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Leaving | A Hermitcraft & Watchers FanFiction by hermitcraft_addict
Leaving | A Hermitcraft & That Hermittpad Author
[Old Title: From the Inside] Hell yeah first story so sorry if it does suck a lot :/ Cover made on Canva Grian has found peace at last. After the Watchers from EVO, Gria...
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(Loki X Nebula)                                    We Love Hating Each Other by JaydenGarcia051
(Loki X Nebula) Jayden Garcia
Nebula and Loki are almost just alike, no no no they are alike. Nebula may just crack down and snap his neck in two, and Loki may just slit her throat. One day Nebul...
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Two Lost Souls by XanaShadow
Two Lost Soulsby Xana Shadow
An undead warrior finds himself in an unknown world, he travels looking for a way back to his own world. On his travels, he encounters a Fox that tries to make up for he...
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The Witch and The Watcher by Rockout101
The Witch and The Watcherby Kimberley
Narcissa is a 17 yr old powerful witch with many abilities. What happens when she meets the Slayer and her Watcher. Will the Watcher and the Witch far in love? Or will t...
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Someone Named Xelqua (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ariyaquila
Someone Named Xelqua ( Quill
"They're called Watchers." Her voice lowered to a whisper. "And you must never speak of them... or join them." (Yes, this is another Watcher/Hermitcr...
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The Watcher's Downfall by Ariyaquila
The Watcher's Downfallby Quill
"One day, Grian, I'll make it happen." "If you do, it'll be your downfall." #1 on Grian, Hermitcraft, and Watchers for at least a week #4 on Evo (cov...
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Elsword: Add X Rena Taking Over My Insanity by Dragonwindes
Elsword: Add X Rena Taking Over Dragon!~
"What happened!?" With the voice of silk of the Night Watcher. "Rena. . .are you alright?" The worry some voice of the Diabolic esper "Add, why...
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Grian focused oneshots/stories by WinterIcedTea
Grian focused oneshots/storiesby Xian
hello! this is my first story so please be gentle-- I'll take constructive criticism tho! if I get any characters wrong please tell me, its because I mostly watch gria...
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Demon Hunters: Book 1 Faith [editing] by ChayAvalerias
Demon Hunters: Book 1 Faith [ Chay Avalerias
Highest Ranking: #42 in Fantasy (Nov 2019),#65 in Paranormal (Feb 2018)....God has sent watchers, a powerful set of warrior angels, to earth to track down and kill the e...
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Myths Come Back to Haunt You by hklw_18
Myths Come Back to Haunt Youby H.K.L.W_18
My head snapped this way and that as I tried to find where he was hiding. My heart started to beat faster and my blood pulsed rapidly in my veins. The wind howled, sweep...
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Returning | A Hermitcraft & Watchers FanFiction by hermitcraft_addict
Returning | A Hermitcraft & That Hermittpad Author
Second book to Leaving. Cover made on Canva Image sourced from Google by searching 'holding hands' Grian has fled the Hermitcraft server to protect his friends and has h...
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Buzzfeed Unsolved Quotes  by BreathWasTaken
Buzzfeed Unsolved Quotes by BreathWasTaken
Imma drop some quotes. Have fun
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The Protector [Grian | Hermitcraft] by WinterCelTea
The Protector [Grian | Hermitcraft]by C.T
[Cover drawn and edited by me] Description: There are two beings in power, they help host a server. The Admin, Watcher and Protector, 3 important roles in a server. The...
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To Chase A Dream ⇾  Aloy by blue_moon22
To Chase A Dream ⇾ Aloyby Gaby
A Horizon: Zero Dawn fanfiction Lorea is unlike most Nora. Instead of avoiding all things connected to the Old Ones she seeks them out. She explores ruin after ruin, tum...
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Purple Minds by LueyLuna23
Purple Mindsby Cartoon Nerd™
"Grian, your time to join us has arrived. If you choose to leave, well, there is no escape from us." - It's been two years since Grian first stumbled into the...
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Watcher Love by HydraKitty
Watcher Loveby HydraKitty
When Rupert arrived at school early that day, he never imagine meeting Kennedy, the person who'd work her way into his heart
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Earthrise: 2176 [Featured] #1 Science Fiction by WillFlyForFood
Earthrise: 2176 [Featured] #1 J.C. Gunn
What if we were the first in our part of the galaxy to discover the secret of faster than light travel? What if this discovery was 10,000 years before it was supposed to...
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Forever Watching by ThingyThings
Forever Watchingby ThingyThings
No matter what... He will be Watching
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Ghoul Slayer  by DarkOneTAS
Ghoul Slayer by Dixon_FanZ
The eyepatch ghoul wakes up in a different world. He arrives at Sunnydale drawn by a strange force. what happens when he meets a slayer. Will he help the gang out or bec...
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From The Ashes Of Two Heroes: A New Lagacy Shall Rise by Eclipsal_Midnight
From The Ashes Of Two Heroes: A Eclipsal_Midnight
7 years...
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