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She Ra Preferences by ImANervousWriter
She Ra Preferencesby Call me Monday
This book will have -Catra -Adora -Glimmer -Bow
The Past, The Present And The Future Shadow Weaver × Reader by ShadowWeaverWriter
The Past, The Present And The Shadow Weaver
basically you are replacing mara in the story and after the ship crashed you didn't die instead you were frozen for 1000 years and adora has found you so there is 2 she...
Catradora. New Life by Flaminghomo20
Catradora. New Lifeby Flaminghomo20
Adora is a foster kid being taken in by a new family. She has lost some friends previously because of them being adopted but there is a possibility of reconnection. For...
Adore you (adora x reader) by draconalfoysputa
Adore you (adora x reader)by <3
★she-ra oneshots★ by lavieonrosee
★she-ra oneshots★by 𝗟𝗔𝗩𝗜𝗘
★Heyo★ ➫literally anything that comes to mind. ➫any ships in she-ra...ANY! ➫fluff n angst, you've come to the right place. ➫a bunch of mumbo jumbo that people might enjo...
Let's Chat! She-ra Edition by OfficialNetossa
Let's Chat! She-ra Editionby Kotton
She-ra After The War Texting Au
adopting a demon (Shera oc/persona insert) by _illusion_arts_20
adopting a demon (Shera oc/ "I never throw up. I just tel...
Illusion a teenage demon has severe trust issues, After being abandoned by her parents at age two,she lived in the forest outskirts of bright moon stealing food,but when...
Rebel   by draconalfoysputa
Rebel by <3
(COMPLETED!) This story is filled with some crazy bull- CATRA x READER please keep in mind I wrote this when I was 14.... Yikes
⭐︎ power ⭐︎ [Catra x Reader] by g0josleftnutsack
⭐︎ power ⭐︎ [Catra x Reader]by lena
ON HOLD FOR NOW ~ You were the most powerful princess on Etheria until your parents decided to try and absorb all of the power from the moon stone, which got you banis...
Not like you  by _illusion_arts_20
Not like you by "I never throw up. I just tel...
after going for some tech in a battlefield illusion,lost her powers and was transported to a wolf of dragons and vikings.Escaping dragon hunters on the back of a dragon...
Hordak x Entrapta  by ProHeroHawksWife
Hordak x Entrapta by Sundrops.Tot
Entrapta finds herself entangled with Hordak with feeling she can't describe. A romance blossoms between these two but with Catra and Horde Prime will their love survive...
Catra x Reader Oneshots by BardDoesThings
Catra x Reader Oneshotsby The Bored Bard
If you want to request something, go for it, I'll write anything to cure my boredom Originally planned on just putting down some Catra x Reader oneshots. But I'm open to...
You Love My Insanity - Catradora (Completed) by OfficialNetossa
You Love My Insanity - Catradora ( Kotton
Catra & Adora have been dating for 2 years now but Adora has decided to end their relationship. Adora started to notice that Catra has isolated her from her friends & fa...
Ship Reviews by OfficialNetossa
Ship Reviewsby Kotton
Ships from She-ra Princess Of Power, The Owl House and Amphibia and my opinions on them. New:
Catradora Oneshots (smut) by smrrgnlnluv
Catradora Oneshots (smut)by <3
!!! warning: it will get a lil sexual here and there so if that's nothing for you, pls don't hate on me + English is NOT my first language and I'm sorry if some things...
Catradora ❀ oneshots  by catrasboobs
Catradora ❀ oneshots by bee
Short, simple, and sweet (not all the time) stories of your favorite lesbians. 5/16/20: #2 in adoraxcatra 5/19/20: #21 in bow 5/25/20: #11 in shera
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Mysterious Mermaid - Catradora (Completed) by OfficialNetossa
Mysterious Mermaid - Catradora ( Kotton
A beautiful mermaid is rumored to be found in a 'forbidden' side of the ocean. If you ask about her they'll tell you the same sentence over & over again. "When you...
Bring Her Back - Catradora (Completed) by OfficialNetossa
Bring Her Back - Catradora ( Kotton
Entrapta made a brand new potion as one of her experiments but nobody would volunteer to drink it... except Adora. That day wouldn't have been Catra's worst day of her l...
It's Been A While - Catradora Short Story by OfficialNetossa
It's Been A While - Catradora Kotton
Adora and Catra dated for five years before their relationship ended. Catra's cat, Melog, becomes miserable without Adora's company so decides to reach out and see if Ad...
Our Vines Intertwine (repkyle) by moonrose8456
Our Vines Intertwine (repkyle)by moon- they / them
(( Kyle and Rogelio, romantic ship )) After the war, Rogelio left to do military service on the other side of Etheria. Returning one year later, he rediscovers his home...