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Omega's baby [A ZIANOURRY FANFICTION] [HARRY CENTRIC] by 009000909q
Omega's baby [A ZIANOURRY FANFICTI...by 009000909q
"Baby.Don't touch that", i said to the light of my life. "Harry, is that you"? came a voice. I turned around to see the 4 persons whom i never wante...
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I Care About You (Darry) by MaiDrury
I Care About You (Darry)by Mai-@drarryfanfic._
It was a road accident. When Harry Potter gets into a car crash, he is rushed to hospital. The doctor taking care of him is Draco Malfoy. Harry Potter's crush since thei...
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En Français by NatCatDrarryFan
En Françaisby sub harry for life
Draco Malfoy walks in on Harry Potter rapidly conversing with his Uncle Moony in French. To his surprise, he found it strangely sexy. He also found out that Harry was ab...
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One Direction One Shots by eminemuke
One Direction One Shotsby m.
• Larry • Zarry • Lirry • Zouis • Ziam • Niam • Who tops/bottoms will be written in the beginning of the one shot along with who requested it (if it's not my idea), the...
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Everything Blue by sazz_azz_louiz___
Everything Blueby T
Louis lives in a world with money, modeling and owning a business. He loves football and got his start by being the cute player so why not share the knowledge? Harry liv...
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Best Larry Stylinson Books 1 💙💚 by esmeralik1D
Best Larry Stylinson Books 1 💙💚by 1Dforever
List of amazing Larry Fics. Must read.💙 And the ones marked with ☠💯 are my HOLY GRAIL of Larry Fics
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Larry Oneshots by harryslilbigtoe
Larry Oneshotsby Rhiannon
Just a bunch of Larry oneshots I've come up with so please don't steal them. Prompts welcome... most of these will be where Harry has some sort of disorder or condition...
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19 years later-Drarry by -_Dreamxer_-
19 years later-Drarryby -_Dreamxer_-
It's nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts and Draco is on the run from a mob of angry death eaters. What happens when Draco's former crush rescues him from a lif...
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💫 drarry one shots ✨ by aliyxe
💫 drarry one shots ✨by alex ☁️
🔞 SMUT 🔞 ❗️POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING FOR: SELF HARM, SUICIDE, ED, ABUSE, RAPE❗️ - cover art by mzuul on tumblr -
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FOREVER Together (ZARRY AU)by Miss Catleya
Zayn Malik and Harry Styles are neighbors and bestfriends. They go to the same middle school and high school. Harry's gay and Zayn knows that. He supports Harry on his d...
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Uncertainty (ZARRY AU) by MissCATLEYA
Uncertainty (ZARRY AU)by Miss Catleya
Louis and Harry are bestfriends since they're in first grade. They did all the fun together and tell each other everything. Not until Harry realizes that he has feelings...
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Through these years (ZARRY AU) by MissCATLEYA
Through these years (ZARRY AU)by Miss Catleya
Harry is a charming guy and a son of a baker. They live in a beautiful village that's ruled by a righteous King. One day, Harry's father told Harry to bring some bread t...
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Little things (Zarry) by HeisaPrincess
Little things (Zarry)by HeisaPrincess
A bunch of random little conversations between Zarry that I tweeted on Twitter :) I tweet a lot and I'm afraid that I wouldn't find them again if I don't put them here...
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Just a little bit of your heart (ZARRY AU) by MissCATLEYA
Just a little bit of your heart (Z...by Miss Catleya
Zayn Malik is an uprising rockstar. He has the voice of an angel that every human being swoons over him. His life is perfect since he already have his dream-dream of sha...
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harry styles imagine by shina_styles
harry styles imagineby shina_styles
you can make requests i would be glad to make them
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Delicate Beauty by anny1812
Delicate Beautyby 𝔄𝔭𝔯𝔦𝔠𝔬𝔱 𝔓𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔠𝔢𝔰...
One shots de smut Larry Stylinson. Harry Bottoms! Louis Tops!
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LOVE (L.S.) by MarilynMendizabal
LOVE (L.S.)by Marilyn Mendizabal
Louis Tomlinson is the most handsome and popular guy in school. Guys want to be him and be mates with him. The girls want to date the handsome man. Harry Styles is the m...
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Insanity // Larry Stylinson Serial Killer AU by lqlouis
Insanity // Larry Stylinson Serial...by rhi ☾
(COMPLETED) They both love killing as much as they love each other, but maybe they love each other a little bit too much. It's not as though they mind. Who needs a...
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Faded by thatmomfriendisme
Fadedby Elle Saphira
Harry Potter, the "savior" of the wizarding world has always been abused, what happens when those he love betray him, and his biggest rival, turns out to be hi...
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Flames🔥 (Zarry) by zarry_is_life_
Flames🔥 (Zarry)by Angel
Well, well, you better run from me You better hit the road You better up and leave Don't get too close 'Cause I'm a rolling stone And I keep rolling on You better run fr...
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