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the final heist by itstilliswhatitis
the final heistby itstilliswhatitis
@LouisThiccSexyAss asked me to write a story where Harry and Louis are both criminals and get stuck in a small space. Well, I did my best. They made the cover as well. ❤...
Love? by itstilliswhatitis
Love?by itstilliswhatitis
@felicityell wanted me to write a mpreg story where Louis and Harry have been best friends since kindergarten. They sleep together at a party in high school and Harry en...
BabyDoll~ l.s by secret-rendezvous
BabyDoll~ l.sby secret-rendezvous
What happens when the wide world famous star falls for a feminine boy?! Harry Styles. A boy who likes to dress in a pretty clothes that makes him feel beautiful and boos...
Keep It Casual by itstilliswhatitis
Keep It Casualby itstilliswhatitis
I took the essence of a suggestion given to me by @ParkImBin. Their idea was something else but I kept the parts that stood out to me. Harry wants to travel and see the...
17 Black by larrys_fedora
17 Blackby bella
When sassy, stubborn high school football star Louis Tomlinson meets the new hard-ass team coach, Harry Styles, a heated rivalry sparks between the two and it is evident...
The Brother I Never Wanted (Larry AU) by Sparks521075
The Brother I Never Wanted ( L4ur3n
Louis Tomlinson is your average stereotypical nerd. He likes to study and stay out of trouble - his only real sense of adventure being his role as team captain on his so...
Playing House by itstilliswhatitis
Playing Houseby itstilliswhatitis
Last year of High School. Harry is a smart kid that skipped two grades ahead, which means that he's a sixteen-year-old in a class with eighteen-year-olds. Even if the su...
The Divorce by itstilliswhatitis
The Divorceby itstilliswhatitis
When Eleanor asks for a divorce through a text Harry immediately offers Louis to stay in his spare room. Having the friend he had been secretly in love with for ages by...
Shut up, soulmate! by itstilliswhatitis
Shut up, soulmate!by itstilliswhatitis
I co-wrote this story with @LouisThiccSexyAss. ♥️ Louis has waited two years for his soulmate, worrying that something is wrong with him. He knows everyone has a soulmat...
Write Or Fight by itstilliswhatitis
Write Or Fightby itstilliswhatitis
@Kitania_34 tagged me in a fic by the talented @danielpawelthelarry and asked us to make a Larry fanfiction baby. 😂😘 We co-wrote this story and it was so much fun. I h...
Baking In December by itstilliswhatitis
Baking In Decemberby itstilliswhatitis
@Nelli0212 gave me the idea to write a Christmas story where Harry owns a bakery and Louis wins a competition and gets to learn how to bake every day until Christmas. L...
The Wedding planner by itstilliswhatitis
The Wedding plannerby itstilliswhatitis
@Lauranne369 asked me to write a story where Harry is a wedding planner. This story is based on the rom com The Wedding planner. Harry meets a great guy, or so he thoug...
Two Hearts In One Home by itstilliswhatitis
Two Hearts In One Homeby itstilliswhatitis
@thetwohollanders asked me to write a story where Louis's boyfriend dies and he donates his organs. Harry gets his heart. Louis fiance Ethan dies suddenly in a car cras...
Tell me the Truth? by itstilliswhatitis
Tell me the Truth?by itstilliswhatitis
@straightnogayvodka contacted me with an idea and this is the result. ♥️♥️♥️ Harry buys a house but when he moves in he discovers that his closest neighbour is his ex bo...
you need to be quiet Curly ♡ larry Stylinson (BOOK ONE)  by Larrys_left_shoe
you need to be quiet Curly ♡ Larrys_left_shoe
(BOOK ONE) First they have to hide their relationship because Louis isn't ready to come out then they have to hide it because their management don't want them to be toge...
I'm having your baby by itstilliswhatitis
I'm having your babyby itstilliswhatitis
@tpwk_justicefortbsl asked me to write a babygate story but with a twist. Their life is a mess. Zayn left the band and they're trying to make it through yet another tou...
Lost Souls by itstilliswhatitis
Lost Soulsby itstilliswhatitis
Harry is a medium. Louis is a popstar who lost his mum and sister. They cross paths.
I Want to Write You a Song by twoghostsinonehome
I Want to Write You a Songby twoghostsinonehome
It all started with the headaches. Harry's fine, he thought just so so tired. My own rendition of the iconic Cold Blue Water fic.
Hiatus by itstilliswhatitis
Hiatusby itstilliswhatitis
When they finally are allowed to take a 18 months break Harry surprises Louis by asking for a break too, from their marriage. Harry goes to L.A. to figure out who he is...
The white lie by itstilliswhatitis
The white lieby itstilliswhatitis
Harry worked at a subway station, wasting his life, too scared to follow his dreams. Every Thursday a girl with beautiful blue eyes took the 3.18 train. He always looked...