The Goblin's Throne by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Throneby Allie
The Goblin's Trilogy #2 Nearly six years have passed since the goblin king and queen overthrew Queen Mab, took ownership of the Unseelie court and turned their kingdom i...
  • matilda
  • throne
  • thegoblinsthrone
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The Goblin's Lost Wife  by intoxnication
The Goblin's Lost Wife by andrea
Are you curious about what happened when Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin met again? Do they live a happy ending or whatnot? Do they got married again? Are they happy with how...
  • gongyoo
  • goblinkdrama
  • jieuntak
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Story of a Small Demon by KaineDaCharizard
Story of a Small Demonby KaineDaCharizard
What would you think if you woke up as a Goblin? What if you couldn't remember your past life? This young Goblin who couldn't remember anything will now strive to hunt a...
  • harem
  • absorption
  • monsters
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I'll Paint You, Mornings Of Gold (Labyrinth Fanfiction) P.S. Jareth×Reader by atedoreenz
I'll Paint You, Mornings Of Gold (...by thegiftofgod
What if Sarah Williams didn't exist and you we're the Goblin King's Bride? In a world where nothing is what it seems. Prepare yourself for the wicked fae to be your sl...
  • dwarfs
  • romance
  • love
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Goblin (poems) 도깨비 by Whereisberi
Goblin (poems) 도깨비by 박베리
It's gonna be poems of the drama goblin (도깨비)
  • 도깨비
  • kdramagoblin
  • poems
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Beauty and the Beast - A Labyrinth Story [COMPLETE] by SpaceInvaderBowie
Beauty and the Beast - A Labyrinth...by Sinner
This story was inspired by art made by Monarobot on Tumblr. ~~~ After Sarah had defeated Jareth, unbeknownst that she will leave him cursed, the handsome and irresistibl...
  • creature
  • bowie
  • goblins
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Getting reincarnated? As a snake? by -Ghost-Boy-
Getting reincarnated? As a snake?by -Ghost-Boy-
Join our main character Akuma as he dies.... and gets reincarnated into a snake.
  • japanesenovel
  • vampire
  • snake
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Labyrinth: Saving the Fallen City by Jcross99
Labyrinth: Saving the Fallen Cityby J Cross
***This is a Labyrinth Fanfic. I bellieve you will be able to follow the story line even if you haven't watched...
  • fanfiction
  • sarah
  • jareth
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Superfamily peter is SPIDERMAN by Charlotte_Potter12
Superfamily peter is SPIDERMANby Charlotte_Potter12
So yeah I am so screwed turns out I left my spare suit in my backpack and my dad is probably gunna check my room in two minutes and find out . And during that I'm out he...
  • wattys2018
  • superfamily
  • ned
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La Mariposa de Hierro (Parte 2 de La Ciudad Desesperada) by kroznik
La Mariposa de Hierro (Parte 2 de...by Adam Gerstmann
El segundo de tres relatos en mundos y tiempos distintos, una misma historia. Los muquis son criaturas que habitan bajo tierra, lejos de los peligrosos humanos. Bajo la...
  • creaturas
  • huevo
  • muqui
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The Other Kind: A Tale of Monsters by LeahEStorm
The Other Kind: A Tale of Monstersby LeahEStorm
When the land of the Old Kingdom split in two, bringing an uncertain end to a centuries-long race war, the immortal Queen Tala locked herself away in the Quartz Palace...
  • demon
  • goblin
  • ogre
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Forever Green by lavenderstar
Forever Greenby Lauren-o de Bergerac
*Wattys Shortlisted!* A witch. A hunter. And a curse. ~*~ Theiden Guster hadn't intended to abandon his family. But after trying to kill the witch named Lenesa Everg...
  • romance
  • retelling
  • teacups
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Goblin Quotes and Best Lines by YeollieHunnie
Goblin Quotes and Best Linesby YeollieHunnie
This book is dedicated to all Goblin [Guardian: The Lonely and Great God] fans from all around the world who still couldn't accept the fact that the drama has ended . I...
  • fanfiction
  • jieuntak
  • sungjae
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K-POP Academy [Nanwoo] ON HOLD by TsikinIsLove
K-POP Academy [Nanwoo] ON HOLDby Lee Seung bin
Check what's inside. Don't be choosy when it comes to these. Pfft I jus added some kind of fantasy here. So don't judge me. Bcoz I'm jus a minor. I also read smut but I...
  • nancy
  • nancyxyeonwoo
  • hyebin
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The Vigilantes Of New York by DustyShadowBane
The Vigilantes Of New Yorkby DustyShadowBane13
This is a story about DareDevil, New-Goblin, and Spider-Man, this is ENTIRELY my own story line, I do own any of these characters, except Nicole, so enjoy!
  • daredevil
  • new
  • spider-man
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The Goblin Slayer of Orario by lolwhocaresaboutthat
The Goblin Slayer of Orarioby Lol Who Cares
A Goblin Slayer X Danmachi Crossover story.
  • firebolt
  • isitwrongtopickupgirlsinadungeon
  • hestia
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A Trollhunter legend by wolf646464
A Trollhunter legendby Tori B.
There is a Legend in Hearthstone Trollmarket. Inside of the Hearthstone lives an elf. Who use to be among humans and trolls alike, but when trolls lived underground inst...
  • goblin
  • troll
  • elf
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Goblin Samurai (Samurai x Goblin Slayer Harem) by SetVanSire
Goblin Samurai (Samurai x Goblin S...by God Emperor Set Van Sire
Just wait till I can find a way to describe it
  • goblin
  • samurai
  • slayer
The Falcon (Goblin Slayer x Halo) by TrueRisingFTW
The Falcon (Goblin Slayer x Halo)by TrueRising
A young Spartan that rose up the food chain quickly has been given an important mission, to explore a familiar yet different world that they called home. What is the Cov...
  • elf
  • priestess
  • crossover
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The False Prince by _internet_queen_
The False Princeby ✨Emily✨
In the kingdom of Briarthorne, news of the upcoming wedding of princess Avianna and prince Tabazan had been spreading throughout all the land. As the son of a witch, Oli...
  • witch
  • kingdom
  • unicorn
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