in which i try not to make this as crappy as everyone else's. ≺ noah fence ≻
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Magical Needs by raygers
Magical Needsby raygers
*Implied Stony but mostly IronStrange because I breathe it.* -Its been 2 years since Tony and Steve had a huge fallout and broken up with each others. Tony reinvents hi...
  • stucky
  • situatuons
  • imbackbabiesanditfeelsgood
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Why Don't We//Imagines by Average-Fangirl-
Why Don't We//Imaginesby Hopeless Romantic
Why Don't We imagines ---- I didn't want to fall in love, not one bit but, at one point he smiled and I totally blew it? Highest: #441 in Romance
  • loveme
  • awkward
  • editing
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Pokemon Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fangirl
Pokemon Boiz x Readerby Evangeline Hisahoshi
Guess who's back Back Back Back again Again again All joking aside hello my favorite little victims! Or as you prefer to be called: Readers. My name is Evangeline Hisah...
  • pokemonboiz
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The Little White Haired Boy (Juuzou Suzuya x Reader One-shots) by MkChong3
The Little White Haired Boy (Juuzo...by Mk Chong
Just a few stories about Juuzou Suzuya...... Hope you guys like it! You guys can also request..... I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
  • kaneki
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  • tokyoghoul
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faust ♱ spam by american-satan
faust ♱ spamby ˗ˏˋ[VAL]Eˊˎ˗
more spam for your probably already fucked up minds
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  • music
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Young, Wild, & Free || Next Town Down  by htranada
Young, Wild, & Free || Next Town D...by T e e !! 🌸 👅
Tbh // I cant evn tell you :) .. Just Read It
  • boyband
  • fangirl
  • malikknighten
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Life of a Potato Cat by Nijineko139
Life of a Potato Catby Kaylin The Potato☆
A collection of the weird shit that happens in my everyday life
  • fibsh
  • potato
  • nonbinary
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Hobilicious | me by Hobify
Hobilicious | meby Hobify everyone
❝Hobilicious definition make them boys go loco.❞ Tags, rants, covers and my sad, sad existence ❀ Me © HOBIFY - 2018
  • aboutme
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  • yippydudahaeeee
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TayoHayo's Art Book by TayoHayo
TayoHayo's Art Bookby TayoHayo
I'm TayoHayo. I draw. A lot. And this is my art book :3 Hope y'all like. Follow my Instagram and Deviantart @TayoHayo
  • doodling
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Froy gutierrez imagines  by soberslaps
Froy gutierrez imagines by Eat.a.brick.
Some froy imagines that I wrote for no apparent reason. Enjoy!
  • imagines
  • teenwolf
  • sad
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OC RP book (Cause I'm lonely) by Jewelantion
OC RP book (Cause I'm lonely)by Jeffery
This is just a book I type my OCs I use to Roleplay, I'm up for any RP (Especially Yaoi) If you know the user on RP amino Jeffery Gomes THATS ME, I've been having issue...
  • allowedsmut
  • yaoi
  • free
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My Wattpad Diary by Ellen_Reese
My Wattpad Diaryby #PrayForKevin
Just silly ol me keeping a record of my Wattpad progress, adventures, and some other random things ;3
  • activities
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New Beginnings {Lefty x Female!Depressed!Reader} by CopyrightCandace
New Beginnings {Lefty x Female!Dep...by Candace
IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS TYPE OF STUFF THEN DO NOT READ. Alright, hope you guys like this! This is about you. A girl named Y/n, h/l h/c hair, e/c eyes, the definition of...
  • depressing
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  • thisisbad
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Mister (Hoodie x Eyeless Jack) by Jello44
Mister (Hoodie x Eyeless Jack)by Morningstar Sinclair
Hoodie and Jack get some pussy! Meow owo --- Just so many cat puns
  • eyelesshoodie
  • yaoi
  • hoodie
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Yuri!!! on CRACK by seven-zero-seven
Yuri!!! on CRACKby delete this
[HIGHEST RANKING: #61 IN HUMOR] Remember when Yuuri got drunk during the Grand Prix Final, and he and Chris were pole-dancing? This book is way, way worse.
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dead roses // graphics ; open by -trilxgy
dead roses // graphics ; openby Mikey
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Levi x male reader by _Blue_diamond_
Levi x male readerby _Blue_diamond_
This is my first AOT story and Guys there will be Out of character moments Like a lot because I Have only seen Three episodes And have never read the manga So enjoy...
  • whatever
Marshall Mathers Imagines by EminemLover98
Marshall Mathers Imaginesby Natalie
*** Pretty self explanatory if I should say so myself, if not: YOU suggest a plot, I write a chapter! A bunch of small Eminem Imagines pushed into one! ***
  • sexy
  • stories
  • hot
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Calpurnia Preferences ♡ by -deadbeat-lowlife-
Calpurnia Preferences ♡by -deadbeat-lowlife-
| @-deadbeat-lowlife- | What does the title say? Yeaaahhhh....:/ Taking requests for the IT and ST casts tho but it's mainly about calpurnia mkay
  • calpurnia
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