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ꜰᴀɴᴄʏ | ᴛᴀᴇɢʏᴜ  by waengpriki
ꜰᴀɴᴄʏ | ᴛᴀᴇɢʏᴜ by 𝓡𝓔
"i fancy you, kang taehyun." in which kang taehyun was forced to marry the prince. cover made by kyria <3
SMNGG/ÆSPA: Profile/Members by AnnCTzen
SMNGG/ÆSPA: Profile/Membersby AnnCTzen
I will be updating every time there will be news about SR20G Fighting and debut soon~ published ~ December 20th, 2017 Debuted ~ On their way in November Credits go to th...
TYPE ✔️ || H.Kai TXT  by avocadomix
TYPE ✔️ || H.Kai TXT by I'm Potato
"Your not my type sorry" "How can I not be your type? Look at me!" @avocadomix
© QUEENINGNING ▮ 2O2O CLOUD ENT. ☁ open 🌨 closed 🌨 hiatus ✎ . . . making memories in the clouds
huening kai ff- My childhood best friend by sam_lovestxt06
huening kai ff- My childhood Samantha Pierre
Huening Kai was my best friend since we were in 1 grade we had so much in common until I had a crush on him in middle school, but then he started dating another girl in...
burried memories (huening kai x reader) by httpiirene
burried memories (huening kai x irene 🌸
"Kai.ning sent you a message request!" "Kai.ning sent a message!"
SOPA: '00 Liners [NCT DREAM + SR17G] by SKZmachine
SOPA: '00 Liners [NCT DREAM + SKZ 💕
Lucy Park, a transfer student from the UK, meets the SM Rookies at her new school, SOPA. Unlike most students, she does not have a lot of money and she is not interested...
I'm in love with a ghost by Niea_Micah
I'm in love with a ghostby YEONJUNIEGYU
This is a Tyunning story.. A story that will teach you that no matter what a person is if you love him you'll find a way to help and be with him...
Broken Home by Pratiwi_Hwang
Broken Homeby Pratiwi_Hwang
Walaupun diluar terlihat seperti berandal yang tidak memiliki masa depan. Namun suatu saat dunia akan terkejut melihat mereka. Let's check their story...
Dreams by smnthjyflrs
Dreamsby Sam
Series of oneshots stories dedicated to SRG x DREAM ships featuring songs of BOLBBAGAN4.
Walk You Home by smnthjyflrs
Walk You Homeby Sam
One Shot Compilation. Inspired by NCT Dream's Walk You Home
Young Love {NCT DREAM × SR19G} ✔ by carnationsmv
Young Love {NCT DREAM × SR19G} ✔by 𝐲𝐮𝐤𝐢
A group of friends giving up their dreams of becoming an idol to save their friendship and love.
arrange marriage  by tubinwifee
arrange marriage by 전 예 은
~he was standing there with his white suit. Can we be happy with this marriage?
my youth || nct dream x sr19g/smngg by hinajjang
my youth || nct dream x sr19g/smnggby aeme.
[a collection of nct dream x sr19g/smngg oneshots/imagines/drabbles] ;any nct dream x smngg ships/couples is accepted and requests are always open.
TXT BABIES FT. Yeonkai And Other TXT Ships♡ by Ms_HuskiesRei
BigHits Princes TXT Include TXTs: Oneshot Scenario Pictures Etc.
save me. rankings: #63 in mystery/thriller #52 in mystery/thriller #97 in short story won best paranormal!
i love you, but we can't be together by borahae_soobin
i love you, but we can't be ᴀʟᴍᴏɴᴅ ᴍɪʟᴋ
El destino me ha traído aquí para dar un último adiós. Si estás leyendo esto desde otro sitio que no es wattpad, tu información podría estar siendo robada. Please, take...
NCT Dream + sr17g || Summer Camp by AnnCTzen
NCT Dream + sr17g || Summer Campby AnnCTzen
Dreamies are going on the summer camp and are having a blast(?) NCT 127 decided to take their babies in the fresh air and teach them how living in the nature is. Notes- ...
Running Through Time (SooKai) by theobinnie
Running Through Time (SooKai)by Theodore
In which Huening Kai has an ability to turn back time, but as he did it, his memory fades. Soobin, a destined person to die at a young age, was saved by Huening Kai, mul...
HueningKai x Reader ||Plushie store|| by 02KagamineJira
HueningKai x Reader ||Plushie 02KagamineJira
You were 16 and he was 17. You were a big MOA, your bias was Soobin. One day you were in a concert and locked eyes with the very maknae,, Huening Kai. NAH JUST KIDDING...