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It Started With a Comment- L.S by ishmael_styles28
It Started With a Comment- L.Sby ishmael styles
Harry Styles is a famous singer and Louis is just a simple fan, well that is until he comments on harrys post
divorcées. by skeletonwithapen
divorcé Michelle
where harry and louis get a divorce. • weekly updates
Heads or Tails ? by burrowedandblue
Heads or Tails ?by insideawritersmind
*Story contains mature and explicit content* "Something wrong sweetheart ?" Harry's cocky tone only makes my blood boil more, and I don't even think before I t...
Fireproof by itstilliswhatitis
Fireproofby itstilliswhatitis
It has been a long wait when Harry tweets a coming out, announcing to the world that Louis is and has always been the one for him. Charlie Lightening has the assignment...
↠ just a little bit of your heart ↞ l.s by slurpsyrup
↠ just a little bit of your syrup.w
in which harry saw louis dancing in the club, and decided that he wanted louis, even if it's just a little bit of his heart. but louis is in a vulnerable state, where h...
I Really Have a Boyfriend by LarryBelieverHSLT28
I Really Have a Boyfriendby LarryBelieverHSLT28
Nerd Louis, he's in his last year of high school & nobody actually believes he has a boyfriend, but then Harry visits him one day during lunch and everyone is shocked be...
Tell me the Truth? by itstilliswhatitis
Tell me the Truth?by itstilliswhatitis
@straightnogayvodka contacted me with an idea and this is the result. ♥️♥️♥️ Harry buys a house but when he moves in he discovers that his closest neighbour is his ex bo...
Body Swap by itstilliswhatitis
Body Swapby itstilliswhatitis
@virgoelite gave me the idea to write a story where they swap bodies. ♥️ In the middle of an argument over the phone, something happens and Harry and Louis wake up in ea...
The Playlist by itstilliswhatitis
The Playlistby itstilliswhatitis
I know I've written stories based on songs before but then it's usually their songs so I decided to try something new! I composed a playlist with only Swedish artists an...
you need to be quiet Curly ♡ larry Stylinson (BOOK ONE)  by Larrys_left_shoe
you need to be quiet Curly ♡ Larrys_left_shoe
(BOOK ONE) First they have to hide their relationship because Louis isn't ready to come out then they have to hide it because their management don't want them to be toge...
My Boyfriend is a Popstar (L.S.) by Larrylove2020
My Boyfriend is a Popstar (L.S.)by Larrylove2020
Harry Styles, Heartthrob for many teenage girls, around the world. Harry Styles, Perfect looking 18-year-old pop sensation. Louis Tomlinson, a 17-year-old student at...
The Brother I Never Wanted (Larry AU) by Sparks521075
The Brother I Never Wanted ( L4ur3n
Louis Tomlinson is your average stereotypical nerd. He likes to study and stay out of trouble - his only real sense of adventure being his role as team captain on his so...
Kidnapping One Direction by itstilliswhatitis
Kidnapping One Directionby itstilliswhatitis
In 2018 One Direction is kidnapped. A video link appears on the Internet and the whole world can follow their interactions live. Harry and Louis are in the middle of a d...
The Contract by itstilliswhatitis
The Contractby itstilliswhatitis
So a while back I read a prompt tweet that was going around. I don't remember it word by word but it was an enemy to friends to lovers where Harry and Louis sign a contr...
Life with the Tomlinson's by itstilliswhatitis
Life with the Tomlinson'sby itstilliswhatitis
This is an alternative universe One Direction story where people don't die around them and where they weren't closeted. No stunt dating, no breakups, no drama. Instead...
Love? by itstilliswhatitis
Love?by itstilliswhatitis
@felicityell wanted me to write a mpreg story where Louis and Harry have been best friends since kindergarten. They sleep together at a party in high school and Harry en...
Hiatus by itstilliswhatitis
Hiatusby itstilliswhatitis
When they finally are allowed to take a 18 months break Harry surprises Louis by asking for a break too, from their marriage. Harry goes to L.A. to figure out who he is...
Write Or Fight by itstilliswhatitis
Write Or Fightby itstilliswhatitis
@Kitania_34 tagged me in a fic by the talented @danielpawelthelarry and asked us to make a Larry fanfiction baby. 😂😘 We co-wrote this story and it was so much fun. I h...
The white lie by itstilliswhatitis
The white lieby itstilliswhatitis
Harry worked at a subway station, wasting his life, too scared to follow his dreams. Every Thursday a girl with beautiful blue eyes took the 3.18 train. He always looked...
Lou Lou In Wonderland by itstilliswhatitis
Lou Lou In Wonderlandby itstilliswhatitis
@supu1224 asked me to write a story where the boys are magicals. Her idea, my writing. ❤ Louis lived a boring, normal life one day and the next he found himself at a sch...