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Coming Home (English Version) by SophieQH
Coming Home (English Version)by Sophie
Layla Roberts has no choice but to go back to Dubai when her adoptive brother Maktoum makes her a work offer she cannot refuse. But than means she will inevitably have t...
The Heroes' Rebirth | BOTW Sequel/Zelink (The Legend of Zelda) by HeroOfRhythm
The Heroes' Rebirth | BOTW HeroOfRhythm
~This is a COMPLETED fan-made sequel to Breath of the Wild and Zelink fanfic~ It has been six months after the defeat of Calamity Ganon. Peace and rebirth are beginning...
A Much Needed Hero by HappyLlama160
A Much Needed Heroby HappyLlama160
Zelda is a lonely junior at Hyrule High School. She is constantly a victim of Ganondorf and his gang's bullying. Link is a popular basketball player who everyone wants...
Son Goku X Videogame Girls Harem Page by Sonzash2020
Son Goku X Videogame Girls Harem Sonzash2013
Warning: Message to all of wattpad; Pls do not report my story and get it deleted again :(
MATAR SHEIKH by AeshaKabir
MATAR SHEIKHby N.a.a.n.a.h🍂
"Nasan I zuwa yanzu kowa na unguwarku yasan wacece ke, yar maye, yar shaye shaye? Duk wanda suka zaba yayi. Nasan iyayenki ma yau zasu kore ki saboda sun gano ko ke...
The League of Zeldas by ElephantsandPanda
The League of Zeldasby Zelda
We all know the story of the Chain, 9 heroes thrown together to defeat the evil that threatens the land of Hyrule. But what if there was another group of "heroes&qu...
Hyrule Warriors Various x Viola by Yorkj1
Hyrule Warriors Various x Violaby Kokoro Mitsume
Viola, princess of Koholint Island and best friend to one of its residents, Marin. She flies over to see her other fellow princess of hyrule, Princess Zelda; along with...
Desert Kings: Veronica: Stranded with the Sheikh (BWWM) by JenniferLewis6
Desert Kings: Veronica: Stranded Jennifer Lewis
DESERT KINGS Three brothers return to claim their thrones in remote and beautiful Ubar after their estranged father dies and divides his kingdom between them. In VERONI...
For All the Love and Links in the World -||The Legend of Zelda ||- by Karinto_Objects
For All the Love and Links in rinto dayo
Basically, Link is a boy who has brothers. And their names? Link. Which Link am I talking about? I don't know, they're all Link. This is mostly cute and fluffy brotherly...
Call me princess Zelda by SethDragon
Call me princess Zeldaby Sammy Olsson
(SIDON X LINK) (Finished) This is a story about Link who has to take over Zelda's duty to get force married with prince Sidon. zelda got a letter from the Zoras there t...
Tales Of Smash Mansion by xoxoHotMe
Tales Of Smash Mansionby dimitri’s hoe
Ever wonder what the Smashers do when they aren't fighting? Well let's find out! Link gets a motorcycle, Zelda's got a hot, mysterious date, Marth can't speak English, a...
The Legend of Zelda: The Hero Reborn (Modern Adventure AU) by sheikahtypebeat
The Legend of Zelda: The Hero sheikahtypebeat
As Time's Wheel turned, Hyrule's ancient legends of kings, queens, and heroic knights in green slowly faded into myths. In the modern day Hyrule, everything seemed perfe...
Being Brave | Hey | Zelink High School AU by Princess-Zel
Being Brave | Hey | Zelink High Zel
***MOMENTARY HIATUS*** Castle Town is wild, and so are the gangs that inhabit it. With different conspiracies and schemes running rampant, Zelda Haiden finds herself cau...
Sample only - Love in the Desert (Completed) - Published at OwONovel by Justme_Ai
Sample only - Love in the Desert ( Yui Ismutomo
-- THIS IS JUST SAMPLE OF THE STORY, IT IS BEING PUBLISHED SO I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE MOST OF IT FROM WATTPAD. Please don't ask me to put the story back up here on Wattpad...
La redención de Hyrule by Shirayuki_Hino
La redención de Hyruleby -Shirayuki Hino-
La insensatez de un Rey le costo su reino. Su hija, la princesa de Hyrule, escapó de la adversidad junto a su fiel protectora, y su mensajero, confuso por sus actos, se...
Intertwined Fates: A Modern Zelda Adventure AU~Temp Hiatus by Lady_Faron
Intertwined Fates: A Modern Celica
In the Nation of Hyrule, Zelda Harkinian, the daughter of rich, prominent politicians, is constantly swamped by their self-beneficial desires for her to be a politician...
La Leyenda de Zelda: La Odisea Temporal by Ang3l231
La Leyenda de Zelda: La Odisea Ángel de la Literatura
Línea Mansión - Capítulo 1: Odisea por el Tiempo El Inicio de la Línea Mansión recurre a Link y Zelda, quienes, tras salir del Castillo de Hyrule después de que Agahnmin...
A Bride For The Sheikh by KatherynLane
A Bride For The Sheikhby Katheryn Lane
When Sheikh Rashid is told by his father, the sultan, that he must marry the scheming daughter of his financial adviser, Chrystal Longhorn, the sheikh refuses. The sulta...
Smash Ultimate Visits- Legend of Zelda Edition! by -pinbxll
Smash Ultimate Visits- Legend of i am, in fact, god.
Though the title may be confusing (slightly), basically Master Hand feels bad for pushing the rather new Legend of Zelda characters so hard, so he gives them... presents...
Dark Figures; 100(+) Themes of Shink by -pinbxll
Dark Figures; 100(+) Themes of i am, in fact, god.
The legend has been repeated over and over again. The Hero, defying time to find his Princess once more. Yet, of the story, one part is never mentioned. That, when durin...