When Our Worlds Collided (bxb) by AWiltedFlower
When Our Worlds Collided (bxb)by 🌈Emmm🌈
"Hello, welcome to Guitar Palace, can I help you with anything?" I blink at him and stare into his beautiful, emerald green eyes that we're sparkling so brig...
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Say Something by guyswithguitars
Say Somethingby ❝mcdreamy❞
❝some d e s t i n i e s a r e j u s t false c o i n c i d e n c e s ❞ "Take it." "What?" I reply with a shrug. She...
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A Show By Rock Fanfiction by WolfSalfiya
A Show By Rock Fanfictionby HunterSalfiya
"Shuuzo-kan. ..c-can I ask you something? " i asked flattening my big wolf ears down some. "Yes you can, ask away." "* looks down while asking t...
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Strings Attached (Tyren) by holgoodman
Strings Attached (Tyren)by Lern Jergi
Fifth Harmony are about to go on a world tour after releasing their self titled album. The final pieces are being put together so everyone is prepared for it, their cost...
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Yours Truly by aerialists
Yours Trulyby ˗ˏˋ m a c y ˎˊ-
"Don't worry again, baby, its me, yours truly." It was that ending line, that gave a girl the insane courage to befriend the boy behind the guitar, singing th...
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