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The ShapeShifters by CharoletteBuurn
The ShapeShiftersby Charolette Buurn
Grian is what you would call an outcast. Bullied from childhood, Grian wished nothing else but to be normal. He has never had any real friends, even when he lost his win...
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Bird on a Wire by SavannahEclipse
Bird on a Wireby YourLocalHillbilly
"So far so good. the place was nice, and he was surrounded by people his age who all seemed to be interested in similar studies and topics, as well as being in the...
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The Watcher's Downfall by Ariyaquila
The Watcher's Downfallby Quill
"One day, Grian, I'll make it happen." "If you do, it'll be your downfall." #1 on Grian, Hermitcraft, and Watchers for at least a week #4 on Evo (cov...
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Break My Heart, Mend My Soul [Grumbo] by o__antisocial__o
Break My Heart, Mend My Soul [ Lea__
Grian, who struggles with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, is struggling to hold on. Goes over some pretty dark stuff, not for the faint of heart.
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Hermitcraft Stuff by ultimatebookworm12
Hermitcraft Stuffby 𝙰𝚍𝚛𝚒𝚕𝚒𝚊
A collection of one-shots, AUs, songfics, and general stuff about Hermitcraft Season 6! I do take requests so if you have one feel free to DM me or write a comment on on...
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HermitCraft Oneshots and Hidden Powers by CharoletteBuurn
HermitCraft Oneshots and Hidden Charolette Buurn
Oneshots and more! My hidden powers story is in here, don't forget to check it out. "We are the guardians." Grian told the darkness. It was a black mist that f...
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World Hopping (Xisuma x Grian) (DISCONTINUED) by Frokkie21
World Hopping (Xisuma x Grian) ( Panic! At the hermitcraft
Aight writing this AU is gonna be mega fun! And I thought of a nice little description with no meaning - Grian is special, you see he can well "hop through worlds...
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Forever Watching by ThingyThings
Forever Watchingby ThingyThings
No matter what... He will be Watching
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Hidden Magic (a Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ash_InTheFlames
Hidden Magic (a Hermitcraft Ashy + Ava
In a world where all magic is outlawed, finding a magic user is a hard thing to do. Being one is so much harder, with authorities who would hunt you down untill they ki...
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Hermit Discord by poweraph
Hermit Discordby Ninja Starz 123
This is sorta random, but this is gonna be fun.
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a haunting past by kowaretoakan
a haunting pastby zakas
this book will follow an au: where Sam and taurtis and grian did go to high school and Sam did do the things he did in the roleplay but he did it way worse, they did mak...
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a healing heart takes time. A hermitcraft fanfic by kowaretoakan
a healing heart takes time. A zakas
the war was never gonna be pretty how will everyone be after the war.......even when someone comes back from the past, what will grian and the others do when suddenly Sa...
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Elements by Starry_Sketches
Elementsby Li
Grian has been alone for weeks. It wasn't terrible, but he did wish he had someone else to talk to. That is, until he hears people behind him. Will he find the courage t...
Red Dusted Past (On hiatus/very slow updates) by Indominus_Gaming
Red Dusted Past (On hiatus/very A bi-saster
This book will contain stories that are apart of the Red Dusted Past (RDP) AU, lengths may wary from chapter to chapter. And all the stories are happening in the same ti...
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Unfortunately, This Is An Opera  [YANDERE HS FF] by rokewe
Unfortunately, This Is An Opera [ ᴘᴇʀᴄʏˎˊ˗
Grian reunites with his childhood friend. Chaos ensues. completed [OLD!]
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Stranded Together - Hermitcraft | Mermaid au by --WhatAmIDoing--
Stranded Together - Hermitcraft | --WhatAmIDoing--
A group of the Hermits have set out aboard a ship in search of adventure across the seas, lead by the joined efforts of Doc and Xisuma. However, the crew hasn't been ver...
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Hermitcraft Oneshots and AU's by Viola_halogen
Hermitcraft Oneshots and AU'sby Viola Halogen
Just a random bunch of short stories about hermitcraft. I'll do most things but my favourite people to write are Grian, Ren, Stress, EX and the Convex. Mostly platonic...
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Grian Oneshots by Candypop262
Grian Oneshotsby Candypop262
Heyo! This is my first one shot book (and first time writing on here) I was reading a bunch of oneshots and I decided to make my own lol I'm an angsty child so I write...
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Taurian Oneshots by the_galaxy_fox
Taurian Oneshotsby the_galaxy_fox
the lack of books on this ship displeases me, The cover is a placeholder until I can make a better one (Characters, not Joey and Charlie! thought you should know that, Y...
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Hermitcraft One Shots Season 7 by Alpha_Wolf1017
Hermitcraft One Shots Season 7by Alpha_Wolf1017
Hello everyone my name is Alpha Wolf but you can call me Alpha. I am here to give you random one shots that come to my head so I hope you like them. I will tell you ever...
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