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The Spare To The Throne by WhitneyAkinbami1
The Spare To The Throneby WhitneyAkinbami1
Xavier Wellington- Prince of a foreign country and second born to a royal family. Having been treated with neglect and rejection by his own parents, Xavier never receive...
The Baby {COMPLETE} by IrishPunzalan4
The Baby {COMPLETE}by IrishPunzalan4
She doesn't even know that she dated a prince
your highness  by hgf67814
your highness by park min seon
hi our Wattpad readers I am new here hope you all support me I will upload this on YouTube too so enjoy ......................🙈🌚🌝🤞
At Your Service, Your Highness (Sonia Nevermind x Male Reader) by The789Guy
At Your Service, Your Highness (So...by Mitsuru's #1 Fanboy
Y/N Vahn, Agent Zero, is the Ultimate Spy. He lives as a normal student and only receives missions from the Alliance when they need the best of the best. Unfortunately...
Obi x reader 'my princess' by Obicat3
Obi x reader 'my princess'by Obicat3
Obi x reader 'my princess' This story is about an assassin on the run always running. why running? no one know's. her most used name (assassin name). widely know for bei...
Obi x Reader ~One Shots~ by Obicat3
Obi x Reader ~One Shots~by Obicat3
I love Obi, and and I've been debating for a while, but iv decided to create a one shot book! Purely Obi x reader! If you have requests then I'd be open to listening. I...
Princess by kaiajaylove
Princessby kaiajaylove
Jasmine, once care free and innocent, is the only daughter of the king Richard. When she was 16 years old she was sent to Bridgeland academy overseas. She returns home t...
Your Highness by bakubae_o-o
Your Highnessby Kianna
When Gianna the second oldest princess of the Provelia family Is next in line to a throne she struggles to find a prince to marry and with her 19th birthday approaching...
My highness, Claude by Airythne
My highness, Claudeby Airythine Rouge Thorne
AloisxClaude. Don't like don't read. probably lemon...definite yaoi.
Poisoned Series: Poisoned Crown by aprilgrandecapesos
Poisoned Series: Poisoned Crownby AGrande
It maybe cliche at first but wait for the plot twist It's all started with girl. A girl with crazy ability and known as 'mischievous child' but all vanished by a tragic...
The Kingdoms of Blue and Green. by Cha71i53
The Kingdoms of Blue and Green.by C A
Best Ranking #2 in Action-Adventure. He yearned for her vanilla-tasting lips and skin. Are you going to kiss me, Princess? Azrael whispered onto her nose. Evelynn str...
The Highness of Herbs ------------ dictionary by gregstomberg
The Highness of Herbs...by greg stomberg
Herb heaven and highness
Heart Of Stones by Kriti_OT73110
Heart Of Stonesby Kriti_OT73110
When your destiny betrays you so bad that you stop manifesting it but then a miracle takes place and you start to affirm it... ******************************************...
YuGiOh! Book 1 by Sieshta_Estha_Ishtar
YuGiOh! Book 1by Sieshta Estha Ishtar
One day i asked my mother, "Why are demons after Angels?" "I don't know, sweetheart." She said, tucking me in the covers. "Some of them are tie...
Gay Sisters Series #1 "You know what theo. You're such an asshole for setting me free. I hate you talaga" -Celeste "I'm setting you free because I Love Yo...
Her Highness by Emster300
Her Highnessby Em&m
Growing up as the Princess of a palace that also serves as a boarding school for children of royal families, Lacey struggles between being a Princess and being a teenage...
Our Highness by parksimran
Our Highnessby simran
BTS highness 👑 "Will Y/N ever be able to choose her loved ones, while 7 members secretly loved her and want her" I'm beginner please support me♡ Sorry for my...
Just something small. by sarahmeek499
Just something small.by Supergamer 37
Something small I've written.
The Ugly Wicked Witch by Ryzkxhire
The Ugly Wicked Witchby Ryzkxh Iré
This story inspired by real historical events. This story have a matured content and is not suitable or recommend to young readers. CHAR! This story is FICTION. The Char...