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Best Larry Fics / One shots by louissguitarist
Best Larry Fics / One shotsby lou🤎
the best larry stylinson fics /oneshots from AO3 in my opinion!! ❗️psa❗️ this is just the preview/summary , a screenshot from the tags, author and link -n 🌼
It's Mutual by wakamonster
It's Mutualby bitch :))
"Do you know the difference between hate and love?" For Louis and Harry things have always been quite simple, they hate each other. Harry hates Louis and Louis...
I Can't Stop Even If It's Wrong!! by needtoexpressit
I Can't Stop Even If It's Wrong!!by Larry Stylinson
Summary- Louis Tomlinson is a 19 year old and Harry Styles is 18 years old. They probably would have never met and would have never ended up being step brothers, if it w...
ENTHRALLED [larry/abo] by caroline_teresa
ENTHRALLED [larry/abo]by Keerthana
childhood love always seems so special. After being in love with the young omega, Louis fights against odds to achieve his love. Their struggle, longing, heartbreak an...
You, I And Our Little Sunshine - Larry mpreg - Book I [English Translation]  by svftlouis
You, I And Our Little Sunshine - L...by 💚 L 💙
Actually, everyone thinks that Louis and Harry can't stand each other. After all, Louis is the football captain of his school and shouldn't think anything of nerds. Beca...
What's Up Shorty by HARRYSCINEMA864
What's Up Shortyby inlovewithzarry
Where Harry gets a text from an unknown number and they begin every conversation with "What's up Shorty"
TRAPPED by M_amerae
THERE IS A NEWER AND UPDATED VERSION OF THIS ON MY PAGE. PLEASE START READING THAT VERSION. Harry Potter x Voldemort x Draco Malfoy Being trap in a room was the last thi...
Harry Potter fan fiction 1 by FanFictionMainly
Harry Potter fan fiction 1by FanFictionMainly
What if harry came into a early creature inheritance and finds out the dark lord is his mate (soulmate). When he is badly beaten by the Dudley's will he go out looking f...
still hate you ? [B×B] [zarry] by Anjali_is_listening
still hate you ? [B×B] [zarry]by Anjali
Loving in a disguise of hate..? Or is it an absolute hate ? Find out -Werewolf AU [kinky, possessive and mature content in some chapters, Do not read if you get triggere...
Beneath the scars of glory by larrysdna
Beneath the scars of gloryby matilda
Harry has always been intrigued by vampires, and that void is only filled when he encounters one when he's young. From that day forward, he'd been interested in the so c...
Drarry oneshots book. by drarrykeepsmesane
Drarry oneshots book.by Forever Virgin™️
My first ever book on Wattpad. Some fluffy, maybe angsty oneshots. I myself am a huge fan of Drarry. The oneshots will get better. Please check this out. P.S. Good luck...
Larry one shots  by someonewillly
Larry one shots by shush
Helloooo my beautiful readers! I really don't know what I'm doing here, but like my friends told me to do this so here I am. so I write small cute larry one shots based...
Paps and management by ChristopherLusk0
Paps and managementby Christopher Lusk
Harry styles, world renowned singer, song writer, and Actor. He's done all this by the time he's 18. Being so young and attractive gives people ample opportunity to take...
Sorting hat but it chooses s*x positions  by typicalbritishgirl
Sorting hat but it chooses s*x pos...by typicalbritishgirl
what it says on the tin (all characters are over 18, i guess that hats for like college or uni or whatever)
Triplets? by Alexbomani
Triplets?by Alexbomani
The triplets were raised in a very uptight, traditional family. Now, if the triplets' DNA had conformed with society's ideals, this would have been fine. However, as the...
FRIENDZONED  by ashtoton
Harry and Lou been best friends forever there whole life but Louis soon realize he love him more than a best friend and harry is clueless
Having love /Tomary  by oliviajane1234
Having love /Tomary by oliviajane1234
Harry always thought he was alone until one night on his 14th birthday. he had a dream about his sole mate. Tom Riddle /Voldemort always new who his sole mate was becaus...
The precious treasure by randymyqueen
The precious treasureby randymyqueen
Captain Styles' treasures keep being stolen away from him and all that's being left are taunting notes by a certain Tomlinson, one dat Harry is so done with this so he d...
Trained For Sin by defencelesstattoos
Trained For Sinby :)
"I'm leaving." "Bye, Fairy." "Faggot." "Homo." "Cock-sucker." "Git." "Bottom." "Twat." &q...
 thank u, next (Huke/Ariana) by bottomharryx
thank u, next (Huke/Ariana)by Harry Hemmings 🥰
Harry Styles was in a relationship with solo artist and actress Ariana Grande and he has been since she has released her second studio album. He was also planning on pro...