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Hope Springs (#Wattys2016) by xxxheartlandxxx
Hope Springs (#Wattys2016)by Haley
Trinity is obsessed with wolves, and when she moves to Hope Springs, at first she thinks that she won't be comfortable there. After all, she's just been separated from t...
  • love
  • trinity
  • hope
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The Trinity of Magic (Book 2 of the Trinity series) by youXfoundXme
The Trinity of Magic (Book 2 of youXfoundXme
Now that Caley has graduated from Trinity High, her and her friends are off to University. As they all move onto a higher education in magic, Caley finds herself moving...
  • war
  • love
  • magic
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The Virus Within by CrystalScherer
The Virus Withinby Crystal Scherer
What do you do when you are one of the infected? The virus in my blood is trying to steal my humanity. It alters my very thoughts and reactions. It taunts me by temptin...
  • daniel
  • zombies
  • nicky
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Arghhh, Why Can You Never Find A Stake When You Need One !?! by Brielle
Arghhh, Why Can You Never Find A Brielle Saunders
  • relationships
  • fantasy
  • supes
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Fading away by Soccerlover129
Fading awayby Rebecca
It's about these 3 best friends (Rebecca, Trinity, and Jerquan). When they find out that one of them only has couple of more months to live unless the doctors find a cur...
  • jerquan
  • cure
  • forever
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The Trinity (Part One) by CurtKlingerman
The Trinity (Part One)by Curt Klingerman
What is the Trinity and can we find it in the Bible?
  • christianity
  • trinity
Day of the hunter, part 8 by ladyoflitany
Day of the hunter, part 8by ladyoflitany
  • wolf
  • vampire
  • quinn
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Curruption's Wicked Destiny by Shadowhunter-Xx17
Curruption's Wicked Destinyby Jessica-Rose Lacroix-Wabanonik
Trinity never knew a thing about her parents or her family background, upon research her family name came up blank save for one entry. Alas the information was classifie...
  • teen
  • trinity
  • emo
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Stories Of An Amino Group Chat(s) by GoodVoices
Stories Of An Amino Group Chat(s)by Strawbaerry🍓
Okay so, me and the chat do some pretty weird things. So I'm here to relay those in hilarious exaggerated ways. Enjoy! EDIT: Please know I take this book like 50% seriou...
  • chatstuff
  • sincewhenwaschatthisbig
  • trinity
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Excluded Vampire - 'The Unholy Trinity' fan fiction by S_P_Nuts
Excluded Vampire - 'The Unholy Samuel Pierre Nuts
This story is a fan fiction based on ‘The Unholy Trinity’ by Trishthewriter. Credit for all characters (exempting Camille and Chris) go towards Trish Edmisten. We’ve all...
  • camille
  • fan
  • supernatural
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Game On by CupofTrinitea
Game Onby Gen
Grace and Chester try to see who can sneak the most kisses while filming their chapstick challenge video. Sorry if this sucks. The idea just kind of found it's way into...
  • fanfic
  • grester
  • trinity
Stay  with me by bubblez_4200
Stay with meby bubblez_4200
My grandma was the most important person to me and this story I am writing to tell her how much she really means to me. So if u can read this story then my grandma will...
  • danielleespinpza123
  • smileyface610
  • mckaela
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Things Only A Fandom Bitch Would Understand by GemTheLem
Things Only A Fandom Bitch Would UrieTastic
Read the damn title ^^
  • trinity
  • falloutboy
  • twentyonepilots
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Connected by Queen_Evanescent
Connectedby Queen_Evanescent
4 girls. 4 boys. All connected , just don't know it yet.
  • dean
  • kira
  • cheerleader
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It's Just Revenge by ncvlove72
It's Just Revengeby REA
Hayley Monahan was completely dreading the move back to her home town in North Harbor. She had left her home town four years ago and since the move she had not missed o...
  • dare
  • love
  • north-harbor
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Trinity High by K4thnice
Trinity Highby K4thnice
High school is, undeniably, where we come to realization of many, many things. Most of them good, but some of them are, well, 'bad' would be a horrible understatement. ...
  • skylar
  • trinity
  • high
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Internet friends  by Rose_babyLynch
Internet friends by Rose Ratliff
this is about a girl who meets Gordy on the Internet she falls in love but what she doesn't now is that she's moving from eroupe all the way to LA and becomes r5s naibre...
  • vader
  • rydel
  • lynch
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Beautiful Disaster by EmilyEatsUnicorns
Beautiful Disasterby Emily
  • toby
  • trinity
  • keagan
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Emo Trinity + TØP imagines by jem1ma_
Emo Trinity + TØP imaginesby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Some cute/sad/maybe smutty imagines ;)
  • way
  • stump
  • pete
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20 Facts about Trinitybreeze by TrinityBreeze
20 Facts about Trinitybreezeby Bree-chan!
*20 Things you probably dunno about mehhh lol Requested by @FoxcatAl I'm so lazy to do lahhh... But okay lor I do for yahh =)
  • stoppp
  • lets
  • about
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