Extremely Short Horror Stories (Two Sentence Horror Stories) by ____joelk
Extremely Short Horror Stories (Tw...by Joel K
The largest collection of two and one sentence horror stories on watt pad. Cover by @wordgirlalways
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Short Horror Stories by Azba_Noor
Short Horror Storiesby Azba Noor
Prepare to indulge in your nightmares. Updated weekly. |Copyright.
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Male Reader X  Female Yandere Furry by DragonFag
Male Reader X Female Yandere Furryby 🏮Chocobo Lover🏮
Giant book of Male-Reader intercepts would have stop a while ago but a writers dream ya know. Mainly furry but i can do other types rarely and will attempt to do it at l...
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A Book Of Very Short Scary Stories! #Wattys2015 by Imagine-man
A Book Of Very Short Scary Stories...by We are the imagination makers...
Very scary short tales. These quick samples of horror will leave goosebumps on you, and should be taken just before bedtime to ensure pleasant nightmares! Note: Majority...
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The Rage That Cracked The Sky by TaraGardner9
The Rage That Cracked The Skyby Tara Gardner
In a world unlike their own four misguided misfits find themselves forcefully a place of bondage, devastation, and war, soon to discover that they may be among a few des...
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The Great Adventure by logansawesome56
The Great Adventureby Fungal Aura
Hailie Vaanderhand was just an average ordinary girl and then the biggest disaster happened. All the nuclear power plants blew up and now Hailie has to try and survive i...
  • surprise
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Lester's Keeper by Ghauthor
Lester's Keeperby George Holm
*FEATURED STORY* *Highest Position #21 in Horror* *2017 Rebel Awards Winner* *2017 Horror Awards Runner Up* *2017Emerald Awards Runner Up* Lester is ready to call quit...
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A Passage Back- Short Horror Stories by RainAndSonder
A Passage Back- Short Horror Stori...by RainAndSonder
Have you ever felt a light finger running down your spine? Have you ever gotten the terrifying, unshakable feeling that something is watching you through the window of y...
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Zombie Snacks by WattZombie
Zombie Snacksby Zombies Undead & Infected
Two sentence zombie stories, each of which should take no more than five seconds to read. The shortest of the short and most definitely snack-sized tales for the zombie...
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Home is Where the Heart is by l0velyhell
Home is Where the Heart isby sunflower
During high school it feels like it's the end of the world but really it's just the beginning. After high school is when you actually find your place in the world. Fol...
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Freyja by Elmbly
Freyjaby Elizably Chick
A daughter of Mania (goddess of madness and insanity) was abandoned by her father because of her purpose. Her father left her to starve in the streets of Manhattan. As t...
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100 SHORT HORROR STORY by bvbykth
WARNING ⚠️ please don't read alone and read it with the lights on if your scared 😳 be comfortable when reading 📖 get popcorn or something 🍎 __________________________...
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The Mind Of A Poet II by ashleyvanezaperez
The Mind Of A Poet IIby Ashley
The Mind Of A Poet II, where I will take you to an adventure of ups & downs. Please join me on this wonderful ride of what we like to call Hell.
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Horror Story Collection by tealmilktea
Horror Story Collectionby •ᕼOEᒪY ᗯᗩTEᖇ•
All Stories after "Monkey Dream" are not made by me.
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Mahou Shoujo Site Vol. One by Momo-Kimono
Mahou Shoujo Site Vol. Oneby Momo
Aya Asagiri is a middle school girl who has problems both at school with bullying and at home from physical abuse by her brother. While browsing online, a website pops u...
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Misfortune by ChloeFT
Misfortuneby ChloeFT
Entering into a fantasy world where it all is supposed as a happy-ending fairy tale...but this story is much different. One with dark and cruelty as an atmosphere. A dee...
  • action
  • teenfiction
  • horrific
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Drone by jonna5467
Droneby WednesdayWeedday
Joy lived a joyous life until on day, out-of-the-blue, every guy around her turned off their humanity like a light switch and turned on the women of the world. Every guy...
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creepshow (wattys2018) by leemoo291
creepshow (wattys2018)by ~Kay?Kay.~
He's watching me. That's all he ever does. He stands on the other side of the glass and stares at me. He brings his friends and they join him in the pointing. They tap t...
  • horrific
  • horror
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True Horrific Stories by n-atalie
True Horrific Storiesby One Hell of a Loser
A book made of Wattpad user's paranormal/scary/strange witnesses and experiences. Users share their stories to make up this book, and claim they are all true. It's up t...
  • demons
  • true
  • horror
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Daddy Time by NateDBurleigh
Daddy Timeby Nate D Burleigh
After a family loses their mother, it's now time for Daddy to take over his wife's duties. This includes feeding the children a most special diet.
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