Deaf Tigress by BiancaEvans2
Deaf Tigressby LegolasG5*
Delia is a feline shifter capable of turning into a great tigress. Only two problems with that. She has been in captivity at Australia zoo since she was five weeks old a...
  • shifter
  • deaf
  • zoo
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Spare me alpha [COMPLETED] by chocolatebutterpie
Spare me alpha [COMPLETED]by chocolatebutterpie
19 year old Xavier is the most feared alpha in the world. He kills any rouge on sight determined to avenge his dead sister who was killed in a rouge attack. What ha...
  • tiger
  • wolf
  • romance
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Inked Stiles. by itsjustreeree14
Inked Stiles.by itsjustreeree 14
Stiles always has worn long sleeves and never been seen wearing shorts. because he likes to make everyone think he's weak, defenseless and skinny. but under all the ba...
  • tiger
  • stiles
  • scott
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A Tigers Love✔ [Completed] by linnhege84
A Tigers Love✔ [Completed]by Linn Hege
Leila and Kyle are twins and rare tiger shifters, their kind has been hunted close to extinction. Tigers are usually solitary animals who prefer to keep to themselves, b...
  • shifter
  • pack
  • wolflove
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A Tiger's Love by bluemoonyoongs
A Tiger's Loveby bluemoonyoongs
In which Taehyung, a tiger, gets his wish granted and finally turns human. What was the reason he wanted so badly to become human, you ask? Why, because of you.
  • vxreader
  • taehyungxreader
  • tiger
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The flying Paladin by Elliahrose
The flying Paladinby Rose
Everyone is born with animal traits. Whether you're born with ears and a tail, or claws and fangs, everyone is born with something. The most common is to have some relat...
  • längst
  • pidge
  • wattpride
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A Non-human Transmigration by naps-_-
A Non-human Transmigrationby Twilight Pixie
Transmigration. A new world. Reality gives sunburns. I long for one expensive artifact, Freedom. Being adherent to her arranged marriage, the swoons of her life are...
  • hiddenpast
  • killer
  • survival
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Snow Dancer (Ghost Tiger Saga, #1) by SaintCorvus
Snow Dancer (Ghost Tiger Saga, #1)by Xin
A world of harsh winters is the only one Iro Hiroki has ever known. He is a third-generation Yukimusha: a member of the finest band of warriors sworn to protect the e...
  • spirit
  • magic
  • anime
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Shift by katiegrace19
Shiftby katiegrace.19
"I call myself a shifter. Short for shapeshifter. I had a feeling when I met you, there was something more to you then you know." When my parents told me not...
  • shapeshifter
  • travling
  • fiction
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My Assassin (Kung Fu Panda fanfic - Tigress x OC) [REVISED✅] by Grace_ShadowWolf
My Assassin (Kung Fu Panda fanfic...by Grace Phoenix
Long after Fang was rejected by Tigress, he became China's greatest assassin. As an assassin, they are known to be sneaky troublemakers. But him, he was loyal, but not f...
  • kungfupanda2
  • fox
  • assassin
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Pan's Tiger by Annabelle_the_reader
Pan's Tigerby Annabelle
'My Tiger Lily....' He whispered the name I hadn't heard since the natives were killed by Peter Pan. Underneath the shadows of my hood, all he could see would be strands...
  • tigerlily
  • peter
  • pan
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Alpha Omega by WolfyMusicTeddyBear
Alpha Omegaby Teddy
Am I a true Alpha? Am I ready? It's close to mating season. I have no one but an omega. He's very near. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Female Alpha, Teddy, explores a new life with an Ome...
  • tiger
  • wolfpack
  • boredom
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The Prince of Nothing by luckycharms
The Prince of Nothingby Thannu Mathiy
After four years of boredom, all nighters and strict parents, it's no wonder that Nyla Sultan can't wait to graduate from high school. With her acceptance into a univers...
  • high
  • tiger
  • fantasy
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Spirit Animals Vol. 1 by XXrogueXlucyXX
Spirit Animals Vol. 1by A.L. Rogue
In a world where your strength is judged by your spirit animal there are three animals that were cast out. The bear who was made of strength, the fox made of speed and t...
  • dystopian
  • mate
  • animalworld
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A Crush Or A Friend (Furry Boyxboy) by Flyinghudson02
A Crush Or A Friend (Furry Boyxboy)by The Basic Dreamer
Baskin, otherwise known as Blue is a wolf that lives in Vermont, he has a crush on the school's quarter back, but there is more to this than meets the eye...
  • romance
  • wolf
  • gayfurry
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A Pride of Werecats by Werecat
A Pride of Werecatsby Werecat
Werecats, unknown in the mortal world. And in the mythical world are met with laughs and questions about werewolves when mentioned. Truthfully they are an ancient power...
  • shifter
  • tiger
  • leopard
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The Tiger Girl by WolfLover660
The Tiger Girlby ♡Winter Wolf♡
Lily Dahlia is one of a kind. Or so she thought..? She is a guardian. A tiger guardian. She can transform into a tiger at will. One day, she was taken away from her abus...
  • tiger
  • girl
  • dangerous
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Two Halves Make a Whole [BxG] by JaxXwolf
Two Halves Make a Whole [BxG]by JaxX Furry
  • smart
  • straight
  • highschoolfurry
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Snow Tiger - Yuri On Ice {Editing} by otacoxpanda
Snow Tiger - Yuri On Ice {Editing}by Pan~Chan!!!
A Yuri Plisetsky X OC Story - Her name? Valentina Nikolaev. Her talent? Dancing like there was no tomorrow. Her future? Not what she expected. When famous d...
  • wattys2017
  • ôn
  • snow
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Normal to Hybrid by DragonMother21
Normal to Hybridby DragonMother21
Zoey was a normal girl with a normal life. Then something happens and she turns into a wolf-tiger hybrid. Scientists are watching her every move. There are more of wolf...
  • teekas
  • aliens
  • wolf
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