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Welcome Aboard by Colorful_DyeJob
Welcome Aboardby Wannabe Dragon
[ Has Violence Hence They Are Pirates ] Kirishima is being sold in the black market. He stands on the stage with just a pair of shorts on and chains wrapped around his w...
Shatter. by ryouaboyoragirl
#2 Elliot :P
"Bakugo... are you awake?" Kirishima came crying to his best friend at 3 in the morning after an incident with his boyfriend, Denki Kaminari. What Kirishima t...
Blue? I never see blue... (A Bakushima/Kiribaku Soulmate AU) by xEuphxriax
Blue? I never see blue... (A L
Soulmates. The most talked about topic in the world. You can use a special pen to write on your arm. Whatever you write will appear on them. The ink is invisible to ever...
Moonlight {KIRIBAKU} by AlipoolovesVictor
Moonlight {KIRIBAKU}by Kiribaku Heaven
Bakugo used to be the best wizzard in all of the land but his attitude got the best of him, he was cursed to be an animal and banished from the place he once called home...
"A Diamond In The Rough..." (KiriBaku Gang AU)  by KiriCroc
"A Diamond In The Rough..." ( DrunkRat
⚠WARNING! MORE MATURE THEMES SO AGAIN, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!⚠ -Blood -Gore -Violence - BoyxBoy -Alcohol -Smut (maybe idfk)
Blood is Redder than Roses (Kiribaku AU) by 1person7_6
Blood is Redder than Roses ( Rameniiii
The world is separated into two species. One of them is known as the Vampires; a notorious species that harbor their never-ending thirst for human blood. Having special...
2am Knows All Secrets [Kiribaku] by unbreakable-red-riot
2am Knows All Secrets [Kiribaku]by Unbreakable Red Riot
... It wasn't that he was annoyed. Okay, maybe he was a little annoyed, but that was because a certain explosive punk decided to test the flammability of his sheets at 2...
Burning Ice by MrRandomGaming
Burning Iceby OTPs are BAE!!!!!!!!
Now this is a story all about how her week got flip turned upside down.Now this will take a minute just sit right there,i'll tell you how she fell in love with a guy tha...
My Kirishima and no one else's {KiriBaku/Bakushima} by smolartbean
My Kirishima and no one else's { Jirou
Kirishima and Bakugo eventually get in a relationship, but people don't know it. Because of this, people still have crushes on Kirishima and Bakugo isn't having it. Bak...
Suffocating Silence | Kiribaku by Katie0749
Suffocating Silence | Kiribakuby Katie
I'm Katsuki Bakugou, and I'm going to be deaf by the time I turn eighteen. *Anything in bold and italics is someone signing* (TW's will be inserted before the chapter st...
Crush (Kiribaku) by fairyboy_finn
Crush (Kiribaku)by finn
Kirishima is a coward. Or that's how he sees himself anyway. He was practically invisible. And unfortunately, he had a huge crush on the scariest, most intimidating guy...
True colors shown (kiribaku) by The_new_luci
True colors shown (kiribaku)by The_new_luci
Bakugou gets hit with a quirk from a girl named Akasuki Hiribashi from class 1-D's art history class with Miss Midnight. The quirk is called split and it separates peopl...
Bakugo² by restless-dreams
Bakugo²by 🪐
When Bakugo from another dimension suddenly appears at UA, everyone is shocked, two Bakugo's? Not to mention the new Bakugo seems to know Kirishima, though in his world...
The Horizon and the Sea by TragicPeachy
The Horizon and the Seaby Tragic Peachy
While interning in there third year at U.A., Bakugo and Kirishima are transported to a remote deserted island by a quirk. The two try to survive on the island alone unti...
Heart shaped kisses  by laineybane
Heart shaped kisses by 𝐿𝒶𝒾𝓃𝑒𝓎
Kirishima is a young teen with a cheery personality, but a sad life. Even though he is Very happy at times, he tends to be emotionally numb at others. Until he becomes...
Passion on Display [KiriBaku] by TheAlmondKing
Passion on Display [KiriBaku]by The Almond King
[Complete!] Hero Development Day is upon the students of UA High! Visiting heroes from around the world come to Japan to train with students. But a Pro Hero from France...
A Dragon Called Halfie by leafindawind
A Dragon Called Halfieby leafindawind
Kiribaku, fantasy AU. When bakugo gets caught stealing from the ringmaster, he is forced to participate in an illegal underground gladiator's ring for his freedom. But...
I Need a Gangster to Love Me Better by Baku_baby
I Need a Gangster to Love Me Betterby Kenna •3•
Wow a gangster au. Okay so just read the freaking story if you wanna know what's going happening. Kirishima and Bakugo are crazy lmao. KIRISHIMA AND BAKUGO ARE 20 AND G...
In love with the wrong guy! by Cherryskrrt
In love with the wrong guy!by Cherryskrrt
The dragon kingdom has arranged a marriage set to save their diminishing kingdom on the brink of war. Their eldest son, Eijirou, was set to marry the barbarian kingdom's...
My Chosen Human by BisexualBeany
My Chosen Humanby A graveyard of what once was
So uh, Bakugou is a Vampire and 'chooses' Kirishima, who is a Human. This is gonna be short. There's gonna be LOTS of blood, some mentions of death, you know the drill. ...