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Deathly Stories

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HP&SB: The Deathly Hallows by LilyBrooks
HP&SB: The Deathly Hallowsby Lily/Gilly Brooks
A year after the events of the last book, the Wizarding world is in ruins. Voldemort has taken over, the Ministry is corrupted and even Hogwarts has been infiltrated. Du...
  • muggle
  • harry
  • wizard
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Albus (A Next Generation Harry Potter Fanfiction) by clatoforeverx
Albus (A Next Generation Harry Pot...by Ella
It's 19 years after Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort, and middle child Albus Severus heads for his first year amidst the Hogwarts community. However, when he gets th...
  • later
  • hogwarts
  • severus
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For the Greater Good || A Tom Riddle Story || by CandidC
For the Greater Good || A Tom Ridd...by I'm Candid
Gwendolyn Gawmdrey is transferring for her sixth year of schooling from the prestigious and dark Durmstrang Institute to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When...
  • rowling
  • romance
  • love
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Saviour (HP Fan Fic) ON HOLD by everlovingdeer
Saviour (HP Fan Fic) ON HOLDby everlovingdeer
For every single person on the planet right this very moment there is someone made for them and them alone, their soul mate. But is it possible to have two? Take Lily Ev...
  • deathly
  • saviour
  • draco
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Deathly Assaulted by IskandarShaharuddin
Deathly Assaultedby Iskandar Shaharuddin
I've tried to escape from the F.B.I. and the Interpol.... I thought that they weren't done chasing me but hell no... they ain't givin' up yet and.... mereka tidak tahu b...
  • spinechilling
  • deathly
  • thriller
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Hermione's Sense of Home (a Romione Fan-Fiction from the World of Harry Potter) by FreyjaAndHerCats
Hermione's Sense of Home (a Romion...by Freyja
Hermione's perspective of the recovering, post-war wizarding world. She has gone back to Hogwarts to complete her magical education, whilst Harry and Ron have decided t...
  • potter
  • romione
  • otp
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Hidden Away by Mollteaser17
Hidden Awayby Mollteaser17
"My powers have grown weaker since I ran away..." Ariana Coldstone ran away after people found out she was a teenage sorceress. Each day she is growing weaker...
  • ariana
  • island
  • swing
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Rabbit Heart. [Harry Potter] by OnlyFoolsRushIn
Rabbit Heart. [Harry Potter]by OnlyFoolsRushIn
Dia Westwick and her family, who have been friends of the Weasley's since forever, attend the wedding of Bill and Fleur. That night, Dia gets sucked into an adventure la...
  • harry
  • ron
  • love
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[On Hold] Deathly Love...♡ by Abbie-Joy
[On Hold] Deathly Love...♡by Abbie Joy
Dakota Wilmot is 17, she's been 17 for over a century. Thinking she is the only vampire in Harper Valley, Greensville, she's about to find out someone is on to her littl...
  • fantasy
  • deathly
  • supernatural
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The Loss Of A Brother by snapeofgallifrey
The Loss Of A Brotherby Paris
A Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows based fan fiction which focusses on the death of Fred Weasley from the perspective of Percy Weasley, the 'prodigal brother' who has...
  • ron
  • weasley
  • granger
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***Ginny's Love Story*** by TeamTeddLupin
***Ginny's Love Story***by TeamTeddLupin
All her life ginny thought she ha it all, she did until now. How will ginny cope when she finds out that she is pregnant and only 18 and in her final year at Hogwarts. ...
  • ohilphers
  • fire
  • katniss
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The Deathly Game Of Love ║ h.s by StarbuckssNarry
The Deathly Game Of Love ║ h.sby .
26 peserta, 2 pemenang. Melawan, dan bertahan. Dibunuh, terbunuh, atau membunuh. Kecerdikan, dan kelicikkan. Tetap kendalikan dirimu sebagaimana seharusnya terjadi, jang...
  • kaya
  • story
  • one
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It is the month of fear by sysephus
It is the month of fearby John Wolforth
  • scare
  • deathly
  • halloween
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Spoof Series 2: Harry Potter by crazygirlwhostalksu
Spoof Series 2: Harry Potterby The Slayer
Just another Harry Potter spoof thing...
  • mcgonagall
  • deathly
  • gaga
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When The Dragon Cries by MiraJane791
When The Dragon Criesby MiraJane791
Oofers .. idk what to put JUST REEEAAAAD IT OKE .? Oke.
  • love
  • nalu
  • deathly
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For Fred (Love Through Letters: Book 3) by ThePotterPrincess
For Fred (Love Through Letters: Bo...by ThePotterPrincess
The Weasley family has broken down at the loss of Fred. George especially. But, for once in a very long time, George begins to talk. With little letters full of memor...
  • letter
  • dead
  • cute
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Tangled by rasuther
Tangledby rasuther
As a result of her torture at Malfoy Manor, Hermione's mind is tangled and confused, her body brutalized and tormented. Will she recover from her ordeal, or will she los...
  • ron
  • potter
  • granger
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