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Witches of Beacon Hills ♚ teen wolf [1] ✓ OG by xxpopcornloverxx
Witches of Beacon Hills ♚ teen death
❝You two are witches. Well then what are you?❞ ❝A unicorn? I'm the normal one out of the three obviously.❞ ♚ !! THE ORIGINAL VERSION !! (first in the Beacon Hills series...
  • wolf
  • hunters
  • xxpopcornloverxx
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Beginners Guide To Wicca And Witchcraft by spirit_wolf_of_fire
Beginners Guide To Wicca And Cyrus R. Silverwolf
This is a beginners guide to Wicca and witchcraft to help those who wish to practice the craft
  • spirituality
  • spells
  • wicca
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Becoming a Mythical by LuckyMagickPuppy
Becoming a Mythicalby LuckyMagickPuppy
Hello! I've decided to chart my journey to becoming a mythical here -----> in this book. Packed with information about becoming a mythical. I've seen some people char...
  • avian
  • god
  • nonfiction
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Wicca Spell Book by timegirl6176
Wicca Spell Bookby stacey emory
This is a spell book for anyone's use but please do not use it for bad. It will have info on wicca and my own book of shadows entries. Bless met, Bless part, Have a Bles...
  • wicca
  • wiccan
  • witchcraft
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Lust // j.h.s + p.j.m - Jihope by koalasugaa
Lust // j.h.s + p.j.m - Jihopeby koalasugaa
Jung Hoseok just wanted to finish high school in peace, but a certain Wiccan boy with bouncy blonde hair and alluring eyes could change that. In which another new face a...
  • suga
  • highschool
  • namjoon
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Bewitching by alcxinet
Bewitchingby T. Celeste Amavisca
Ian ran his hands up my thighs and palmed my ample hips and up my waist and around to my back, leaving tingling skin in his wake. My stomach heated and my skin was sensi...
  • power
  • magic
  • love
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book of spells by The_Panda_Queen_
book of spellsby Panda Queen
this is a book of spells. these spells WILL WORK and if they don't you either did something wrong or don't believe!! this book is in chapters but it's like one chapter i...
  • spells
  • öf
  • spiritual
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Witchcraft for Beginners  by shishiBAP
Witchcraft for Beginners by Hana Irene Marubeni
Witchcraft and Wiccan and Pagan even other forms of witchcraft will and might be incorporated. This book is for beginners who want to follow another path. I DO NOT teac...
  • witchcraft
  • teaching
  • pagan
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Wiccan Spell Book by offthewallcom
Wiccan Spell Bookby Krissi
  • spellbook
  • pagan
  • wicca
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Better Off (Lil Peep)  by deathangel24
Better Off (Lil Peep) by Babygirl
CURRENTLY #1 IN #PEEP!! thank you!! Samara Hale is a reject. With no family and now, no friends, she leaves Minnesota to go to LA and find work as a photographer. Her ph...
  • peep
  • wicca
  • gothboiclique
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Book Of Spells / Book Of Shadows by SHIELD_GIRL
Book Of Spells / Book Of Shadowsby Stella Moxley
This is a bunch of spells from my own Book Of Shadows. The book is very old, it is from one of the first Wicca's in my family. That goes way back. I have not tried all o...
  • real
  • bookofspells
  • brave
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The Oath, Book 2 of The Coven Series by AprylBaker7
The Oath, Book 2 of The Coven Apryl Baker
She killed herself. Everyone asked why, but when I got my hands on my sister's diary, I understood exactly why. I stared at the girl in the mirror as I removed my nose r...
  • youngadult
  • featured
  • mystery
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Spell Book 《✅ 》 by themoonkilledmysoul
Spell Book 《✅ 》by Rowan ツ
  • saukra
  • team7
  • betrayal
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Witches of Beacon Hills ♚ [1] REVAMPED  by xxpopcornloverxx
Witches of Beacon Hills ♚ [1] death
❝I thought only werewolves were in Beacon Hills.❞ ❝I mean it's Beacon friggen Hills. What did you expect.❞ ♚ !! THE REVAMPED VERSION !! (teen wolf; season two) (fem!oc +...
  • scott
  • witchcraft
  • witch
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GRAND COVEN (phan)by hiatus
  • wicca
  • witchcraft
  • magick
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Book of Shadows by LMorte
Book of Shadowsby LMorte
Beneath these cover lies words that are hidden Beneath these pages lies words concealed. If thine eyes glances about words longed to be forbidden Curse thou who seeks l...
  • shadow
  • magic
  • grimoire
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Not Just Witches ♚ teen wolf [2] ᴏɴ ʜɪᴀᴛᴜs by xxpopcornloverxx
Not Just Witches ♚ teen wolf [2] ᴏ death
❝So what are you two now?❞ ❝That's the thing. We have no idea.❞ ♚ (second in the Beacon Hill series) (Sequel to Witches of Beacon Hills) (season three a)
  • lydia
  • teenwolf
  • alison
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one less lonely girl by kasicandrierra
one less lonely girlby L A N A 🕷
you meet the members of GBC and end up staying with them for a few weeks, in those few weeks who would you began to fall for?
  • gbc
  • goth
  • lilbopeep
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coven: bts+jjk by jhopiebby
coven: bts+jjkby Stan 2seok forehead
"The past really affects the future... especially with ancestry..." // jjk + bts \\
  • witchcraft
  • taehyung
  • jungkook
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Witch Way by JessieB
Witch Wayby JessiBeau
A Mother's Last Words. A Brand New Town. A Secret Coven. Shayla Cooper is on the run. Her mother was killed in a fire of 'unknown' origins, or at least that was the fire...
  • wicca
  • ritual
  • dawn
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