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Larry Oneshots   [ON HIATUS] by harryslilbigtoe
Larry Oneshots [ON HIATUS]by Rhiannon
Just a bunch of Larry oneshots I've come up with so please don't steal them. Prompts welcome... most of these will be where Harry has some sort of disorder or condition...
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Raisin • Larry Stylinson by getlowx
Raisin • Larry Stylinsonby Emilka♡
Pachnące kwiaty, romantyczne filmy i muzyka. - To tylko trzy, tak proste rzeczy, jednak dla mnie to one dodają uroku w tym całym świecie. Jestem Harry Styles, mam tylk...
  • louistomlinson
  • harrystyles
  • larrystylinson
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In Front of Them (L.S.) by missingstylinson14
In Front of Them (L.S.)by Abby Murphy
Harry could tell he was upset. He denied it, but Harry knew, Harry always knew. He wanted to comfort him, but couldn't take the chance of someone seeing and it putting t...
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  • niall
  • larrystylinson
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Everything Blue by sazz_azz_louiz___
Everything Blueby T
Louis lives in a world with money, modeling and owning a business. He loves football and got his start by being the cute player so why not share the knowledge? Harry liv...
  • harrycrossdresses
  • louisandharry
  • daddylouis
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I Found You (mpreg) by stylesbaexxx
I Found You (mpreg)by stylesbaexxx
Louis finds a Distressed hybrid alone in an abandoned home with his young son who was just shot by his father's gang. What happens when Louis allows Harry and his little...
  • louistomlinson
  • father
  • onedirection
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Larry (one shot) by bitchysav
Larry (one shot)by Savannah.
WARNING: Hot, kinky, quickly escalated sex. I'm not gonna make this sweet and passionate like everyone else... You've been warned. Dedicated to Kaylie-Rae who bothered m...
  • onedirection
  • larry
  • harryxlouis
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and that's why i fell in love (au l.s) HIATUS by cocklestylinson
and that's why i fell in love (au...by nathalia
Louis Tomlinson é um jovem que como qualquer outro, tem muitos sonhos e objetivos para serem alcançados. Entre o trabalho na loja de cd's e as aulas na faculdade de soc...
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  • larrystylinson
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Touch Me [Larry Stylinson] +18 by Lala_lalap
Touch Me [Larry Stylinson] +18by Lalaquitegay
Harry niño millonario, es muy malcriado, no está conforme con nada, pero un día conoce a Louis tomlinson en la universidad, con el tiempo estos se hacen novios, unos nov...
  • louis
  • 18
  • larrystylinson
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My Best Mistake (au l.s) HIATUS  by cocklestylinson
My Best Mistake (au l.s) HIATUS by nathalia
Na qual Harry engravida de seu primo Louis e se vê completamente perdido.
  • fanfic
  • stylinson
  • louistops
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instagram | larry stylinson by TheBooTeam
instagram | larry stylinsonby .
Louis es un futbolista profesional y se enamora de Harry, un modelo de alta costura. El unico problema que este tiene un novio llamado Nick. -Boo
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  • modelo
  • amor
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Bitch In Amsterdam • Larry Stylinson by getlowx
Bitch In Amsterdam • Larry Stylins...by Emilka♡
Ta książka wcale nie jest tak łatwa i przyjemna, jak mogłoby się nie jednemu wydawać. Kilkunasto częściowa powieść dla wytrwałych: mało kto, zdolny jest do przeczytania...
  • niallhoran
  • louistomlinson
  • 18
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Wildfire.➡Mpreg l.s by ddIarry
Wildfire.➡Mpreg l.sby ddIarry
Louis Tomlinson, um agente que é chamado para um caso junto de seus parceiros. Porém o que era pra ser uma simples missão, acaba se tornando uma das coisas mais importan...
  • mpreg
  • boyxboy
  • harrybottom
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Sugar Boy by lubrilarry
Sugar Boyby ✿bella✿
Na qual Harry Styles é literalmente um menino feito de açúcar e não pode brincar na chuva com o garoto tempestade.
  • babyharry
  • fluffly
  • bottomharry
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Insanity // Larry Stylinson Serial Killer AU by lqlouis
Insanity // Larry Stylinson Serial...by rhi ☾
(COMPLETED) They both love killing as much as they love each other, but maybe they love each other a little bit too much. It's not as though they mind. Who needs a...
  • larrystylinson
  • toplouis
  • kaitiegarcia
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Soccer Mom | Larry Stylinson | by peachylarries by peachylarries
Soccer Mom | Larry Stylinson | by...by N.M.
Au where Harry drops his daughter off at soccer practice and Louis is her coach. bottom!harry -inspired by an unknown twitter user
  • gayboys
  • louistops
  • harrybottoms
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do you trust me ? L.S by almightylarry
do you trust me ? L.Sby almightylarry
The one where Louis needs a tutor and Harry is the teachers recommendation. (Louis!tops Harry!bottoms)
  • zaynmalik
  • loveislove
  • love
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Too Hard to Leave You (a larry au) by writersartwork
Too Hard to Leave You (a larry au)by louislilbaby💙💚
Fresh out of Uni, Harry moves to New York all alone. He knew exactly what he wanted in life: he wanted to become successful author and find the love of his life to settl...
  • direction
  • tomlinson
  • larry
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Disappear- Larry (one shot) by mylarreh
Disappear- Larry (one shot)by mylarreh
Czasem dla dobra drugiego człowieka, którego kocha się całym sercem warto jest zaryzykować. Jednak mimo wszystko nie zawsze to, co sobie zaplanujemy idzie zgodnie z nasz...
  • larry
  • louistops
  • larryff
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Bottom Louis Smut - Larry Stylinson  by fiddlsticks
Bottom Louis Smut - Larry Stylinso...by esme
Harry Styles is supposed to meet Taylor Swift for an ice skating date, but gets stood up. What happens when a disappointing night takes an unexpected turn all because of...
  • larryfluff
  • larry
  • harry
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Mi dulce OMEGA by InMuteness
Mi dulce OMEGAby InMuteness
Louis un Alfa que domina a cualquiera Harry un dulce omega que es vendido a un Alfa
  • harrybottoms
  • louitommilson
  • louistops
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