my mind, no filter "I love writing, Maybe this could help people understand humans just like I've learned to semi*understand myself or even help...
The human mind by that_mad_hatter
The human mindby that_mad_hatter
Imagine a world where people possess machines that can look into another's mind. That's basically what I'm trying to describe. (Its not an actual story so much as descri...
SCP - 000 'The Human Mind' by MonsterBros1
SCP - 000 'The Human Mind'by MonsterBro
dniM namuH ehT ,000-PCS eM daeR eM daeR eM daeR eM daeR eM daeR eM daeR eM daeR eM daeR eM daeR eM daeR eM Read Me Read Me Read Me Read Me Read Me Read Me Read Me Read...
The Human Mind  by luna_galerson
The Human Mind by luna_galerson
Ţ |-| Ə |-| Ů |\/| Å Ņ |\/| Ï Ń Đ
My Willow by thenerdloves21
My Willowby ᴬᴬᴸᴵᵞᴬᴴ 🍟
A poem about nature and much more of you read in between the lines
Be Careful What You Wish For by morganncoryell
Be Careful What You Wish Forby morganncoryell
The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all.
Poetry For The Human Mind  by idkwgattoputhere0
Poetry For The Human Mind by idkwgattoputhere0
A true look into a teenage girl's brain that is suffering, a girl that is not looking for help, but for someone to listen.