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Unfaithful | Jenlisa by Nerdy_Frozen
Unfaithful | Jenlisaby Furozen Yukimori
"I knows she's unfaithful and it's killing me inside to know she's happy with some other guy." - Lalisa Manoban Based off from Rihanna's song 'Unfaithful' Wher...
Fangirl 3 | Jirose by Anndeukie
Fangirl 3 | Jiroseby Jennierubyjane
"Harmonia" - goddess of harmony and concord. A fangirl name Park Chaeyoung also known as Rosé is same as harmonia? # 1 Jirose # 1 Blacktan
Billionaire's Identity by leoyakast
Billionaire's Identityby Leoya Kast
I know she hates rich people but I should meet her, I should apologize to her, I should take care of her. She wouldn't allow me to if she knows my true identity that I'm...
Murder - EJ x Reader - COMPLETED by jupiters-star
Murder - EJ x Reader - COMPLETEDby Jup
An Eyeless Jack x Reader. Read it and find out what it's about. Hey that rhymed. Kinda shitty, you've been warned. •COMPLETED: JUNE 21ST, 2019•
Savage Love by lemon2634
Savage Loveby Lemon_Love
Blackpink, a girl group debuted like 15 days ago. BTS a worlwide famous boy group. One of the BTS members, Jimin's heart was stolen by one and only Blackpink's second Ma...
Adopted Love (Chaeyoung x Reader) by MrBlackHair
Adopted Love (Chaeyoung x Reader)by Hopie
Your family adopted Chaeyoung when you were young. She has never been anything but a bully to you. What will happen when a certain unnatural feeling begins to arise betw...
Living with a Stranger ❥ jensoo by ThePurpleEyedHime
Living with a Stranger ❥ jensooby ❥Purple
Kim Jisoo ❥ A girl who is so full of herself. An arrogant bisexual selfish bitch that plays with everyone's feelings. A girl who thinks she has all what she wants in her...
How To Summon Creepypastas by roses35612
How To Summon Creepypastasby roses35612
Use it a your own risks! This will work! I did all BE SAFE!
SX CP I̷n̷Correct Quotes by SXCPOfficial
SX CP I̷n̷Correct Quotesby SX CP
We've seen all of those CP "incorrect quotes" books online before but we decided to make this book of our own correct quotes. The quotes in this book are strai...
ℋ𝒾𝓈 𝒶𝓃ℊℯ𝓁 by jiniky
ℋ𝒾𝓈 𝒶𝓃ℊℯ𝓁by leuxyrosie
.in which the cunning hot devil meet his angel. [ a rosekook fanfiction ]
Creepypasta x Reader (What Makes you Beautiful) by JadeyX01X
Creepypasta x Reader (What Makes JadeyX01X
When you realise that your best friend Liu Woods is keeping secrets, you are forced to live with him and his 'family' after being threatened by a strange girl known as J...
Above The Surface (LucaxReader) by Bluegarnet123
Above The Surface (LucaxReader)by Blue_Garnet_Mess
In the town of Portorosso, Italy, summer vacation is just beginning. Adventure is around every corner, waiting for someone to walk it's path, to create an unforgettable...
BLACKPINK oN cRaCk by rosiezavocado
BLACKPINK oN cRaCkby PapiRosé
Yeongan! As u can tell by reading the title.....pinks are on crack (made this book cuz I was bored, lol) Ok bye.... Highest ranks - #13, 17, 18, 19, 20 in pasta
So cold ( creepy pasta x Reader ) {Complete} by Untitled_hearts
So cold ( creepy pasta x Reader ) Rumour
You have never felt these feelings before, Not until you became part of a new family, In a place called Slender Mansion, It's an interesting place, Where people and 'thi...
🍃🌹 HOPE NOT 🌹🍃 ROSEKOOK by Varl_05
🍃🌹 HOPE NOT 🌹🍃 ROSEKOOKby Rosiekookie29
🍃🌹 what if the one you love loves your sister? Are you willing to leave him behind for the sake of your sisters happiness? Or are you going to fight for your love kn...
FireStarter - Ticci Toby x Reader by spirit-of-micky
FireStarter - Ticci Toby x Readerby Micky Zimmerle
This is my first creepypasta story so I hope you little Bolts enjoy ^^ ~~~ What would you do if a man came into your house and offered you a job as a killer? Would you g...
Forced Marriage by aeocado
Forced Marriageby Jae
Two person, don't know about each other. Ti'l one day destiny brings them up together...they were on a forced marriage by their parents. ~•forced marriage•~ °...
To Remember: Just One Night (Hoodie x Reader) by IllusionTheProxy
To Remember: Just One Night ( STOP FOLLOWING ME?!?
#CPAWARDSSHOUTOUT (Be prepared for stupid references in each update, especially each chapters' title. And yes, this is a Creepypasta x reader book!) There's no way to su...
✓ Next door || Todobakudeku by Astariista
✓ Next door || Todobakudekuby 『˚˚₊astariistee˚₊‧』
(Rewrite is out on my account it's called "How We Connect") ("Quirkless" AU) Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and Katsuki Bakugo were childhood friends, but Bak...