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The Ultimate Assassin [SDR2 x Reader] by _-Invidia-_
The Ultimate Assassin [SDR2 x Read...by _-Invidia-_
[Danganronpa 2 x Fem!Reader] [F/N] [L/N], the Ultimate Assassin has been invited to attend Hope's Peak Academy. You're an assassin who has been working for the Governmen...
Writers Hotline - Toko Fukawa X Male Reader by WizardlyNiko
Writers Hotline - Toko Fukawa X Ma...by WizardlyNiko
Jacket... a name not many people knew, but those who did feared it, though he's the last one to brag, he actually doesn't speak at all, with the assistance of his tape r...
°.☆Sexy Danganronpa Stuff☆.° by Meiko-Leh-Person
°.☆Sexy Danganronpa Stuff☆.°by Meiko-Leh-Person
I love Danganronpa. It's a good game. Nothing is mine unless noted. Also probably spoilers for everything except the anime.
sdr2 chatfic but on drugs by nagitosdeadparents
sdr2 chatfic but on drugsby maxilda
just a random sdr2 chatfic filled with random emotions idk read it
Chiaki x Reader (female) [finished] by miushotgirlfriend
Chiaki x Reader (female) [finished]by Nova :)
*They/them pronouns for Y/n* Y/n L/n, a well known streamer with about 2 million subscribers who goes to an arcade every day as a daily routine, one day notices a girl w...
sdr2 chatfic by bokeua
sdr2 chatficby ♡
* COVER ART BY 4komori ON INSTAGRAM * i will not be taking this book seriously whatsoever❤️❤️ sdr2 chatfic / drv2 chatfic whatever floats ur boat😳😳 the ships i'm doing...
Poker Face (Fuyuhiko X Reader) by masterofswag420
Poker Face (Fuyuhiko X Reader)by lia
NO KILLING GAME/ISLAND LIFE:) You're the ultimate gambler, frequenting the casino. When you're saved from a near death experience, your life changes.
Technoblade in Danganronpa 2 [A Mcyt x Danganronpa 2 crossover] by A_normal_Mcyt_fan
Technoblade in Danganronpa 2 [A Mc...by Mcyt_fan
17 ultimate students all on an island, one student being Technoblade: the ultimate potato farmer doesn't know why he is on the island but he decides to use it as a break...
Deku as Nagito *Up For Adoption* by dangan-kinnie
Deku as Nagito *Up For Adoption*by dangan-kinnie
This is a crossover where deku turns into nagito. (this is my first fanfic)
The Story Of Us~ Kazuichi Souda X Reader by Rhihylia
The Story Of Us~ Kazuichi Souda X...by Rhihylia
You and Kazuichi had been friends for a long time. Who would have thought the two best friends would become lovers. He promises you a forever but was that really true...
 A BRINK OF HOPE by joeMama6965
TW : SHITTY WRITING AND BOOK AHEAD This is a danganronpa 2 × female reader Okay...... I don't and do own the cover by the way... I find these pics in Pinterest and goo...
Dangerous | Nagito Komaeda x reader (Complete) by Icyyhot
Dangerous | Nagito Komaeda x reade...by God
Is Nagito really dangerous to be around? Or does he just need to be loved?
Dangan Ronpa x Reader by soudacan
Dangan Ronpa x Readerby ❈ souda ❈
give requests on the request page(s)
Pregnancy Motive by Cindy_the_smart_cat
Pregnancy Motiveby Cindy Ann Pinewood
This is a Nagito x Reader. Updates might be long because of school. This will replace the twilight murder syndrome motive.
KOMAMIKI LOVE by lolongthegreat
KOMAMIKI LOVEby lolongthegreat
KomaMiki Smut. Rated18+ Komaeda is kinda turned on to his cute little nurse. This was set during Chapter 3 when the Despair Disease broke out. This story is not mine...
[ Danganronpa;; Reader Insert ] by frogger_king
[ Danganronpa;; Reader Insert ]by ollie 🌱🍄
[ FEMALE VERSION ] Y/N L/N, the Super High School Level/Ultimate Artist. After being spotted by Hopes Peak Academy for her wonderful talent, she enters the wonderful wor...
Come Find Me Again | Nagito X Reader X Hajime by JunkieJunkie
Come Find Me Again | Nagito X Read...by bruh
(Y/N) Wakes up on a mysterious island to be greeted by 16 other people who she might have to spend the rest of her life with. But two of all the people catches her eye. ...
💚KomaHina/SaiOma💜 OneShots by kenashiko_14
💚KomaHina/SaiOma💜 OneShotsby Kenashiko♡
These stories are fluff(🌺)or angst(🥀) or both(🌺🥀). You can suggest Oneshots in the comment anywhere. I wanted to do this for awhile but I was scared.Im honestly doin...
Danganronpa Boyfriend scenarios by Godofmentalillness
Danganronpa Boyfriend scenariosby Godofmentalillness
A bunch of scenarios between you and some of the Danganronpa boys! I do not own danganronpa or any of the characters included
My Heart Is Yours (Korekiyo x Reader) by SVasques17
My Heart Is Yours (Korekiyo x Read...by SVasques17
You were accepted into Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Painter. As soon as you entered the classroom, you seemed rather interested in the classmate that was sit behi...