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Little princess (L.S) COMPLETED by themultistanishere
Little princess (L.S) COMPLETEDby themultistanishere
Harry has a secret, he's a little at home when no one is around. Louis just moved here, he goes to the same school as harry. What will happen when louis finds out about...
Camboy by NayAf04
Camboyby Life Is Suck
Harry Styles, an 11th grader who is constantly teased by school children for being feminine, has a deep secret that only his older brother, his friends and himself know...
girly girl { LS } by serenlovesminho
girly girl { LS }by seren
the one were harry is new to his school and likes to wear girly clothes (even tho clothes dont have a gender) and louis is captain of the football team. when the two int...
Cope with me (l.s)  by larrycuddlez
Cope with me (l.s) by N🦋
Where Louis helps harry cope but can harry cope with himself. Daddy Louis- little harry Diapers-Brest feeding Pictures included
A Not So Fun Fair (L.S.) by damnmadam
A Not So Fun Fair (L.S.)by loving it.
For Edward's birthday, he planned to take his four best friends to the funfair. After a quick argument, his 3 year younger brother Harry tagged along, much to Edward's d...
Fan Boys Exist ༉Larry Stylinson  by 2louhaz8
Fan Boys Exist ༉Larry Stylinson by 2louhaz8
this fic is very cringe i wrote it a long time ago but it gets better i promise. sorry for any mistakes english is not my first language. harry is just a fan boy with b...
needed// Baby Harry by hazzasbean
needed// Baby Harryby :(:
Harry is a ageplay baby. Plain and simple. He wants a daddy and a mummy possibly, but he can never find the right one. His own parents were disgusted on how he is. On t...
𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐣𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐞 » 𝐥.𝐬. by mochaharry
𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐣𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐞 » 𝐥.𝐬.by 𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐀
They've been dating for nearly 18 months, almost a year and a half, and Louis thinks it's about time he shares his kink with his boyfriend. [aka. Louis wants Harry to be...
✓ | LONDON BOY! larry stylinson ft. matthew gray gubler x social media by louiswenttoamsterdam
✓ | LONDON BOY! larry stylinson tara not yummy
"you know I love a london boy...boy, I fancy you" "i swear to god gubler, you are a dead man" "fine, but it brings me great joy knowing that you...
LOVE YOU DADDY by daggerluvsrose
LOVE YOU DADDYby daggerluvsrose
Harry loves his daddy Louis Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson, a rich 24 years old man brings home a 16 year old Harry from The submassive house. Read only if you are into t...
little haz  by wildflowersatnight
little haz by wildflowersatnight
the one where harry is a little and louis is his daddy. louis owns his own record label and spends most days playing with harry. and the one where niall is a little, a...
🌻 WILDFLOWER TRANSLATION by dilflouandhazzmilf
🌻 WILDFLOWER TRANSLATIONby bubblepopelectric
Harry is a renowned Italian model, who lives his life without listening to the prejudices that society has about omegas. Sweet, charismatic and very flirtatious. Louis i...
Forever Home by 1Dfan44
Forever Homeby Lilly
Louis and Harry are married and have three sons, Zayn, Liam, and Niall and then they foster a little girl name Lilly. Follow them on their wild journey as a family. Wi...
My innocent teacher - Larry Stylinson  by tudskitten
My innocent teacher - Larry Tudskitten
In which Louis is your typical badboy and Harry's the innocent teacher. Warning: This story has a lot of cussing and dirty talk. If it makes you uncomfortable then plea...
Lingerie {Larry stylinson AU} by lingerielouis
Lingerie {Larry stylinson AU}by ✨
"Are you looking for something for your girlfriend" "Erm no not really" - AU where Harry works at VS and Louis is his top client
Begin Again by Lou-and-Harry
Begin Againby rosa
The one where Louis is a single, poor father and has a hard time trying to start a life for himself and his baby. Until one day he meets someone with a pure heart that m...
m o o n c h i l d 🌙 L.S by Zrystals
m o o n c h i l d 🌙 L.Sby L⚡️
✨In which Harry trades sweets for road trips.✨ Or 🌙Where Louis and Harry, both are afraid of attachment.🌙
Fist Of Fury l.s (ON HOLD FOR TIME BEING?!!) by Biseggsual_Psycho
Fist Of Fury l.s (ON HOLD FOR My_BiPsycho.IsShowin
Louis Tomlinson Punk,Jock,and Fighter while most punks are dumb Louis has 4.0 GPA Harry Styles Girly,Nerd,Needy wants to be treated like a princess One day in the hall...
Classic Mercedes || larry by melyloveszouis
Classic Mercedes || larryby M
Louis'nin en sevdiği şey arabaları. Fakat yaramaz bir oğlu varken onları korumak pek de kolay olmuyor.