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At Your Service, Your Highness (Sonia Nevermind x Male Reader) by The789Guy
At Your Service, Your Highness (So...by SomeRandomDude
Y/N Vahn, Agent Zero, is the Ultimate Spy. He lives as a normal student and only receives missions from the Alliance when they need the best of the best. Unfortunately...
The Kingdoms of Blue and Green. by Cha71i53
The Kingdoms of Blue and Green.by C A
Best Ranking #2 in Action-Adventure. He yearned for her vanilla-tasting lips and skin. Are you going to kiss me, Princess? Azrael whispered onto her nose. Evelynn str...
Obi x reader 'my princess' by Obicat3
Obi x reader 'my princess'by Obicat3
Obi x reader 'my princess' This story is about an assassin on the run always running. why running? no one know's. her most used name (assassin name). widely know for bei...
The Spare To The Throne by WhitneyAkinbami1
The Spare To The Throneby WhitneyAkinbami1
Xavier Wellington- Prince of a foreign country and second born to a royal family. Having been treated with neglect and rejection by his own parents, Xavier never receive...
Obi x Reader ~One Shots~ by Obicat3
Obi x Reader ~One Shots~by Obicat3
I love Obi, and and I've been debating for a while, but iv decided to create a one shot book! Purely Obi x reader! If you have requests then I'd be open to listening. I...
The Baby {COMPLETE} by IrishPunzalan4
The Baby {COMPLETE}by IrishPunzalan4
She doesn't even know that she dated a prince
The Reason Why We Shouldn't Get Married by yehet88ohorat
The Reason Why We Shouldn't Get Ma...by kim oh park byun
Synopsis: Her first love ended in ruin. [And so I often thought to myself, "I'd rather my husband just die already."] That selfish, arrogant, boar-headed, and...
Your Highness (On Hold) by Jedi_Smuggler
Your Highness (On Hold)by s e m i-a c t i v e
Han Solo was a smuggler, a pilot, and a very handsome man. Leia Organa was a princess on Alderaan. Han meets her when the two have a clash at a cantina on Corellia. Han...
MY QUEEN ROYAL BLOOD OMEGA (TaekookAU)  by butconlaila
MY QUEEN ROYAL BLOOD OMEGA (Taekoo...by Lailanie Butcon
Long time ago there's A Legendary Queen Royal Blood Omega who lives many many Centuries , D.C, days,months ,years cause his "immortal". (No one knows what he...
Gay Sisters Series #1 "You know what theo. You're such an asshole for setting me free. I hate you talaga" -Celeste "I'm setting you free because I Love Yo...
The Ugly Wicked Witch by Ryzkxhire
The Ugly Wicked Witchby Ryzkxh Iré
This story inspired by real historical events. This story have a matured content and is not suitable or recommend to young readers. CHAR! This story is FICTION. The Char...
White Lotus Blooms Again by Moonlight_Pear
White Lotus Blooms Againby • Moon •
In the midst of the Han Dynasty, his Highness has returned from the battlefield. The kingdom is blossoming, but all changes when a prisoner of the war is caught by him...
Nerds In Disguise  (ON-HOLD) by dianajane23
Nerds In Disguise (ON-HOLD)by DJ
What if the Eight Precious Young Ladies escape from their parents? And disguise as a Nerd ? Would they know it was the Eight Ladies? Would they find love despite of thei...
Ineluctable Fate by hiddeneyeglass
Ineluctable Fateby ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
In a school where the unexplainable serial killings began, there was a student who suddenly got involved in a crime which became the beginning of his interaction with im...
A Knight's Devotion (On Hold) by lilsweettiffy
A Knight's Devotion (On Hold)by Tiffany
"I pledge my loyalty to you, Your Royal Highness!" -------------------------- It's the Middle Ages, and Sophie lives in the countryside. One day, Sophie sudden...
Last Connection by nogameno
Last Connectionby nogameno
This story is about a girl who is living in forest. One day, she is told that she is actually highness of whole universe. Her life turns upside down! How would she contr...
Historic × Fantasy  by kaspein
Historic × Fantasy by kaspein
Clothing/accessories /crowns /other stuff references for female characters for your stories (I do not own anything)
Miss. Dainty <<n.h.>><<j.b.>> by Mihael_Mae
Miss. Dainty >>by Mae Mihael
"It's so simple", He said. "It might be, but maybe not for me." I said. "Just focus. Take a deep breath. Shoulders back. Tummy in, and your...
The Cunning Princess of Venmark  by DuchessInTheVeil
The Cunning Princess of Venmark by DuchessInTheVeil
This story is about the Princess who wants to want to avenge his father. She was admired by all the royalties. She was all elegance and grace. Princess Zara Elloise of...
Highness /HS by ariaxne
Highness /HSby Ariane
It was nothing like a fairytale.